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Sunday May 1
Accidental Sext

Stepdaughter Braylin (Bailey) is clad in sexy pink lingerie, slipping on denim shorts. She poses for several sexy selfies, and accidentally texts one to her stepfather (Clarke Kent). He's in the living room reading a book when she sneaks in, trying to intercept the photo received on his phone, which is lying on the couch next to him. "Is that Braylin?", he asks, without turning around to look at her.

"What do you think?", she says while covering his eyes playfully with her hands from behind the couch. "Ah, I think it's my sweet Braylin", he says. "I just want to give my favorite stepfather a little kiss. What are you doing?", she says. "Thought you could surprise me, didn't you?", stepdad mocks. "Yeah, I did", she says as she picks up the phone surreptitiously. "Well, you can't fool me, you little prankster", he says triumphantly, taking his phone from her hands.

"Well, I just wanted to show you something", she declares. "You know back home in England the children aren't usually quite so casual with their elders", he points out. "Well, I could stop if you like. I could just go", she retorts. "No, I like it. You and your mother are really something else. Nothing like the women back home", he claims. "You know we're lucky to have such a refined man in our home. I was worried it would seem 'UNCOUGH", she says. "Uncouth, sweetheart", he corrects her pronunciation. "It's been a whirlwind six months moving in, marrying your mother", he goes on.

"You enjoy it, right? We aren't too much to handle?", she asks, sitting on the couch next to him. "No, it's delightful. You've really put a spring in my step," he claims. "Oh, has it?", she says, affecting a British accent "Yeah, it makes me feel young again", he says. "Well, give me your phone. I want to show you something", she says, adding "Please". "Please...", he repeats, pausing. "Please, daddy", she revises.

Looking at his phone, stepdad is shocked. "Uh, please, please let me explain please", she urges, flustered. "What is this?", he demands, showing her his phone's screen. "Um, I really didn't mean to send that to you. I was just taking pictures for the show I'm going to...", she says. He asks; "You go out, dressed like this?" "It's more like a rave, and everyone does it", she contends. "Well, just because everyone jumps off a bridge doesn't mean you should do it too", he states.

"Yeah, I was trying to get your phone and delete it before you saw it', she admits, adding: "'cause...". He interrupts: "Yes, because you're ashamed", he avers. "I'm not ashamed. Look, I didn't think you'd understand, and obviously I was right", she claims. "While I can admire that you Americans are more open about these things, to me this is unacceptable", he says. "Why do you care so much? I'm just your stepdaughter, and other people don't care", she maintains. "The other people will lose respect for you", he insists.

"Look, it's like I said. Everyone wears this stuff to this kind of event. It's not like I'm going to a doctor's office or to a job interview, am I right?", Braylin says. "You're going to be posting on line for everyone to see", he contends. "Look, I was just trying to send it to my friends. I did not mean to include you. I fucked up, okay?", she exclaims. "Oh, I see how it is", he responds. "Look, I'm sorry. I didn't mean to swear. I'm just really frustrated right now", she insists.

"Well, you're not exactly being very careful, are you?', he asks. "Can we please just delete this, and we can literally pretend that it never happened", she pleads. Stepdad puts his phone in his pocket and flatly says: "No". "No?", she asks. "No. We won't delete this and we won't forget about this", he says with finality. "Look, I really didn't mean to disappoint you. I just want you to love and respect me", she insists.

"Well, you're not who I thought you were. I don't think we have anything more to discuss", he says coldly. "I really didn't mean to disappoint you", she reiterates, adding "I mean it". "A bit late for that now", he responds. "I'm sorry", she whispers. He puts his arm around her and kisses her on the forehead, saying "I'm sorry too, baby, okay?", and kisses her again. "I shouldn't have made you feel like that", he adds. "I just want you to be proud of me", she says. "I am proud. You're a ray of light", he declares. He kisses her on the lips, and she pulls away from him.

"Sorry, I couldn't help it", he confesses. "I never thought", she says, after stumbling over her words. "You never thought?", he reacts. "I mean, I know we flirted sometimes, but it was just for fun", she smiles nervously. "I see", he says, looking away. "I liked it though, but we really shouldn't", she declares. "So you're a little tease?", he mocks. "Excuse me?", she says, offended. "Well, I see what's going on here. You sent me the photo, and then you're draping yourself all over me", he claims.

