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Models / Mona Wales

Avg Rating: 4.8

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XBIZ 2020 Nominee - Best Actress - Erotic-theme - "The Gentleman"
XBIZ 2020 Nominee - Best B/G - Erotic-theme - "The Gentleman"
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She has the best nipples in porn, with a blonde bush that makes her a perfect candidate for the Mom I would like to fuck. Loved watching Adriana squirt in her face. Mona is one of the top MILF’s in porn. The kind of woman every young boy jacks off looking at her. Please more of Mona
I can never get enough of Mona!
Mona Wales is one of the hottest MILFs in the business in my humble opinion, and I would love to see more of her in future Missax content. Had an idea for a naughty stepmother/stepson scene that I feel she would be perfect for. (The Dressing Room) Mona Wales plays the doting stepmother while taking her stepson shopping for school clothes before he heads back to college. She’s always been close with her stepson, but a steamy scene unfolds when she goes into the dressing room to see how his new jeans fit. “Turn around honey, I want to see how they fit you” she tells her stepson as she closes the dressing room door behind her. “What are you doing in here Mom!” he says in surprise to her as she bends over to pick up his jeans. He finds himself staring at his stepmother’s beautiful ass, but quickly looks away just as she stands back up and turns to face him. “College girls love a guy who dresses well, and I’m here to make sure you look you’re best baby” she whispers in his ear. By this point her stepson is rock hard and pitching a tent, which makes his stepmother smile with delight. “Did I do that to you baby?” she coyly asks him while she begins to unbutton her blouse. Without hesitation she drops to her knees and grabs hold of her stepson’s massive cock, proceeding to suck him off until he almost explodes. He picks his stepmother up off the ground and places her down in the chair inside the dressing room. He goes on to fuck his stepmother until she cums so loud it alerts an employee of the store. They quickly dress and exit the dressing room, and realize that the whole store heard their passionate affair.
(Christmas Eve) A stepson pretends to be his father on Christmas Eve, and enjoys an erotic evening with his stepmother under the Christmas tree. When he was in his early high school years the stepson had come downstairs on Christmas Eve after hearing strange noises coming from the living room, only to accidentally walk in on his parents fucking under the Christmas Tree. His father had just gotten remarried to his busty young stepmother earlier that year, and she was writhing on top of him in pleasure as he lay beneath her in his Santa Claus costume. Christmas had always been his father’s favorite holiday, and he had donned his Santa suit to place gifts under the tree ever since his son was a small child. After seeing his stepmother getting fucked that fateful night, the stepson began to formulate a plan in which he could take his father’s place on Christmas Eve. After returning home for Christmas during his senior year in college, the stepson finally decided to put his plan into action after years of forethought. His father had always enjoyed relaxing around the house as a family on Christmas Eve day, and it wasn’t uncommon for him to enjoy a mug or three of egg nog through the course of the day. His son made sure to make that year’s batch of egg nog stronger than usual, even topping off his father’s mug with a splash of rum on every refill to make certain he wouldn’t be awake later that evening. As his father nodded off at the dinner table later that evening, the stepson knew that he would never get a better opportunity than that night to have his stepmother for himself. He stared at his ceiling as midnight approached, waiting to hear the sounds of his stepmother going downstairs to place the gifts under the Christmas Tree. At 12:30 he heard her pass by his bedroom, and he rose from his bed and walked to his closet to retrieve his father’s Santa costume that he had hid there earlier that day. He found himself staring at his stepmother bent under the Christmas tree as he made it to the living room. Ever since that night all those years ago he had been dreaming of this exact night, and now that it was finally here he ached to finally have the chance to fuck his stepmother. He startled her as he unfastened the strap on her robe while pressed against her from behind, and gently tied her wrists together behind her back. “Santa’s kinkier than usual this Christmas.” she says to him as she turns around to look her husband in the eyes. She felt her husbands cock pressed firmly into her belly, but she could have sworn he was several inches bigger than she remembered. She knelt down and took him in her mouth, and sloppily sucked him off until he picked her up and forced her onto the couch. He untied her wrists and flipped her over onto her back, taking the robe’s strap and using it as a blindfold as he spread her legs and began licking her pussy. She had never received such pleasuring from her husband before, and she couldn’t resist but give into her wildest urges as they frantically began fucking. As her entire body shuttered with multiple orgasms from her “husband’s” wild fucking, she pulled him in for a kiss by his Santa beard, only to have it fall off and reveal her stepson panting above her as he shot his load all over her stomach.
