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Models / Kenna James

Avg Rating: 4.8

Kenna James Vital Stats:

XBIZ 2020 Nominee - Best Actress - Taboo-theme - "In Vivo"
Kenna James Updates

Under the Veil - Act Five
Charlotte Stokely, Helena Locke
40 min of video
Under the Veil - Act Four
Charlotte Stokely, Helena Locke
35 min of video
Under the Veil - Act Three
Charlotte Stokely, Helena Locke
65 min of video
Under the Veil - Act Two
Aiden Ashley, Anny Aurora
73 min of video
Under the Veil - Act One
Aiden Ashley, Ashley Lane
73 min of video
Watching Porn with Jane
Jane Wilde, Kenna James
50 min of video
Pushing Boundaries Act 5
Kenna James, Mona Wales
27 min of video
Pushing Boundaries Act 4
Kenna James, Mona Wales
29 min of video
Pushing Boundaries Act 3
Kenna James, Mona Wales
47 min of video
Pushing Boundaries Act 2
Kenna James, Mona Wales
33 min of video
Pushing Boundaries Act 1
Kenna James, Mona Wales
35 min of video
Who's Your Daddy? pt.5
Cadence Lux, Chad White
32 min of video
Who's Your Daddy? pt.4
Cadence Lux, Chad White
29 min of video
Sibling Rivalry
Kenna James, Serena Blair
37 min of video
Who's Your Daddy? pt.3
Cadence Lux, Chad White
40 min of video
Who's Your Daddy? pt.2
Cadence Lux, Chad White
37 min of video
Who's Your Daddy? pt.1
Cadence Lux, Chad White
37 min of video
The Virginity Raffle
Chad White, Kenna James
50 min of video
Promise, I'll Be Good
Kenna James, Maya Kendrick
32 min of video
He Won't Mind II
Kenna James, Maya Kendrick
40 min of video
Marriage Rx
Chad White, Katrina Jade
42 min of video
Aren't there more Kenna James videos through MissaX?
Thanks for your question, "anotheruser." Kenna has one more scene coming in April, and we plan to have her back on again in Spring for another project. I'm glad you love Kenna!
Hope you have many more projects with Kenna
Isn't there another one with Kenna with her as a fan of a celebrity. Its called "Fanatic". I hope more of Kenna are coming.
Please keep giving her scenes with Chad White
Give Kenna a taboo movie again. The ratings of Who's your daddy and pushing boundaries really show that members love her. We need her back and the cherry on top will be if you(MissaX) direct the movie.
Absolutely love her scenes.. please have her again on this site. We miss you Kenna.. <3..
I’ve missed Kenna tremendously since seeing her in “The Virginity Raffle” and “Who’s Your Daddy”, and can’t wait for her to reappear on Missax in the future. Also, I’ve got an idea for a scene that I think Kenna was made for, so fingers crossed. (Parent Teacher Conference) Kenna James as a sexy school teacher who has a parent teacher conference scheduled to discuss an unruly student. She had reached out to the boys mother to set up a time where they could discuss his misconduct in the classroom, but when she arrives for their meeting she walks in to find the boys stepfather instead. “Daddy what are you doing here?” she says in total shock. It had been years since the two of them had been in the same room together, but that had been done out of necessity. He had been married to Kenna’s mother back when Kenna was finishing her teaching degree, and that was when the two of them had started having an affair behind her mother’s back. Eventually they got caught in the act, with her mother arriving home early from work one day to walk in on her husband cumming all over his stepdaughters face. When his new wife said that she was feeling under the weather and that she’d need him to fill in at the parent teacher conference, he accepted thinking it would be another routine meeting to discuss his asshole stepson. He had no idea his stepson’s teacher was his former stepdaughter, and the two pick up right where they left off all those years before. Without replying to his stepdaughter’s question he quickly stands up from the desk, and forcefully picks her up and sets her down on her desk. He rips her panties off and starts licking her pussy until she begins shaking with delight, then shoves his daughters mouth down on his rock hard cock. “You remember how Daddy likes it, don’t you baby?” he whispers to her as she tittyfucks her stepfather’s cock until he cums. He proceeds to fuck her all over the classroom until nutting inside his stepdaughter, at which point there could be a knock at the classroom door as her next appointment gets worried by all raucous noise coming from inside.