"Look, I thought I made it clear that was an accident and that we should just pretend it didn't happen", she reminds. "Look, what is so wrong with me not liking the idea of you going out there in this outfit in front of all these other men?", he asks. "I don't see why you care so much", she states. "Why wouldn't I care?', he asks. "No one else ever did", she answers. "Look, you're not wrong. I haven't handled this very well. I know you had a troubled childhood...", he begins. She starts to get up, and declares: "You're right! You're not handling this right and you're just like all the rest. Your love is conditional!". She gets up abruptly and marches out of the living room.

Later, Braylin is lying on her bed crying, when stepdad knocks on her door. She asks: "Is that you?". He enters the bedroom and says: "Yeah", smiling. "You're trying to surprise me, weren't you?", she asks, clutching a stuffed animal toy. "I know I can be a bit of a brat", she confesses. "You're not. I'm just old-fashioned. You really didn't do anything wrong. You even tried to fix it, didn't you?", stepdad says, sitting down on the bed near her. He caresses her arm and asks: "Cold?". "Well, it just feels good", she says, kissing him on the lips.

"Is that okay?", she wonders. "Of course", he replies. "Could I do it again?", she asks. He nods Yes. They kiss, and Braylin says: "You know I'm not the kind of girl you think I am". Taking the bait, he asks: "What kind of girl are you?'. "I'm shy", she says nervously. He kisses her on the arm, saying: "You are?". She nods Yes. "You know I'm not too old to show myself I can be someone I'm not, someone I want to be, beautiful, sexy...", she says, causing him to snicker. "Why are you laughing?", she asks. "Well you don't see it, do you?", he asks. "See what?", she wonders. "You're the most beautiful girl I've ever seen", he enthuses.

"I am?", she wonders. "I don't know how anyone can resist you", he insists. "You're not making fun of me, are you?", she asks. "No, if anything I think I was a bit jealous", he asserts. "Jealous?". "Yeah, the other guys who got access to parts of you I didn't", he contends. "You could have all of me, if you want", she suggests. "No, I don't think we should. We've already gone a bit too far", he says. "Oh, you don't want to?", she asks.

"Nothing I want more", he says. "Then why not?", she wonders. "It wouldn't be fair on you -I'm your stepfather", he claims. "But I want to", she says. "You think you want to", he counters. "Well no, I think that part of me sent you that photo hoping something like this would happen", she argues. He laughs, saying: "That's very, very sweet. I just don't want you to have any regrets", he says. "But I won't", she insists, and leans over to kiss stepdad again. He lifts off her top, to reveal a bra covered with red hearts. Watch the taboo scene unfold...

Accidental Sext

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Helping Out Mom pt. 1

Stepmom (Alura Jenson) declares: "Um, so that's it" to her stepsons Kyle (Nathan Bronson) and his younger brother (Tyler Cruise). "So there's nothing left", Kyle concludes. "Apparently", she responds.

"So dad isn't coming back?", younger brother asks. "I don't know any more than I've already told you guys", she states. "He lost all of our money in a bad investment, and he's run off with his secretary", she says. "Something's fishy here. He's just run off with the money", Kyle asserts. "It's possible. I don't know what we can do", she says. "So sue him!", Kyle exclaims.

"I'm tired", she says. "You really think dad didn't think of that?", younger brother asks Kyle. "He's paying my rent right now. What the hell am I gonna do?", Kyle wonders. "Well, I'd assume he won't continue to pay it", stepmom notes. "Fu*k!", Kyle exclaims. "Why don't you just move back here for a while?", younger brother suggests. Kyle groans in disgust. "Your father put the home in my name. I just don't know how long I can continue to pay for it", stepmom declares. "Well, we're gonna help you Mom", younger brother offers. "Fu*k!", Kyle screams, pacing across the room.

Later, Kyle and his stepmom return to her living room, and she says dejectedly: "Well, I guess that's it". "Tell me about it", Kyle chimes in. She sits down on the arm of the couch and says: "Hey, we're all in this together". "Are we?", Kyle asks. "You know I had my whole life planned out. I gotta figure everything else out. Fu*k", he says. "He left me too, you know", she points out. "Your best years behind you", he says sarcastically.

