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September 2023
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She Left Us

This morning, stepdad Chad (White), is agitated, as his 19 year old stepdaughter Khloe (Kingsley) comes to the kitchen for breakfast. She senses something is wrong, and he bluntly makes the announcement: "Your mom left. She's gone". "When do you think she's coming back?", Khloe asks. "I don't think she's coming back", Chad says.

Khloe's father left her & mom too, and she feels abandoned, declaring: "Nobody loves me", as she suddenly leaves the room. Later, Chad is distraught as he goes through the drawers of the dresser in his bedroom, clutching at clothing his wife left behind. Khloe visits him and apologizes for her reaction that morning, and they sit on his bed together to discuss their future. He gives her a big hug of solidarity.

Khloe pours out her feelings: "My parents left me. Most guys won't even look at me. What if there's something wrong with me? I'm gonna die a virgin". Chad reassures her that everything will be okay, and they hug again. Later, Chad's on the phone with his wife Samantha, angry about what she's done, especially leaving her daughter high and dry. He tells Khloe about the call, noting: "She doesn't want to come back". "So, am I an orphan now?", Khloe asks, half-seriously. "I'll never leave you", Chad Insists, cuing yet another hug.

"You're all I have now. Is it weird that I have the urge to kiss you?", Khloe asks, with a wry smile. But instead they hug once more, agreeing to make time to get to know each other better, Khloe confessing that she had not related to him after he married her mom, thinking of him more as just her mom's "next boyfriend". The next morning she goes to his room and finds Chad on his bed naked, lying asleep on his stomach.

Amused, she sneaks up on him quietly, and lightly brushes her hair against his butt, causing him to react briefly, still asleep. She next tickles his foot, then the other one, finally waking him up. As Khloe tries to hide by the bed he spots her and she pretends: "Found it!", claiming she discovered her mom's earring on the floor by stepping on it accidentally. Handing him a cup of coffee she's brought, Khloe gives her daddy a kiss on the cheek.

"If you weren't my stepdad, would you find me attractive?", she inquires, and repeats her "gonna die a virgin" refrain, asserting: "Guys my age just don't like girls without experience". Putting her hand suggestively on his thigh, she announces: "I want to trust you with my virginity". He insists it's not right, but Khloe persists: "Mom left us here all alone. It's like she wanted you to care for me and for me to take care of you". Chad's had enough and orders her to leave the bedroom.

Later, he finds her lying on her bed, despondent, with Khloe declaring: "What is wrong with me?". As he tries again to dissuade her, she says: "I want to show you a part of me that no one else has seen before. Please don't tell me no -it's very important to me". She removes her shorts and panties and begins to rub her pussy, saying: "Look at me daddy". He continues to resist, but she says: "You're hurting me by rejecting me". She won't give up, and kisses Chad on the lips, declaring: "It's okay. I trust you. I want you". That does it - after much kissing, daddy takes charge, removing her t-shirt. He kisses her breasts and then fingers her pussy, declaring: "You're so tight". Watch the taboo scene unfold...

She Left Us

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Mommy Needs a Man

Juan (Loco) is watching his stepmom (Penny Barber) doing stretching exercises on her yoga mat, and he's eager to please, fetching her a towel and a glass of water. Then, as they chat on the couch he wonders if there's anything else he might do for her, and she says cryptically: "You're not ready yet".

"Ready for...?", he wonders. "You're so young -you're just a boy. You're my angel", she says. He keeps pressing her, anxious to please mommy. "What I need... is a man", she finally admits. But she won't explain, just keeps leaving his questions unanswered. Finally, she's saved by the doorbell -It's off on an impromptu date for mom, not even bothering to change her clothes after exercising.

Later, Juan is alone, drinking a few beers, texting mom, worried that she hasn't returned home yet, and the dinner he's prepared is getting cold. He's in bed when he finally hears her arrive after 1:30 in the morning, He's jealous -she was out with Clint, a guy he knew in high school. As he goes back to sleep, mom enters his room in her pink robe and sits on his bed next to him. "Do you know how hard it is being a woman?", she asks, rhetorically. "Sometimes I just want to be worshiped, pampered", she notes.

