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Watching Porn with Aubree

Aubree (Valentine) is on her bed checking out pictures of porn stars on her laptop, thinking about her school project. She's chosen the topic of her school project carefully. It's taboo, but it's a topic she's most interested and passionate about. She wants to be a director! She wants to direct a movie about a girl who dreams of becoming the greatest of porn stars (a dream she also holds out for herself).

Her stepdad (Chad White) comes into the bedroom to tell her dinner's ready downstairs, and they discuss her project. Aubree has already directed a documentary film saluting the team of director and writer who made the classic Adult Film series "Taboo" beginning in 1980: Kirdy Stevens and Helene Terrie, but Chad points out that she should consider more modern porn for inspiration in planning her new movie. He also points out that her lack of personal experience with sex could be a stumbling block for the project. Aubree wants constructive criticism of her work from dad, but they halt the discussion, and go to dinner.

-- Three days later she summons the courage to ask her stepfather to help her gain experience. "Just show me something innovative or sexy", she asks. "I want to see what people are really into, what they're watching. This movie has to feel real, it has to be real. I was hoping you could show me some porn", she explains. Agreeing to keep this "school project" a secret from her mom, they head for the bedroom and Chad opens his laptop to the MissaX website for an educational lesson in porn.

Relaxing on Aubree's bed, as they watch a rather graphic scene, Chad tries to repress his desires, he wills his hand not to touch her. He loses his inner battle when he lets his hand wander down from Aubree's hip onto her jeans leg, Aubree notes how really intimate the action seems, not fake like she expected. Paralleling the action on screen, Dad and stepdaughter are getting turned on and more intimate. His wandering hand begins lightly caressing her breasts as she begins breathing heavily and Chad starts kissing her neck.

"Do you want me to show you more?", Chad interrupts the laptop scene. She nods Yes, and he puts on another Stepfather/daughter scene. Aubree begins rubbing her ample rump against his groin, and asks him to fondle her as before, but this time Chad is reluctant, reminding her that he's her stepdad. She points out that it's research, so Chad starts squeezing her breasts and lifts up her blouse revealing them, and plays with the nipples. "Just like that, daddy", Aubree whispers huskily. He unbuttons her jeans and slips his hand inside her red panties. Holding up his hand (it's wet) he declares: "You're excited", and Aubree clarifies: "I'm inspired". Watch the very taboo scene unfold...

Watching Porn with Aubree

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She's No Angel

Poor Billy (Max Fills): he's crazy about his stepsister Angel (Laney Grey) but she constantly bullies him. He's got his headphones on, typing away on his laptop, when she sneaks up and grabs his phone, holding it hostage until he's cleaned her room for her.

What's a bro to do? If he doesn't obey her, she swears she'll run and tell their parents that he's mistreating her. She doesn't let up -now she insists he give her his phone's passcode and he meekly obeys. "Are you keeping secrets from me? Are you texting girls? I told you that's not allowed!", she insists. When he's had enough and demands her respect, little sister merely smiles and gives him a knee to his groin. What a predicament!

He's determined to end this torture, and one morning he confronts her in the kitchen, demanding that she stop manipulating and taking advantage of him, but Angel merely calls him a coward, daring him to stand up to her. She kisses him, and he admits he enjoys being submissive to her. Late that night she bursts into his bedroom without knocking, yelling "Boo!". Angel is dressed in a revealing red bra and matching panties, more than a hint that she means business. She gets on his bed draping her legs over his crotch, announcing: "It turns me on to scare you. You'll always be my little puppet". Angel kisses Billy on the lips.

Billy surprises his sister by rushing into her room and throwing her clothes from the dresser back on the floor. Angel doesn't know what to make of this sudden rebellion, and before she can reassert her control, he's stripped her bra off and announces: "You want me to fuck you, is that it?".

Collecting her wits, Angel declares: "I'm proud of you. I wanted to make you into a man and I did. And a man deserves a reward, doesn't he?". Billy nods Yes. She demands: "Beg! If you want me to suck your cock, then beg for it". Grabbing her by the shoulders, he responds: "Please Angel, I need it. I need your lips around my cock". "Good boy", she says and pushes him backward on her bed, pulling his cock out of his pajama bottoms. Angel strokes the shaft and starts sucking his dick. "They really are big balls, Billy. I won't hurt them anymore, I promise", she says as she starts sucking on them. Then Angel takes his cock deep into her throat, and whispers: "You're so hard for me". Watch the taboo scene unfold...

She's No Angel

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Mom Swap pt. 2

In Part 1, Two mothers Julia (Reagan Foxx) and Lydia (Shay Sights), who were college chums, reunite years later. Each is secretly carrying on a taboo affair with her stepson, and we see each of them bedding down with their precious adult boys.