"How dare you!", she exclaims. "What -you're still hot. You can find someone to pay for your lifestyle", Kyle avers. "You know you're just like your father. You have to make everybody feel small so you can feel big", she says ruefully. "You know I hate him, but he did what he want -you have to admire him for that". Kyle says. "Don't you care about anyone but yourself?", she asks. He laughs, saying "No, I don't".

"That makes me sad", stepmom replies. "You've lived long enough to know this is the way the world works", he asserts. "Maybe you're right, but it doesn't have to be like this", she says hopefully. "Come on -stop being so innocent. You know you love it. You love living in a big house, doing yoga in the morning, get your hair blown out in the afternoon. I bet you're fu*king the pool guy. You like someone who doesn't give a fu*k, don't you?", he says nastily. "You're hopeless", she replies, and turns her back to him.

"You know, I see what my dad saw in you," he says, getting up and walking toward her. "Stop yourself", she demands. "What -how long you with him -a year and a half? It's not like we're blood", he states. "I'm your stepmother Kyle. Don't talk to me like that", she orders him. "Uh, I can see that you love it", he says, and turns her head toward him and kisses her on the lips. As he breaks off, she asks: "What are you doing?".

"Testing your boundaries", Kyle replies. He walks around her as she sits near the edge of the couch. She covers her huge breasts by closing her cardigan sweater and declares: "Don't do that again". "Or else?", he asks. "It's not right", she replies. "What's right and wrong anymore", he states. "Your parents should teach you that when you're young", she asserts. "My parents told me money over everything, and if you want it, take it", he says cynically. "That's not right", she retorts.

"Isn't it? That's just the way the world works", he says. "What about love?", stepmom asks. "Did you love my dad?", he wonders. "I did", she insists. "All right, I don't believe you", he responds. "I'm not sad about the money", she says. "What -he didn't treat you right", he says. "Neither do you", she counters. "Touché. You love me too?", he asks. "As a son...", she begins. He interrupts her, grunting in disdain. "If you opened your heart to love, it will change your life", she says.

"I have been feeling empty inside", he says. "'cause you're closed off", she concludes. "How do I open up myself to love?", he asks. "You just let it happen", she counsels him. "Can you show me?", he asks. She smiles and turns away, saying: "You're teasing me". "No, no. This last week has given me a new perspective on life. I've been so focused on money -where's that got me?", he blurts out. "What can I do?", she asks.

"How do I know you love me?", he wonders. "Of course I love you", she says. "But how do I know?", he asks. "You're just going to have to take my word for it", she tells him. "You know I'm a very concrete person -you gotta show me", he insists. She exhales deeply, and says: "Uh...stand up". "Oh", he says, getting up from the couch. She gets up in front of him and spreads her arms to give Kyle a hug. They hold each other close, swaying as if dancing.

Stepmom rubs his back with both her hands. As he pulls away she briefly caresses his chest, and smiles, saying: "How about that!". "Um, I don't know. I mean, earlier when you kissed me...", he begins. "That should not have happened", she asserts. "Look I know it was wrong, but you know, I felt something inside -I think it might have been love", he says. "Maybe", she says. "Is love wrong?", he wonders. "Love is the greatest thing in the world", she declares.

"Okay, if it's not wrong, how was that kiss wrong?", Kyle asks. "I guess it's just not done", she says. "Did you feel anything what happened?", he asks. "I mean i was surprised. It excited me", she admits. "Did you feel anything when you kissed dad?", he asks. "It was one of the only times I could get excited", she recalls. Kyle impulsively kisses her, and then whispers to her: "I want you to show me". "You really do want to change, don't you?", she says. Stepmom pushes him down on the couch roughly, and bends over to kiss him. "I love you Kyle", she whispers. He kisses her breasts through her clothing, and she asks: "Are you sure you want to do this?". "Yeah. You can teach me", he responds. Watch the taboo scene unfold...