Juan complains about how much she frustrates him, and Penny gets the picture. "Do you think about mommy when you touch yourself?", she whispers, and he begins stroking his cock under the blanket. She asks Juan to show her, and then gazes intently as he pulls back the blanket and continues masturbating. She kisses him on the lips and takes over stroking his cock.

Soon she removes her robe, exposing her big breasts, and then sensually sucks his cock. Juan goes down on mommy and then begins fucking her. Watch their lengthy taboo sex scene unfold...

Mommy Needs a Man

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Risqué Business pt. 2

Previously, Layla (Jenner) cheated on her husband with Dean (Chad White), one of her hubby's employees. She also was quite provocative with lawyer Mike (Ryan Driller), who has been assigned to check out whether she's being unfaithful.

Now in Part 2 of this story directed by Scarlett Sage, the day after Mike met Layla for the first time, she shows up at his door. She gives her side of the story: that her husband has begun beating her, and when she confided in Dean, he turned against her and is contriving to have the old man change his will and cut her out of it. Ryan is sympathetic to her, and suggests she go to the police, but Layla refuses. She does appreciate having him as someone she can talk to about her problems.

Mike is clearly smitten with the young beauty, but at the same time is dedicated to his wife and their marriage. He reports back to Dean, saying that he found nothing to support her husband's suspicions that Layla has been unfaithful. Dean is pleased with that result but his statements to Mike don't seem honest. For example, when Mike asks him: "How much longer do you want me to keep looking?", Dean replies: "I'd say, keep up the charade another week or so". "Are you afraid I might find something?", Mike inquires. "I'm not paying you to find anything", Dean answers. And he scoffs at the notion when Mike asks him whether Layla has been beaten.

Layla claims her husband tried to 'off' her, and rushes to Mike for help, again refusing to bring the police into the matter. Mike offers to put her up at his house, claiming his wife will understand. "Would you leave her for me?", Layla asks him, and reluctantly Mike responds: "Yes".

Finally, she gets to the point, saying: "You can't offer what I need". "So you'd rather be with a dangerous man then...", Mike wonders. "If only he'd just go away", she hopes. "Go away?", he asks, incredulously. "You know, get out of the picture. I'm set to inherit everything", Layla states bluntly. Continuing, she suggests: "He's old. It could look like an accident". "You must think I'm crazy", Mike responds.

Layla slips off her coat, revealing she's wearing only sexy black lingerie beneath it. She kisses Mike, and they're interrupted by his phone ringing -his wife is calling! "Don't answer it", Layla asks. Mike follows her lead, and asks: "What do you want me to do?". "I want it to look like an accident", she requests, as she grabs his groin gently. She kisses him, and says: "Just come tomorrow. I'll have everything ready". The next day he shows up at her home and Layla whispers: "He's sleeping". "What am I supposed to do?", Mike asks. "A pillow...", she begins. Reluctantly, Mike agrees.

Will Mike go through with the final deed? And what about Dean -what is his role in this plot? Watch the femme fatale work her sinister ways in this sexy finale.

Risqué Business pt. 2

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Good Girl From Now On

Redhead stepdaughter Madi (Collins) greets her dad Derrick Pierce with affection, but a phone call to him from her mom puts her in hot water: she had a boy in her room yesterday without permission.

Just as Derrick is about to read her the riot act, a car horn sounds and Madi rushes off with her boyfriend Joey, escaping the impending lecture. But when she returns, Madi is distraught: Joey was mean to her. Surprisingly, stepdad takes her side: he's glad she's dating, after all he was dating at even a younger age, but he wants to back up her mother as his wife, in charge of her own kid.

"In my day, we at least had the decency to sneak around behind our parents' back, we didn't do everything right beneath their nose in the middle of broad daylight", Derrick admits. "I'm just trying to give you some advice to make your life easier, and to make mine easier, too", he points out, noting that mom won't come home until Madi apologizes. Of course, Madi refuses.