Now in Part 2, the plot thickens, as the four of them get together in Julia's kitchen, the boys: Julia's son Paul (Robby Echo) and Lydia's son John (Ricky Spanish) go off to the pool while their stepmothers stay in the house to bring each other up to date. Lydia asks if her friend Julia has ever fooled around with her handsome son Paul, and Julia adamantly says no, but Lydia is more frank about her stepson, declaring: "I fucked John". She adds, "Don't act so innocent -I know what you're up to", taunting Julia.

Lydia admits she saw them making love when she arrived at Julia's home, and quite embarrassed, Julia makes her promise not to tell anyone. "I'd like to give him a try. Come on Jules, I just want a little taste", Lydia says saucily. Julia is quite reluctant to go along with such a request from her uninhibited friend, but Lydia sweetens the pot, declaring: "Look, I've seen the way John looks at you. I know he's kind of shy, but do you want to give him a try? I'd be willing to share. How about a good old-fashioned swap?".

Before Julia can refuse, Lydia calls the boys back in and hits them with her proposal. "You boys are into it, aren't you?", she asks, In unison, Paul and John look at eachother. They can't believe what has always been a dream is becoming a reality! They happily reply: "Hell, yeah!". Now that it's settled, Julia goes along with the idea, and the four of them begin fondling each other, that is, after John returns -he's the shy one and wants to wash his hands first.

Taking separate nearby couches in the living room, the couples' kissing and fondling begins. After some breast worship, Lydia and Paul indulge in mutual masturbation, while Julia and John sneak a peek and become even more aroused. Then Paul demonstrates what his mommy taught him, and goes down on Lydia, much to the MILF's excited reaction. Julia roots him on: "Get in there baby boy. Get it!". Not to be outdone, John begins fingering Julia. By the time he catches up and is eating Julia out, the other couple has progressed -they're fully nude and Lydia is sucking Paul's cock. Watch the taboo group sex scene unfold...

Mom Swap pt. 2

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Yes, Daddy 2

Ever since Leana (Lovings) and her mom moved in with her new stepfather (Derrick Pierce) he's been calling the shots. He's a real taskmaster, and lately he's been quite stern with sweet Leana. Step Daddy is handsome, it's hard to be angry with him even though he's such a drill sergeant. Derrick is equally drawn to Leana. There is something naughty lurking under her innocent gaze, something he knows he shouldn't encourage if he is to remain faithful to his wife.

Derrick's not happy with Leana's progress at school, where he dreams of her studying to be an engineer or scientist, when in fact Leana wants to be an artist. One day when she comes home he lays down the law, demanding to know where she's been, after her math and science tutor reports she didn't show up for their regular study session. She confesses that she went to the museum instead, and protests: "I can't study day in and day out math and science! I'm not that person". Derrick retorts: "You will be who I tell you you will be". She looks down and sheepishly replies: "Yes sir".

Stepdaddy is ready to give up on her altogether, but as he leaves her bedroom, she gets on the floor and grabs his leg to stop him, saying: "I'm sorry -I can make it up to you. I can show you that I've changed -I can prove it to you. I'll do anything that you want me to do". "I don't think you've been a good girl. Put your hands behind your back", he orders. Rubbing his groin, Derrick gets more intimate: "You see how excited you make me, baby. You don't think I want to give you my cock -I do. Now show me how grateful you are".

Standing in front of her, stepdad unzips his pants, but then pulls the zipper back up, stating: "You don't always get what you want. Obedient girls get what they deserve. And I don't think you've been appreciative of all I've done for you". "Please...", she begs him. Derrick orders curtly: "Get on the bed". Leana complies, and he leans down and kisses her on the lips, and leaves the bedroom.

Later, they're sitting at the kitchen table and Derrick is reviewing her schoolwork. "How did I do?", Leana asks. "It's very good, sweetie", Derrick answers. Leana is all smiles and gets up to hug him and kiss his forehead. "Don't you want your reward?", he asks. "Yes, daddy", Leana replies. "Go up to your room and I'll join you", he says. Upstairs, she waits on the bed, changed into a skimpy nightie. As he embraces her, Leana's breathing becomes heavy, and stepdaddy places her arms behind her back, instructing her: "No touching until I say so".

Derrick presses her hand on his crotch and says: "You're going to do whatever you can to impress me, aren't you?". She nods Yes. He unzips and pulls down his pants, and places his cock by her face, and teases her with it. Finally, he lets her suck it, and begins driving it slowly in and out, down her throat. "Good girl", stepdaddy whispers. Watch the taboo scene unfold...

Yes, Daddy 2

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I Need You

Annie (Lulu Chu) is a young woman scorned -she sees a social media posting by her stepbrother Paul (Max Fills) about his girlfriend, and feels betrayed -he had promised to meet up with her! The siblings had been intimate in the past, yes-- they both know they should not have been, but 'things happened.' They both agreed to not look at each other in a lustful way, but my god, that is so hard for Annie. She looks at his social media, she's obsessing over it. He's moved on! Seriously?! He's already with someone new?.