Helping Out Mom pt. 1

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Watching Porn with Kylie

Jacob (Chris Epic) has an argument with his wife Helen (Ryan Keely) after she catches him watching porn on his laptop. "I love you, okay? It's totally normal to watch porn. I don't know a single guy who doesn't", he claims. "Am I not enough for you? Do I not do it for you anymore?", Helen asks.

They're interrupted by the arrival home of her daughter Kitty (Kylie Rocket), who stepdad Jacob sends downstairs to make him some coffee. After she leaves, Helen says: "Jacob, she's grounded. Don't let her talk her way out of it -she has one more week to go". "You can't ground a 19-year-old girl, Helen", he claims. "I can and I will when she's under my roof", Helen insists. "Jesus, you sound like my mother", he says. "You know Kitty was in the house while you were watching your dirty show. She could have seen", she complains. "You're right. I'll be more careful", Jacob says.

Later, Kitty is in the kitchen drinking coffee when stepdad comes downstairs. "You look nice", she says. "Thanks, Kitty", he says, and kisses her on the forehead. "Two sugars, no cream, right?", she says, handing him a cup of coffee. "Perfect", he replies. "Mom just left a minute ago, but I'm glad you're here. Daddy, she's making me mental", Kitty says. "Well, she cares about you, that's all", he responds. "She's keeping me in this home like a prisoner. It's supposed to be my vacation", Kitty claims. "What did you ever do to get grounded?", he asks.

"Grayson Peters was in my room", she states. "A boy was in your room?", he asks. "Yeah, but it was innocent. Grayson doesn't even like girls like that", she claims. "Are you dating guys on campus?", Jacob asks. "Yeah, so what. Mom and dad met when they were in college", she responds. "Are you going to tell mom that I'm dating boys?", she wonders. "No, we'll keep this our little secret", he says. "You're the best!", she exclaims and kisses stepdad on the cheek, saying "Bye" as she leaves.

At bedtime Jacob is on the bed reading a book when Helen comes in wearing her nightie, yawning. "Are you going to read for a little bit?", she asks. He puts down his book and turns off his bedside lamp. "How was Kathleen today?". "Oh, fine", he says. "I can't tell you how much I've been looking forward to tonight", he says. "Baby -tomorrow? I am so tired", Helen says. "Okay", he replies. She kisses him on the cheek and yawning, turns her back to him in bed, to sleep. He does the same.

Later while her parents are asleep, Kitty sneaks into their bedroom and crawls into bed next to stepdaddy. She kisses him on the cheek and he wakes up, hugging her. She rubs her foot against his leg, and whispers: "Daddy". She licks his lips, and stepdaddy reacts: "What are you doing?". "I know you need help", Kitty says. "What do you mean? You're going to wake up your mom", he whispers. "I know what you need, daddy, and I need it too", she says quietly, and kisses him on the lips. He breaks off and declares: "No, this is crazy. Go to your room". "Hey, that's mine -put that down", he orders as she grabs his laptop as she exits the room. He pursues her, as Helen continues to sleep soundly.

Kitty is masturbating in her bed, watching porn on dad's laptop. He says "Hey" as he enters her room. Kitty replies: "Look, I've had a really bad day today. She put parental control on all my shit, and now I just want to relax", she contends. He closes the laptop and asks: "Want to talk about it?". "Every single guy I'm into ends up not being into me", Kitty complains. "Grayson?", stepdad asks. "No, Louie. He says he's not gay but I totally think he is. And I'm not even that into him, and I just want a nice guy to lose my virginity to", she reveals, on the verge of tears.

"You don't need to be in a rush to lose your virginity, honey", Jacob says. "Uh huh -I'm like the only girl my age that I know that's still a virgin", she claims. "I waited till I was 21", stepdaddy notes. "Seriously?", she wonders. "Yes, and I think that this Louie is kind of a good guy, and I think it would be a good idea to give him a little patience", he suggests. "Look, I just want to look at your subscription, and that's it", she says, opening the laptop."What do you know about my subscription?", he asks. "I watch it in school all the time. You know we have the same tastes in porn, daddy. Come on, let's watch it together", she replies.