That night, Madi's in her pajamas, busily texting when stepdad visits her bedroom. She reports that Joey is breaking up with her -"He doesn't want a girlfriend he can't even see, do you blame him?", she complains. Madi notes that she's never had sex with him, prompting Derrick to ask: "So you're a virgin?". "No, I broke my hymen with a cucumber", she replies, with a big smile. "You know, I don't want to be a virgin, none of my friends are", she offers. "Princess, there'll be plenty of time to find the one", Derrick responds, but he gets mad when she insists she's going to sneak a boy into the house at night, in defiance of her mom.

"I want dick in my mouth tonight -I'm at least going to lose my oral virginity!", she declares, almost gleefully. She claims peer pressure from all her friends is intense, discussing their sexual exploits. Derrick gives up, he doesn't know what to say to dissuade her. "Go back to your room", she says, adding: "unless... I can suck yours".

Exasperated, stepdad points his finger at Madi, and she remarks: "You want me to suck your finger?". "I will tell you how to do it, and then you can use that when you want to do it on a real one, that's the compromise", he claims. Madi enthusiastically starts sucking on his finger, and Derrick quietly gives her instructions on what to do next. But after much of this oral foreplay, Madi is frustrated and pleads with daddy for more, noting as she feels his crotch, "you're ready".

She convinces him to show her his cock. and then she begins to stroke it and lightly lick it. Following his instructions, she sucks his balls, and soon is giving him a full-fledged blow job. Suddenly, she declares: "Daddy, I have an idea", and she quickly pulls off her pajama bottoms, and pointing to her bare pussy says: "You should come here!". He tries to resist, but begins to finger her. Removing his clothes, he just rubs his cock back and forth on her pussy, finally agreeing to penetrate her, "just a little bit". Watch the taboo scene unfold...

Good Girl From Now On

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The Texting Incident

Stepmom, Dana (Vespoli), is leaving the house on her way to catch the train for work, when her adult stepson Chad (White) shows up distraught. She is desperate to soothe her sweet boy, but he is too flustered for words. He hands her his cellphone and when she sees the photos of his wife with another man, she completely understands.

Stepmom tries to sympathize with him, but he's imagining all sorts of crazy things, fearful that she's dating. "She has to be, right? How else could I interpret THIS?!" Dana points out that they're divorcing, and the woman moving on is inevitable, but he insists that it's just a temporary separation, and they're not even separate, as they still live together in their house!

He's still quite close to his stepmom, she's been more of a mother to him than his own, even though she's divorced from his dad. Dana suggests he needs to get back out in the dating pool. It takes everything inside of her to offer such a suggestion, she has always fantasized of being 'with her boy,' no matter how taboo that sounds. Chad listens to her briefly, but can't imagine it: "No! Shannon's my wife. She's my soulmate. I can't do that! " He considers for a moment, completely ignoring the subtle look of relief on his stepmother's face. He then realizes her wild idea isn't all bad. "I got it! I know how to win her back. She needs to feel how I feel. I don't need to go out on a date, she just needs to think I'm dating." Dana isn't following, she doubles down on her idea-- she knows that the 'right' thing is for Chad to be with a woman his own age. Dana suggests that he get on some dating websites. Chad flatly rejects as he stares into his stepmother's eyes.

"I should send her a text. Say I'm going on a date with a gorgeous girl. What can I say that will make her jealous?", Chad thinks out loud. Dana disagrees: "I'm of the opinion that honesty is always the best course of action". But Chad goes ahead, texting Shannon about his dating and asking if she has any objections, to please text him back. The immediate response from his wife reads: "Sounds good. Have a great time". He's disappointed, this is NOT the reaction he was hoping for. Why isn't she writhing in jealousy? What the hell?! He considers that he needs to up the ante.

It's possible that Shannon isn't taking him seriously, probable that she doesn't even BELIEVE him! He impulsively grabs his stepmom's hand and sends a photo of their clasped hands. "This is gonna backfire, because she's not going to get jealous of you holding hands with some old lady. I don't want to be part of this scheme", Dana declares.

It's still not working, so Chad suggests he take a sexy picture of his stepmom with him, not showing her face, to send in order to make Shannon jealous. Escalating, he takes one showing him grasping Dana's breast through her bra. Dana fights her urge to enjoy the escalation, she is reluctant. She's a good and moral woman, no matter her deepest, darkest fantasies. Chad starts to get excited by the play. Does he really want to make his wife jealous, or does he want to see how far he can push his stepmother? Dana notices the hard-on in Chad's shorts. "It's fine, I find it a bit flattering", she admits. Chad is even more aroused by his sexy stepmother's carefully worded consent. "Can you put your hand on my cock for a pic?", he asks, and although every bone in her body tells her how wrong it is, she begrudgingly agrees -anything to help her sexy stepson.