(Dorm Room Delight) A horny stepmother seduces her stepson while moving him into his freshman dorm. She started by gently stroking his thigh on the car ride to his university, eventually unzipping his pants and teasing her stepson by slowly stroking his cock until he was begging her to suck it. He could barely concentrate on driving while his stepmother gave him the best road head he could have ever dreamed of, and she stroked the cum from her stepson just as they neared the parking lot nearest his freshman dorm. “That was amazing Mom” he said to her before passionately kissing her, and she grinned back with delight as they exited the car to start moving him into his new dorm. They met his roommate and his parents just as they were leaving to go out to lunch after moving in earlier that morning, and it was then that the stepmother knew she would have plenty of time before the roommate would be back to finish what she had started earlier in the car. She got naked while her stepson ran off to use the bathroom, and when he returned he walked in to find his stepmom sprawled out in the corner of his bed pleasuring herself. “Are you crazy Mom! They could be back at any minute.” He whisper yelled while locking his door behind him. “I know baby, but Mommy’s just so horny today. I’m not going to have my strong man around the house anymore, and I just want to give you a going away present before I leave.” She said to him between moans of delight, and he quickly was drawn to his bed by the dream that was unfolding in front of his eyes. He buried his face between her thighs and pleasured her as she grabbed him by the hair and ecstatically screamed into his pillows. He grabbed her by the hips and gently pushed his way into her tight pussy missionary style at first, but it wasn’t long until he held her aloft frantically thrusting into her as she bounced against her stepsons cock. Would love to see the scene end with the stepmother on her knees swallowing his cum as his roommate bangs on the dorm room door after returning from lunch with his parents. They quickly dress before being caught in the act, and he wakes up the next morning to find an email from his stepmother with attached video recording of their encounter from the day before.
(Swiping Right on Stepson)After discovering that her husband was having an affair with their babysitter, a stepmother devises a plan to seduce her stepson over Tinder. She had followed her husband after he offered to drive their youngest son’s babysitter home after dinner one evening, and was shocked to see him pull into a roadside motel with the young girl and spend several hours there with her before returning home. He had lied to her after returning home later on saying that he had been called into the office on an emergency call, but she had already made up her mind on how she would get back at her cheating husband. Not only had he cheated on her with a younger woman, he had fucked his eldest son’s girlfriend without even realizing it. She didn’t have the heart to admit the truth to her stepson after realizing the two had broken up shortly after her husband’s act of infidelity, but she had the feeling her plan would most definitely turn her stepson’s frown upside down. Her stepson had always been obsessed with her best friend/college roommate that was always around the house while he was growing up, so the stepmother created a Tinder profile with the help of her friend that she was certain would attract her sad and lonely stepson’s attention. Her friend posed for some sexy selfies that she uploaded to her profile, and she wasted no time in finding her stepson’s Tinder profile and swiping right. Later that afternoon she received the match notification from her stepson, and she immediately DM’d him an address to meet her at later that night for the sexual rendezvous she had so carefully planned for him. She had chosen the same motel room where her husband had fucked the babysitter, and she waited in the darkened room for her stepson to arrive. In their college years the stepmother and her friend were often mistaken for sisters, and she hoped that she would be able to deceive her stepson into thinking he was with her friend until she was ready to surprise him. After some initial foreplay on the bed she reached out and turned on the bedside lamp as her stepson thrusted down into her from behind, startling him when she said “Oh fuck baby that’s it. Please baby, pull Mommy’s hair while you fuck her!” For the briefest of moments he was frozen in disbelief at what he had done, but he was soon blinded by lustful passion as he watched his stepmother play with herself on the bed, begging for her stepson’s cock. He lasted as long as he could while his stepmother screamed for him to fuck her over and over again, but he eventually came in her mouth as she stared up at him from the floor on her knees. As they laid in each other’s arms after the encounter, the stepson confessed to his stepmother the reason why he was always obsessed with her friend. She had always reminded him of his sexy stepmother who he thought would always be off limits, but after that night they continued on with their forbidden affair behind his father’s back.