After angrily phoning Paul to complain, Annie drives to his house and sneaks inside, using the key left handily under the welcome mat. She confronts him and Paul insists it's time to move on. She won't accept that and demands that he send his girlfriend away so they can talk it out. "You can understand how hurt I am, right? You were, you are my everything", Annie insists. "I love my girlfriend", he replies. "She doesn't understand you. She doesn't know the real Paul", Annie points out.

His stepsister sits down on the living room couch next to Paul, and grabs his groin, pleading: "Just one more time. And then I'll leave -I'll go away forever!". He's adamant in his refusal, and gives Annie a sweater to keep her warm as she's set to leave and return home. Thinking better of it, he offers to let her stay the night in his guest room.

Later that evening, she knocks on his bedroom door, clad in a bath towel, telling Paul: "I don't have anything to wear to bed". Annie takes one of his t-shirts from his dresser drawer and puts it on. "She doesn't know about us", she wonders, asking about his girlfriend. "I might as well be the dog, sleeping outside", she laments, and complains about the cold, dusty guest room. Paul relents and allows her to sleep in his bed with him. "Like old times?", she inquires. "Not exactly", Paul responds. They each apologize, and with a sisterly cuddle the two of them are ready to go to sleep.

After midnight, Annie wakes up and begins fondling Paul's cock as he sleeps behind her. He wakes up in a start, declaring: "Annie, what are you doing?". "Do you want me to leave?", she asks. "Stay, please", Paul pleads. "What about your girlfriend?", Annie counters. "She doesn't fuck me like you. No one does", he admits. "Because no one loves you like I do", Annie contends. "Okay, but this has to be the last time", he insists. Annie begins stroking his hard cock, and starts sucking it. "Do I suck your cock better than your girlfriend?", she murmurs. "Yes", he moans. Watch the taboo scene unfold...

I Need You

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The No Fap Challenge

Coming 02/28/2024

19 year old stepson, Ricky Spanish, has been behaving strangely lately. His stepmom (Kenzie Taylor) notices something wrong: he's gone to the gym leaving his phone behind, and seems quite nervous all the time. In the kitchen while making breakfast, she gives Ricky a shoulder massage, and can't help noticing he's got a huge boner!

Later, she visits his bedroom, and there's Ricky, again with his big boner sticking out. It's time to have a heart-to-heart talk with the teen. "I've been taking charge of my life", Ricky declares. She still pries, anxious to find out what he's keeping secret. "I'll tell you if you promise not to laugh", he offers. "Have you ever heard of No Fap?", he asks. Kenzie says No, and he explains it's a practice of giving up masturbating and watching porn to achieve certain benefits, like more energy, more focus, even getting a bigger dick.

She appreciates his sharing his secret, but still wonders what's really going on. He explains that there's so much temptation and stimulation to masturbate -with porn handy on his phone and hot girls everywhere, even at home. "At home?", Kenzie is shocked. "How long do you think you're going to do this for?", she asks. "What about sex? Can you have sex with a woman?", she wonders. "Sure", he replies. "You don't have blue balls, do you?", Kenzie asks. "You still got hard, obviously", she points out, adding: "Isn't it uncomfortable?". Ricky is quite embarrassed, admitting that it gets worse every day.

"I'm guessing you could have someone help release you -lend a helping hand?", she suggests. She's become quite curious about the claim that No Fap can result in a bigger dick, and asks to see him naked. "Come on, I just want to see", she claims. Ricky lets her peek, and Kenzie exclaims: "It is huge!". "You're demonstrating amazing control by not fapping. Are you sure you don't want to?", she asks. "No way!", he declares. "How big do you think it will get?", she wonders. "What if I made your challenge a little more challenging? And if I did that, would it speed up the growth process?", she asks.

"You're not going to do anything explicit?", he asks. "Well, I was an exotic dancer. Your dad already knows this -it's how I paid for college". She hands him his phone, and says: "Put on a song, something sexy to set the mood, and I'll see if I still got it". Stepmom starts roleplaying that she's onstage and he's her big spender. She begins giving him a lapdance, and starts stripping.

Ricky has a request: "Just rub it, like you rubbed my back before". Kenzie unveils his erect cock and starts stroking it. "I want more", he says, breathing heavily. Stepmom climbs on top of him and rubs her body back and forth. Ricky reverses their positions and starts worshipping stepmom's huge breasts, and then goes down on her. "Okay, now you gotta show me what you got, son", Kenzie declares. After rubbing teasingly back and forth against her pussy, Ricky finally enters her, with Kenzie rooting him on. Watch the taboo scene unfold...

The No Fap Challenge

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