Firmly gripping his cock, Dana concedes: "I have to say, Shannon is a lucky lady". Dana looks at Chad with a wry smile. Soon he's shooting photos of her stripping off her stockings and posing in her black lace panties. As he strokes her bare pussy both of them are getting turned on. After he goes down on her, he gets permission to rub his cock against her and then penetrate her pussy. Watch the taboo scene unfold...

The Texting Incident

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End of the World

Coming 09/30/2023

Stepfather Derrick Pierce is into conspiracy theories that have turned him into a survivalist, frantically stocking up on supplies to be prepared for some upcoming catastrophe or apocalyptic event. He confides in his stepdaughter (Angel Windell) but gets her to promise to keep his activities a secret from her mom, who doesn't understand his mania.

Angel gives him a shoulder massage as he rests a bit from carrying boxes into their home. "Why don't you just humor your old stepdad for a minute -you said you're not doing anything today", he says. "You look like the kind of guy who could repopulate the earth", she teases. "You know, I'm gonna come home one day and mom's gonna be gone and you're gonna be hunkered down in the basement with some blonde conspiracy bimbo. You two will be playing pretty games", she jokes.

Derrick claims he doesn't like blondes, but concedes: "Maybe under certain circumstances". Continuing the verbal sparring, Angel asserts: "They'd have to be really pretty". "Yeah, of course. You can't repopulate the world with ugly people", stepdad responds, adding "and natural brunette". Angel self-consciously strokes her brown hair and goes on: "They'd have to be young". "Who did you have in mind?", he asks. "She'd have to be smart, and caring, resourceful...exciting", she suggests, posing a bit for daddy. "This is just a game, right -a fantasy?", she asks.

"Yeah, of course. It's not real. Not yet, anyway", he replies. "Well, if I'm in on your little secret, then maybe I'm the perfect woman", she answers, laying her cards on the table. He laughs at that, and she gets more serious: "I can learn, if you teach me -I'm a fast learner", she flirts. "You know, maybe you're a pervert, because you have a dirty mind, don't you?", he mocks. "Hey, I never said I wanted to repopulate the earth", she rejoinders.

Just as he leans forward, about to kiss her, there's a loud noise and the room shakes, as if an earthquake or some disaster is occurring. "It's just a tremor, okay", he says, hugging his daughter. Later, they're in her bedroom, with dad looking out the window, announcing: "Everything's okay", but no sooner than he announces that, the room shakes and a bright flash of light contradicts him. He gets on the bed and hugs her again.

"I guess I'm not cut out for this end of the world stuff", she admits. "I'm really sorry that I told you all those things, and scared you", he apologizes. "I guess I'm just shaken up", she says, quite literally. "I always want to protect you", he notes. "And repopulate the earth", she adds. "Right, repopulating the earth, and who would I like to do that more than with you", he admits.

"Okay, no joking. Would you?", she asks. "I was just kidding, it's only a joke. I don't think your mother would appreciate the humor of it all, so I think we should keep this conversation just between the two of us", he cops out. Angel doesn't give up so easily, asking: "I can't imagine spending the end of the world with anyone else, can you?", kissing daddy on the cheek when he agrees. That leads to a French kiss, but Derrick breaks off, declaring "I should not have done that". "We don't have to wait until the end of the world, you know", she says.

He's about had it, getting up to go, but she asks: "Teach me. All the things, camping, fires, water filtration. I want to make you happy, daddy". "I love taking care of you", he professes. "I like when you take care of me", she says, and suddenly she reaches into her pajama bottoms and begins masturbating. "Daddy please, it aches and throbs...", she murmurs. "Stop!", he insists. Angel removes her pjs and strokes her bare pussy, which is already wet. She sucks on daddy's fingers and places them on her pussy, and he can no longer resist. Watch the taboo scene unfold...

End of the World