(Daddy’s Bachelor Party) A stepfather has a surprise encounter from his stepdaughter during his bachelor party. His friends had all chipped in and paid for a private room at the Elegant Lady for his bachelor party, instead telling their fiancés/wives they were having a poker night. The stepfather was completely shocked when he recognized his stepdaughter as one of the dancers while he and his friends enjoyed themselves that evening, but he found himself uncovering latent, forbidden desires for his stepdaughter as she mesmerized them all with her exquisite dancing ability. What made things worse was the fact that she never took her eyes off her stepfather as she entertained them, fueling his lustful thoughts to a place he never knew existed and causing his cock to become fully engorged. His friends decided to make their way to the rest of the club so he could enjoy a private session with a dancer of his choosing. The stepfather excused all of the dancers except for his stepdaughter, and watched as she strutted to the doors to lock them shut. He had always thought of his stepdaughter as being a bookworm, because he had always seen her spending most of her time bent over a textbook with those sexy glasses of hers studying for her college courses. He was in utter disbelief as she turned to face him from the doorway removing what was left of her clothing to reveal her supple young body, before changing into a naughty schoolgirl outfit she knew would send him over the edge. Would love to see the stepdaughter fucked while lying on a couch/positioned off the couch with her head lying on the ground as her stepfather plows down into her/stepfather holding her aloft while he thrusts upwards into her. One of the friends could enter in towards the end of the scene looking for his phone, only to recognize his friends stepdaughter as she writhes with delight as her stepfather pulls out and cums all over her ass….
Would love to see a stepfather and stepdaughter scene along these lines….[Maids of Missax]A stepfather is struggling to regain his confidence after his recent divorce, and his work colleagues chip in to buy him a night with the most premiere escort service in the city, Maids of Missax. The sexy French maid costume worn by each escort was only for show because when you booked a night with a Missax Maid, cleaning was never a service that was provided. Instead they specialized in making their client’s most forbidden fantasies a reality, providing an experience that had customers begging for more. One Friday at lunch his friends informed him that there would be a surprise waiting for him when he got home from work that day, and that if this didn’t get him out of his funk nothing would. His heart began to race as he parked his car and made his way to his apartment, and his jaw nearly hit the floor when he finally opened his front door and saw who was waiting for him inside. The stepfather had heard rumors over the years about an ultra exclusive escort service that fronted as a maid service, but he never could have imagined having a chance to experience it firsthand. He was immediately drawn to the stilettos and black stockings covering a pair of legs that made him hard in seconds, continuing upward to a black skirt that barely covered the young woman’s ass. She was across the room staring out the floor to ceiling windows that overlooked the city, and just as she turned to greet her client was when the stepfather told her “Stay just as you were please. I just want to fully appreciate the beauty that is your body in this exact moment.” She turned back around and a few moments later she felt as the man grabbed her firmly by the waist and pulled her ass in towards his cock. As he began to kiss her neck and fondle her breasts, she turned and came to a realization that would shake them both to the core. The man thats cock was pressed firmly against her ass was none other than her former stepfather, and she gasped as they both made eye contact with each other. They stared at each other speechless for what seemed like an eternity, but she quickly regained her composure and made the first move. Before her stepfather could say a word the stepdaughter turned and dropped to her knees and proceeded to pull down his pants to expose his rock hard cock. “I know this is so wrong Daddy, but I’m here to give you whatever you want tonight. I remember the way you used to look at me when I was in college, and you need this just as much as I want it.” As she began to slowly lick and suck on the tip of his cock the stepfather’s will power to resist evaporated, and blinded by forbidden lust he grabbed a handful of her hair and shoved his cock down his stepdaughter’s throat. He could barely believe what was happening as he stared into her beautiful eyes, watching her head go back and forth as she gagged and moaned for more. Afterward he pressed her against the windows as he licked her pussy from behind, which led into rough doggy on the couch/living room floor until he came all over her ass. She begged him for more as he panted heavily behind her, so he picked her up and carried her off to his bedroom as she wrapped her legs around him and kissed him deeply. She wasted no time in climbing onto the bed and straddling her stepfather, and they fucked each other with an intensity that neither had ever experienced. As he came closer to coming for a second time his stepdaughter egged him on and refused to allow him to cum anywhere but her mouth, and he was happy to oblige her request. The look of his stepdaughter with his cum dripping out of her mouth onto her breasts was forever etched into his memory, and they laid in bed kissing and fondling each other until they both decided to go clean off in the shower together. Scene ends the next morning with the stepfather fucking her against the bed just as her phone rings, and she picks up mistakenly while trying to silence the call. It was her mother calling to check in on her after her night out, and she quickly recognized the voice of her ex husband as he said “That’s it baby arch your back for me and take all of Daddy’s cock….”
