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When Liz (Jordan) gets home from work, she finds her stepbrother Chadwick (Chad Alva) and her boyfriend Jason (Pierce) immersed in their video game competition, ignoring her completely. Turns out there's a serious case of sibling rivalry going on, as Chad maintains his "bro", Jason, would rather hang out with him than with his sis.

Liz is looking forward to their date that night with Jason. She's ready for him to take her out to dinner, but when she's all dressed up, she finds him passed out on the couch, after having one too many with Chad, and he's in no condition to take her out on the town. At her wit's end, Liz devises a scheme: she goes to Chad's bedroom and after waxing nostalgically with him about how close they were growing up, wrestling and playing games with each other, she wonders if they could recreate that relationship. She makes a bold offer: she will get naked for Chad if he agrees to spend less time with Jason and let her become her boyfriend's center of attention.

Chad is taken aback by this, but quickly comes up with a counter-offer: he's heard the couple's foreplay and only wants his sister to give him a lapdance, like she does for Jason. Liz pauses at this odd request, but after giving it some thought announces: "Deal", and puts on some music with her cellphone and begins to dance and strip for her brother. Chad removes his slacks, and the lapdance commences with his erect cock bulging in his underwear.

Intimacy escalates, as Liz lets him remove his underwear next and continues grinding against him. His next request is to hold his cock against her face, and Liz agrees, soon beginning to lick his shaft. Turned on, she takes the lead and has Chad lie back on the bed. for her to give him a sensual blow-job. Watch the taboo tension rise as the scene unfolds...


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Whatever We Want

Coming 06/08/2023

Stepmom (Jennifer White) enjoys engaging in good-natured teasing of her stepson Ricky (Spanish), having him move the living furniture around at her whim. He's embarrassed when she touches him, like an old-fashioned "bubby" pinching of his cheek, and even Jennifer is a bit sheepish as they flirt. She excuses herself, saying "I should get some work done", then immediately changes her mind and they sit down together on the couch.

She takes his hand in hers, and their playful banter resumes, with Ricky referring to her in the third person: "Some lady I live with keeps having me push pianos around. But she's hot". Jennifer is embarrassed. "I don't mean to make you uncomfortable -it's just I don't know how to talk to you. I'm not used to spending time with young men like you. It's not you -it's the situation", she contends. "Maybe I'm just bored , pushing around furniture, and thinking things I shouldn't be thinking", she continues.

"Like what?", Ricky asks. "Like kissing you", she blurts out. "I've felt the same way", he admits. "So we're both weirdos!", she jokes. They nervously continue the conversation, and Jennifer impulsively leans over and kisses her son gently on the lips, but immediately pulls back and apologizes. Pondering about what his dad might think of them, she gets up to leave, but Ricky stops her, saying: "Who cares what anyone thinks?". Jennifer breaks off from him and says: "I care. Sorry, I just want to be a good person", and she exits stage left, leaving Ricky alone on the couch to ponder.

That night, she's asleep in bed, when Ricky sneaks into her bedroom. He watches her sleep for a while, then climbs into bed behind her to cuddle, while mom is still half asleep. He begins caressing her body, and she whispers "We shouldn't". He rubs his dick back and forth across her bare pussy underneath the covers. As they both begin breathing harder, she murmurs: "Just a little, not the whole thing". Ricky slowly slips his rock-hard dick inside her pussy, and she moans in pleasure. Watch the taboo scene unfold...

Whatever We Want

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See You Next Saturday pt. 3

Coming 06/13/2023

Previously, the couple Julia (Blake Blossom) and Paul (Ryan Driller) attended a weekend retreat which helped them save their faltering marriage, even moving them toward behaving like swingers. They tried to convince their friends Christina (Lilly Bell) and Vance (Will Pounder) to follow their example, but that couple was unresponsive to the advice, preferring to keep their lovemaking at home without straying..

In Part 3, two complete sex scenes are presented, as some good-natured swapping is in order, with Julia the main instigator. Both Christina and Vance have second thoughts about considering an open marriage. Julia invites them over again and boldly says: "We wanted to invite you guys here tonight to make a little proposal. Paul and I were thinking: what if we did a swap?". Their modest and reserved friends get angry at the suggestion, and get up to leave, but Paul takes Christina aside and makes his pitch. With his body so close to her's, her pulse rises. It's always been in her mind what it would be like to be with her handsome best friend's man. She wonders if shecould really go through with it as she listens to Ryan pedal back his wife's bold request. Conceding that Julia went too far, he promises to keep her in check, and their friends agree to stick around.

The party continues, with everyone dancing and loosening up a bit, and after some innocent kissing, Christina announces: "Let's try this, and like Julia said, if it doesn't work out then we can just pretend like it never happened". The swap commences, one pairing on the couch and the other heading for the bedroom -watch and see what happens among the four friends...

See You Next Saturday pt. 3

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My Favorite Mistake

Coming 06/18/2023

Stepdad Chad White is in the kitchen one morning having coffee, and unhappy to see his sexy but tousled-haired stepdaughter April (Olsen) wander in very late in the morning. She's wearing just a dirty t-shirt and panties. Chad rolls his eyes as he tries not to sneak a peek of her perfect apple bottom. He's an ex-marine, and wants April to shape up, threatening to kick her out of the house if she doesn't.

They argue about all sorts of trivial matters, like her not getting up early. not making her bed, and not dressing properly. Chad challenges her to follow his orders and maintain a regular schedule. Next day he wakes her up at 6 a.m. on the dot and orders her to make her bed. April follows orders begrudgingly but clearly doesn't care a bit for steddaddy ordering her around. But when he asks whether she'd rather go live with her mom, she acquiesces to his demands.

Her behavior improves, but as they continue to spar verbally it's clear a battle is going on. At one point, he objects again to her skimpy clothing and orders her to strip, giving a hint of ulterior motives. She gets naked under his steady gaze, but nothing more intimate occurs. Yet matters escalate when she criticizes his behavior and accuses him of taking out on her what his strict dad must have done to him, at which point Chad barks an order: "On your knees!"

He has her put her hands on her head and informs her that his father would make him stay like that for hours as punishment. They make up, and she gives him a kiss. "Listen daddy, you don't have to be perfect. We can all make mistakes -plus I like when you tell me what to do", she tells him. "You're a good girl. You just lack a little discipline", he responds. "You can help me with that", she notes.

They kiss again, and once more, Chad orders her down on her knees, April obeys, giving him a deep-throat blow job. As things escalate, April wonders if they should be doing this, but it's too late -both are truly enjoying themselves. April is a skilled taboo dirty talker and everytime she purrs, "daddy," Chad's cock gets harder for her.

Watch the taboo lovemaking unfold.

My Favorite Mistake

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You Deserve Me

Coming 06/23/2023

You Deserve Me

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The Proposal

Coming 06/28/2023

The Proposal

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