It’s All In the Hips I’ve been thinking of an idea for a future Missax series that would take place at a country club with some forbidden encounters between family members, and think a scene along these lines would be smoking hot to kick things off. I’m an avid golfer and would love to see a scene where a stepson gives a golf lesson to his stepmother that turns into a passionate encounter in the country club locker room. The stepson could be a young assistant golf professional at the local country club in need of teaching hours to complete his degree, and his stepmother had expressed interest in learning the game to be able to spend more time with his father. She really didn’t have any plans of playing golf with her husband, she just used it as an excuse to be alone with her stepson that she had crushed on for months. After several introductory lessons of teaching her the basics of the golf swing he decided to take her out on the course late one Monday evening before sunset to test all the skills she had learned (some country clubs are closed on Mondays and less crowded for golf). On their first hole he helped her get set-up to the ball by standing behind her and lightly holding her by the hips as he maneuvered her body into the correct address position, and he was intoxicated by the smell of her perfume and the tightness of his stepmother’s body as he pressed up against her. He helped her get started like this on each and every shot until it became too much to handle, his steadily hardening erection beginning to press into her gorgeous ass as she wiggled her hips while getting ready to swing. As they drove their golf cart back to the clubhouse the stepmother gave her stepson a quick peck on the cheek before innocently placing her hand on his thigh, which was when she noticed the giant bulge in her stepson’s pants. She quickly pulled her hand off of his leg after realizing what she had touched, but she began to daydream about what it must feel like to be fucked by such an enormous cock. After getting back to the clubhouse the stepmother excused herself to the Ladies locker room to grab a hot shower while the stepson headed back to the Pro Shop to lock up and get ready to head home. She texted him shortly after telling him the locker room was out of clean towels and asking if he could bring one to her, unable to resist wondering how beautiful his stepmother must look naked as he made his way to her. He couldn’t believe his eyes when he walked into the locker room bathroom, catching a glimpse of his naked stepmother as she stepped into the shower. He placed the towel on the shower door and turned to leave but was frozen in his tracks as he heard his stepmother ask “Baby, would you mind washing Mommy’s back for me?” “I really don’t think Dad would be very happy if he knew we showered together Mom” he said to her as his cock immediately began to harden, and she looked at him from over her shoulder and seductively whispered “It’ll be our little secret sweetie.” She made the first move and quickly grabbed for her stepson’s belt, pulling him in closer to her as she quickly pulled down his pants and dropped to her knees to begin stroking and sucking his rock hard cock. It all happened so fast that the stepson wouldn’t have been able to stop her even if he wanted to, and he groaned with pleasure as she deepthroated his cock. He picked her up off the shower floor and placed her on the bench seat of the shower, proceeding to finger and lick her pussy until she was begging him to bury his cock inside of her. A passionate scene unfolded, and as he had her pressed against the shower wall thrusting into her from behind she screamed for more and pleaded for her stepson to cum in her mouth. Blinded by lust he quickly pulled out and his stepmother dropped to her knees to eagerly choke down his cock, with him shooting a hot load of cum into her mouth while she moaned and sucked him dry. Scene could end with his stepsister entering into the locker room to the ecstatic screams of her mother, watching as her stepbrother filled her mother’s mouth with his hot load….