(Father’s Day Surprise Visit) After getting into a huge fight with his wife a stepfather decided to go for a drive to clear his mind, and things go out of control after he drops in for a surprise visit with his stepdaughter on Father’s Day. His wife was a compulsive shopper and had gone on a spree with her husband’s credit card, and when he opened the monthly statement the morning of Father’s Day he almost fainted at the amount she had spent on her recent haul. He made more than enough money for the two of them to live comfortably, but she had gone too far this time and they got into a heated argument over her reckless spending. His wife stormed off in anger to their bedroom, slamming the door shut as her husband pulled out of their driveway to go clear his mind with a leisurely drive. He didn’t have any particular destination in mind when he hit the road, but an hour later he found himself pulling into the city where his stepdaughter attended college. As soon as he pulled off the highway his cell phone began ringing, and he reluctantly grabbed it from the passenger seat thinking it must be his wife calling to see where he was. A smile formed on his face as he looked down to see that it was actually his stepdaughter calling, and he quickly picked up the call. “Hi Daddy! I was just calling to wish you a Happy Father’s Day and to tell you how much I loved you” she said in her sweetly innocent yet sexy voice, and just hearing her instantly improved his overall mood and made his cock twitch with excitement. His infatuation for her had began one afternoon the prior summer, as she returned home from a jog in the neighborhood wearing a sports bra and skin tight yoga pants. Little did he know that she had a crush on him as well, and she would play with herself while sneaking into his bathroom to watch him shower. To say she was attractive would have been a massive understatement, and he spent the rest of that summer before she left for college secretly photographing his stepdaughter as she sunbathed naked by their pool. “Are you still there Daddy?” she asked as he snapped back to the present after daydreaming of her luscious young body. “Sorry baby I got distracted for a second. Thank you sweetie it’s so good to hear your voice. What’re you getting into the rest of your day?” he inquired as he turned in the direction of her apartment. “Right now I’m laying out by the pool sunbathing, but I think I might head back to my apartment soon to grab some lunch” she replied. “Why don’t you let me come pick you up and take you to lunch sweetheart? I’d like to take you shopping too since your birthday is right around the corner” he said to her as he told her about the fight he had had earlier with her mother. “You’re the best Daddy! I’ll be back from the pool in few, but since you’re already here feel free to head up to my apartment and make yourself comfortable” she said to him in a seductive undertone, and he knew in that moment that by the end of the day he had to fuck his stepdaughter or he would regret it forever. She walked in shortly thereafter wearing a stunning thong bikini that barely covered her perfect breasts, and he dropped his phone that he had been mindlessly watching TikToks on to the floor as she made her way to her stepfather. Without saying a word she straddled her awestruck stepfather on the couch, kissing him deeply and grinding against the erection that had formed in his pants until it became too much for him to handle. As he stood over her and ripped off his shirt she wasted no time in pulling her stepfather’s pants down to his ankles, choking down on his rock hard cock while he groaned with pleasure. He pulled out shortly after and proceeded to fuck her tits before bending her over the couch, vigorously fucking his stepdaughter from behind as she shrieked with delight. “Oh God baby your pussy feels so fucking good” he whispered in her ear as pulled her by the hair, plunging his cock deeper into his stepdaughter as she screamed for more. “That’s it Daddy use my pussy to make you feel good. Please be rough with me Daddy, choke me harder!”she cried out as he rammed into her from above while squeezing his hands around her throat. He never would have imagined his stepdaughter to be such a freak in the bed, but he watched her with amazement as he felt himself getting closer to cumming while she sucked on his fingers and begged him for more. She bounced up and down on her stepfather’s cock until he couldn’t take anymore, pulling out of her to stroke his cock in her face as she sat on the floor with her mouth open and tongue out. It was at that exact moment that the stepdaughter’s roommate returned home early from her vacation, walking in to see her friend gagging on her stepfather’s cock as he shot his load into her mouth….