"I don't think it's appropriate", Jacob says. "I know you're horny too", she claims. "Well now I know why your mom wants to keep you grounded", he concludes. "Mom's an ungrateful prude, You're hot, daddy", Kitty says with a smile. "Thanks", he responds. "You know she's a hypocrite, too. I've seen porn on her phone before", she claims. "What?", he exclaims. "Yeah, and she likes anal porn too, believe it or not", she adds.

"Jesus!", he exclaims. "Anyways, I like this one", Kitty says, pointing to the screen. "Have you seen it before? Kenna James is like a goddess", she contends. "That's enough", stepdaddy says, closing the laptop. "Uh, I'm sorry daddy. I never know the right thing to say", she apologizes. "It's okay, it's all right. I'm okay with you watching. I'll just give you some privacy, okay?", he says, getting up to leave. "But wait -this can be our little secret too", she hopes. "Well, a normal stepfather-daughter relationship between us -this isn't normal", he contends. "Are you going to shame me like mom does every time I watch porn now?", she asks.

"No, you're an adult now. You can watch whatever you want. I just don't want...", he begins. She interrupts: "I just want to know if real sex is like porn sex. You can tell me if that's normal". She opens the laptop again, saying: "I know you're going to watch it tonight, too, so just watch it with me", she suggests. "I can tell you without even watching this scene that real sex is not like porn sex", stepdaddy claims. "But this is not regular porn", she insists. "That's true. It's as close to real life as you can get. That's why I'm a subscriber", he explains.

"Okay, but I like this story, daddy", she says. "This story is something that would never happen in real life. Maybe once in a blue moon in some rural Arkansas town", he points out. "But I notice they're stepdaughter and daddy like you and me", she notes. "Uh, hum", he mumbles, grabbing his crotch as they watch. "Am I as pretty as her?", she wonders. "You're as pretty and more. You're a good person. I hope you continue to take the time to find the right guy for your very first time", he says.

"I'm working on it", she replies. "This is not as bad as I thought it would be", he says as they watch. "So how far have you gone with a guy?", he asks. "Well, this guy Billy -I asked him to show his penis behind the bleachers one time, the senior year. He thought I was going to jerk him off or whatever, but I just didn't think he was the right guy. He was so mad -he said he had blue balls, but they didn't look blue to me", she recounts. Stepdaddy laughs heartily, saying: "Don't make me laugh -we should be quiet". "Okay, okay. I like the way he's thrusting slowly and getting a rhythm to start thrusting faster", she says. "Well, that's how your first time should be. Every time really", Jacob says.

"I saw this porn one time called gonzo, and this is when the guy won't even kiss the girl. He's just pushing her around and f*cking her", she recalls. "Well, there is a time and a place for sex like that", stepdaddy contends. "Really?", she wonders. "Yeah", he says. "But a girl has to get wet, right? It takes a while for dirty thoughts to get me wet enough to stick a finger inside of me. I couldn't imagine sticking a penis up me so fast", she points out. "You shouldn't be talking to me about masturbation", Jacob says. "What's wrong with a little bit of talk?", she asks. "Because you're making me uncomfortable", he states.

"I get uncomfortable when I can't come. Is that what you're talking about?", she asks. "That is exactly what I mean. But I shouldn't be getting turned on by my stepdaughter", he insists. "But I want to turn you on", she says. "Why?", he asks. "Because I want you to be my first man, daddy", she requests. "I can't", he responds. "Please", she says. Closing the laptop she announces: "You make me so wet". "Really", he says. "Yeah, I just want to show you how wet you make me", she says, lifting her top and rubbing her own panties. "Yeah, I can see", Jacob says. Kitty fingers her pussy as he watches. Removing her panties, she asks: "Do you think my pussy's pretty, daddy?". "I think it's perfect", he says. Watch the taboo scene unfold...

Watching Porn with Kylie

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Helping Out Mom pt. 2

Kyle (Nathan Bronson) and his stepmother Maria (Alura Jenson) are kissing on the couch, when his brother Paul (Tyler Cruise) arrives and asks: "What's going on here?". They separate, and Kyle gets up, saying: "Oh nothing. Just teaching mom something about love". He kisses her and picks up his duffel bag to leave, and Maria asks: "Why are you doing this?". "Because it's easy", he says insolently. "I trusted you", stepmom says. "You should know by now you shouldn't trust people", Kyle says.