(Mother’s Day) While his father was away on business his son planned a surprise visit for his stepmother on Mother’s Day, and the sexually neglected housewife decided to show her appreciation for her stepson’s thoughtfulness in ways he had only dreamt of in his most forbidden sexual fantasies. The stepmother awoke on Mother’s Day to the smell of coffee and bacon wafting through the air, and she made her way downstairs in her sexy nightgown wondering how her husband had made it home early from his important business trip. She was shocked to find her stepson hard at work in the kitchen making breakfast, and he turned as he heard her entering the kitchen and said “Happy Mother’s Day Mom! I was trying to have this done before you woke up so I could surprise you with breakfast in bed.” She lit up with a smile and made her way over to her stepson that she hadn’t seen in months, embracing him with a hug and a kiss that lingered slightly longer than normal. Having his barely dressed stepmother pressed against him in a warm embrace made his penis tremble with excitement, and as she made her way to the table to sit down to have breakfast she shot him a seductive glance out of the corner of her eye. “Had she felt my half chub pressed against her” he thought to himself nervously as he sat down next to her, but she quickly changed the subject by asking him about how his first year at college had been. As he told her about his freshman year away from home she began to rub her foot against his thigh under the table, which made him hard as granite and quickly excuse himself from the table to begin cleaning up the the mess he had made making his gorgeous stepmother breakfast. Afterwards he offered to help her outside as she tended to her garden, showing off his young physique as he carried bags of mulch to the various spots she needed it placed. On several occasions he would catch her staring at him from across the yard, quickly looking away before making it too obvious that she found her stepson attractive. Afterwards he grabbed a quick shower inside before heading into town to grab lunch from his stepmother’s favorite spot, kissing her goodbye on the cheek as he deftly squeezed her ass before heading out. She ran up to her room to grab a quick shower before her stepson returned but the shower in her bedroom wouldn’t produce any hot water, so she decided to try the shower in her stepson’s bathroom instead. Her stepson arrived back home with lunch as his stepmother was soaking in his hot shower, and thinking that his stepmom must have gone upstairs to take a nap he headed to his room to jerk off to the mental image he had saved of her in her nightgown from earlier that morning. As she dried off in his bathroom she heard a slapping sound coming from the bedroom, and as she pressed her ear to the door she realized that her stepson was masturbating. She opened the bathroom door enough to peek out to see him feverishly pleasuring himself, and just as he was about to cum was when she heard him utter aloud “That’s it Mom take all of my cum.” as she covered her mouth to stifle her gasp. She was both shocked and incredibly turned on after discovering her stepson’s true feelings towards her, and decided in that moment that she would give her stepson a surprise of his own. She quietly opened his bathroom door and stepped out wearing a towel which clung tightly to her body, hugging her curvaceous hips and barely large enough to contain her ample bosom. His jaw had dropped to the floor while watching his sexy stepmother saunter over to his bedside, with her towel falling to the floor as she dropped to her knees and spread his legs apart. She firmly grasped her stepson’s cock as she stared up at him, licking and blowing his shaft as she told him “I heard you while I was in the bathroom baby. What other dirty things do you want to do to your Mother?” Without waiting for his reply she gagged down on her stepson’s cock and proceeded to give him the best blowjob of his life, with him losing all control shortly afterward and shooting his hot load into her mouth. “Oh fuck Mom that was incredible!” he told her as she stared up at him, swallowing down all of his cum before rising from the floor and pushing her stepson back onto his bed. Seconds later she was bouncing up and down on her stepson’s enormous cock, screaming aloud on several occasions as he vigorously thrust upwards into her tight pussy. As she came on his cock the stepson pulled her in for a passionate embrace, kissing her deeply before rolling her onto her back to continue pounding his stepmother with her legs resting atop his shoulders. “Don’t you dare fucking stop young man. Your cock feels so fucking good in Mommy’s pussy baby!” she shrieked as he pulled out of her momentarily to reposition her with her ass bent over the side of his bed, spanking her ass as he began to fuck his stepmother doggy. “That’s it, spank your Mother’s ass! Don’t hold back baby be rough with Mommy” she said as he spanked her again and again before grabbing her by the neck and lightly choking her as he fucked her from behind. It was at that exact moment that the father entered his house to hear the commotion coming from his son’s bedroom, walking downstairs to investigate the situation as he heard his wife’s voice echoing throughout the house. Nothing could have prepared him for what he was about to see, awestruck as he stood in the doorway and watched as his son ravaged his wife before pulling out and busting a nut all over his stepmother’s ass. The scene could end with the two kissing each other with the stepson pulling out and slapping his cock against her ass, only to notice the silhouette of his father in the doorway before he slams the door shut in anger and disgust…..
Hopefully we can see her again soon
I love this woman specially in milfp she is so hot