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Models / Mona Wales

Avg Rating: 4.7

Mona Wales Vital Stats:

XBIZ 2020 Nominee - Best Actress - Erotic-theme - "The Gentleman"
XBIZ 2020 Nominee - Best B/G - Erotic-theme - "The Gentleman"
Mona Wales Updates

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She has the best nipples in porn, with a blonde bush that makes her a perfect candidate for the Mom I would like to fuck. Loved watching Adriana squirt in her face. Mona is one of the top MILF’s in porn. The kind of woman every young boy jacks off looking at her. Please more of Mona
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Mona Wales is one of the hottest MILFs in the business in my humble opinion, and I would love to see more of her in future Missax content. Had an idea for a naughty stepmother/stepson scene that I feel she would be perfect for. (The Dressing Room) Mona Wales plays the doting stepmother while taking her stepson shopping for school clothes before he heads back to college. She’s always been close with her stepson, but a steamy scene unfolds when she goes into the dressing room to see how his new jeans fit. “Turn around honey, I want to see how they fit you” she tells her stepson as she closes the dressing room door behind her. “What are you doing in here Mom!” he says in surprise to her as she bends over to pick up his jeans. He finds himself staring at his stepmother’s beautiful ass, but quickly looks away just as she stands back up and turns to face him. “College girls love a guy who dresses well, and I’m here to make sure you look you’re best baby” she whispers in his ear. By this point her stepson is rock hard and pitching a tent, which makes his stepmother smile with delight. “Did I do that to you baby?” she coyly asks him while she begins to unbutton her blouse. Without hesitation she drops to her knees and grabs hold of her stepson’s massive cock, proceeding to suck him off until he almost explodes. He picks his stepmother up off the ground and places her down in the chair inside the dressing room. He goes on to fuck his stepmother until she cums so loud it alerts an employee of the store. They quickly dress and exit the dressing room, and realize that the whole store heard their passionate affair.
(Christmas Eve) A stepson pretends to be his father on Christmas Eve, and enjoys an erotic evening with his stepmother under the Christmas tree. When he was in his early high school years the stepson had come downstairs on Christmas Eve after hearing strange noises coming from the living room, only to accidentally walk in on his parents fucking under the Christmas Tree. His father had just gotten remarried to his busty young stepmother earlier that year, and she was writhing on top of him in pleasure as he lay beneath her in his Santa Claus costume. Christmas had always been his father’s favorite holiday, and he had donned his Santa suit to place gifts under the tree ever since his son was a small child. After seeing his stepmother getting fucked that fateful night, the stepson began to formulate a plan in which he could take his father’s place on Christmas Eve. After returning home for Christmas during his senior year in college, the stepson finally decided to put his plan into action after years of forethought. His father had always enjoyed relaxing around the house as a family on Christmas Eve day, and it wasn’t uncommon for him to enjoy a mug or three of egg nog through the course of the day. His son made sure to make that year’s batch of egg nog stronger than usual, even topping off his father’s mug with a splash of rum on every refill to make certain he wouldn’t be awake later that evening. As his father nodded off at the dinner table later that evening, the stepson knew that he would never get a better opportunity than that night to have his stepmother for himself. He stared at his ceiling as midnight approached, waiting to hear the sounds of his stepmother going downstairs to place the gifts under the Christmas Tree. At 12:30 he heard her pass by his bedroom, and he rose from his bed and walked to his closet to retrieve his father’s Santa costume that he had hid there earlier that day. He found himself staring at his stepmother bent under the Christmas tree as he made it to the living room. Ever since that night all those years ago he had been dreaming of this exact night, and now that it was finally here he ached to finally have the chance to fuck his stepmother. He startled her as he unfastened the strap on her robe while pressed against her from behind, and gently tied her wrists together behind her back. “Santa’s kinkier than usual this Christmas.” she says to him as she turns around to look her husband in the eyes. She felt her husbands cock pressed firmly into her belly, but she could have sworn he was several inches bigger than she remembered. She knelt down and took him in her mouth, and sloppily sucked him off until he picked her up and forced her onto the couch. He untied her wrists and flipped her over onto her back, taking the robe’s strap and using it as a blindfold as he spread her legs and began licking her pussy. She had never received such pleasuring from her husband before, and she couldn’t resist but give into her wildest urges as they frantically began fucking. As her entire body shuttered with multiple orgasms from her “husband’s” wild fucking, she pulled him in for a kiss by his Santa beard, only to have it fall off and reveal her stepson panting above her as he shot his load all over her stomach.