"Kyle, what did you do?", Paul asks him. "Just getting a little revenge", Kyle responds and slaps Paul on the back as he leaves. "I should get dressed", Maria says. "What happened, mom?", Paul asks. She gets up from the couch and says to him: "Come with me". "All right", he replies. They go to her bedroom and she takes off a blanket from the couch covering her, revealing her huge breasts bulging out of her bra, as well as her black lingerie. Paul turns away, covering his eyes, declaring "Dad would never let us in here".

"Dad's not here anymore", Maria says. She puts on a robe to cover herself. "Are you going to tell me what happened?", Paul asks. "Your brother is just like your father", she states. "Yeah, I know", he replies. She exhales wearily and says "Come here", taking Paul's hand. They sit together on the bed. "I thought...I tried just..I don't know how to say it -I've done something terrible", she admits hesitantly. "It's fine. You don't have to tell me. I know you mean well", Paul says. "You're not like them", she claims. "Thanks. I try", Paul responds.

"I've done something unforgivable", she says. "I don't believe it", he says. "You promise you won't be repulsed?", she asks. "You know I love you like you're my real mom", he maintains. "I made love to him -Kyle", she admits wearily."Kyle, why?", he asks. "Because he said it would help. He said he was open to love and that I needed to show him", she says. "That asshole", Paul responds. "It's not his fault", she says, placing her hand on Paul's knee. "He doesn't know any better", she asserts.

"Of course he knows better", Paul contends. "I know better too. It's wrong", stepmom says. "No, he took advantage of you", Paul claims. "I can make my own decisions, Paul. I'm not some wilting flower. I mean I could have stopped it", she insists. "I didn't mean to insinuate. I know you just did it out of the kindness of your heart", he says. "Why are you looking at me like that? Are you mad?", she asks. "I just don't know why you picked him", Paul says.

"When I look at him I see your father", she explains. "And what about me? I don't? Am I not good enough?", he asks. "Of course you are. I love you, Paul", stepmom says. "Women -they don't want men like me. They think I'm weak. They only go after guys like Kyle, who are just assholes and monsters. Why is that?", he wonders. "Oh honey, you're not weak", she says, wrapping her arms around him. "You are strong, you are so strong", she says. "Then why him?", he reiterates.

"Do you remember the first time we met?", she asks. "Yeah, it was 2 years ago, I'm not sure", he says. "Yeah, you were wrestling...", she begins, and Paul nods Yes. "I think you were on the college team", she recalls. "Yeah", he agrees. "And all I remember is it was during your first match I think, and you were, you began sparring, you were up against this kid, at least that's how I remember him, and all of the sudden there was this scream. It was like the air had been sucked out of the room. He'd been injured, and there you were. You were trying to help him -you were the only one. That was you", she recalls.

"Well, that was no big deal. Anyone would have done it", Paul claims. "Kyle wouldn't have done it. Your father wouldn't have done it", she asserts. "What about you?", Paul asks. "Well I mean, I would like to think that I would have, but honestly I think I would have been scared", she concedes. "I don't think I've ever seen you scared", he claims. "I was scared today", she asserts. "Scared of Kyle?", he asks. She shakes her head. "No. I was scared of myself", she says. "You're a good person, Maria", he says.

"I don't feel like one", she despairs. "You're the best person I've ever met", he enthuses, and leans over to kiss stepmom on the lips. She breathes heavily and then breaks away, saying "Paul". "Please, I've wanted this for so long. I'm not like them", he insists, as she covers her face. "I'm not gonna hurt you", Paul murmurs. "It's not me that I'm worried about", she exclaims.

"You understand that if people find out they'll judge you forever", stepmom emphasizes. "I don't care. I love you. Isn't love worth the risk?", he insists. "Are you sure you understand? You'll be ostracized", she points out. "We'll move somewhere where no one knows us. I mean, who's holding us back? There's really nothing left for us here", Paul says. "We could sell the house", she suggests. "We'll get a house by the ocean", he predicts. "Yeah, I can see it now", she smiles. "Yeah", he agrees and they kiss again. He caresses her breast as they embrace. Watch the taboo romance unfold...

Helping Out Mom pt. 2

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