(Daddy’s Cart Girl Fantasies Cum True) Single stepfather, who manages the food and beverage operation at the local golf course, is struggling with his feelings towards his beautiful stepdaughter. She had worked the past few summers for him as the beverage cart girl while on break from college, and their relationship steadily grew closer over the years. She often worried that her stepdad was lonely since her mother’s passing when she was younger, but he always assured her that he was happy and he just wasn’t ready to date again. With them spending so much time together during the summers she develops a crush on her stepfather, and she decides to act on her feelings before heading back to college. He always heard the lewd comments golfers made in the snack bar about his beautiful, young stepdaughter, and he found himself beginning to fantasize about doing the most obscene things to her. He ached for his stepdaughter’s body, but couldn’t bring himself to act upon his taboo desires. Imagine his delight when later that afternoon his stepdaughter surprises him in his office with a fantasy come to life. Later that day stepdaughter knocks on his office door to see if she’s allowed to leave for the day, and it swings open enough for her to peak inside. Her stepfather is hunched over his desk mumbling to himself, when she realizes he’s jerking off under his desk saying “Oh please baby let Daddy feed you his cum.” He hears the office door close bringing him back to his senses, at which point he freezes in horror as he sees his stepdaughter standing in front of him. “I can explain everything baby, it’s not how it looks.” With a sultry grin she turns and locks the office door behind her. “Why did you lock the door baby?” he says to her. “I didn’t think you would want anyone walking in on us while we fuck Daddy, or are you so naughty that you want to get caught fucking your stepdaughter?” (Would love to see stepdaughter fucked bent over desk and fucked against the office wall, letting some of her shrieks of ecstasy be heard by staff and golfers alike. Climax could be cumming in her mouth or cream pie just as the general manager of the course walks in after unlocking the door to determine the source of the all the commotion.)
Hey missax just wondering how about this pitch idea storyline I have for Kenna James Well I want it to be where the step brother sneak in the room whilst you are asleep at night and you open your eyes see the brother go to scream but he cover your mouth whisper dirty words to you and you are scared trying to cry and he rips your clothes off and grab your head facefuck you on the bed on dick and he just pound his dick in your pussy and ass plank position whilst covering your mouth spitting on you talking dirty eventually you enjoy it There you hear knocking on door by the mum or dad saying are you alright Kenna and you answer it sweetie and quietly yes mum everything is okay I just feel very ill don’t worry about me mum then the mum say okay sweetheart goodnight and you say goodnight whilst smiling getting fucking plank position and step brother shove your head in the pillow to scream and moaing and you hear the moan outside the door echo As the mum or dad walks away from the door then Kenna and stepbrother talk dirty to each other kissing spitting sloppy getting sweaty and he cums on her face and Kenna and brother both hugged each other kissing each other then fall asleep together