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February 2023
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Sexual Tension

"It all started when my stepmom crept into my bed in the middle of the night".

Thus begins an erotic story involving Ricky (Spanish) and Marie (McCray), his sexy young mom who occasionally goes to her son's room to sleep after arguing with his dad. "Hey Ricky?", she asks while opening his bedroom door. Fully clothed, she gets under the covers next to him, as Ricky feigns. Turning around, he puts his arm around her, still pretending to snooze. "Ricky, you're not wearing any underwear", she complains, feeling his naked body against her.

She snuggles innocently, but he crawls on top of her, causing Marie to become alarmed. Feeling equally stimulated and apprehensive as he grinds against her, she declares: "Honey! Please wake up. Honey! I can feel your penis! Please wake up! Your father can walk in at any minute". Giving into her own erotic impulses, she pulls her panties aside under the covers, revealing her bald vagina to Ricky's persistent cock.

A big smile crosses her face as Marie closes her eyes, feeling Ricky's cock-head pressing insistently and repeatedly against her pussy, when a voice cries out -from her husband: "Marie? What's going on!". "You were snoring", she responds meekly. "What are you doing on the floor?", dad asks, as Ricky has fallen by the side of the bed, his nakedness hidden by the covers he grasped with him. "I don't know", Ricky stammers, and stepmom adds: "He must have fallen off the bed. He sleeps so heavily". "Come to bed Marie", her husband demands, and she answers: "Coming!". She gives Ricky a kindly kiss good night on the cheek, and ignores his plaintive plea of: "Stay with me".

In the morning Marie is having coffee in the kitchen when Ricky enters, dad having gone off to work already. She tries to apologize about last night, but Ricky shrugs it off. "Have you considered leaving him?", he asks. "I'm 19 now -he can't keep me here, or you. He doesn't treat you the way you deserve to be treated", he argues. A car horn outside insistently honks, interrupting them, and Ricky rushes off with his ride.

Marie wearily goes to her bedroom and slides open the closet door, fetching her roll-on suitcase. She places it on the bed and gets a towel from the dresser drawer, getting ready to take her morning shower. As the water's running, Ricky returns, and calls out to her inside the bedroom, noticing the suitcase on her bed. He surprises her in the bathroom, mom clad in her towel. He's about to leave, when she commands: "Stop. Turn around. I want you to see me". She drops the towel, revealing to him her voluptuous naked body, quietly beckoning: "Come here".

He comes to her and Marie starts rubbing his groin, causing Ricky to whisper: "That feels so good". "It's okay, as long as we don't go all the way", she murmurs. She unzips his jeans and pulls out his big cock and begins stroking it. "You can be mine, mom -you can leave him and start up -you with me", Ricky says, breathing heavily. They kiss repeatedly as she continues giving him a hand-job. Ricky points his hard cock between her legs and begins a dry hump, thrusting against her standing up, as he grabs her big butt with both hands. "I want to be inside of you, mom", he murmurs. Watch the taboo romance unfold...

Sexual Tension

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Daddy's Bad Girl IV

Coming 02/08/2023

An extremely frustrated Lulu (Chu) rushes into her bedroom and buries her head in her pillow, letting out a piercing scream. She's at war with her mother, exacerbated by an incident when mom lambasted her boyfriend for being with Lulu in her bedroom with the door closed, disobeying strict orders from mom.

Despite mom later apologizing to the boy, Lulu's convinced that he's broken up with her. Yelling at mom isn't a good idea -now she's been grounded! That's not all; mom has an argument with her husband (Ryan Driller), claiming he's been enabling Lulu's penchant for misbehaving with boys, and she's now sleeping in the guest room. Lulu naturally sympathizes with her stepdad, recalling how mom gave her biological dad a hard time, too, causing him to leave her.<:P> Ryan sides with Lulu about her being able to have friends over to visit, but like mom, he thinks they should stay in the living room, not head to her boudoir. "Was that a private conversation you were having when your mother walked in on you?", he asks her. Lulu insists it was. "But she said that she saw his zipper down, and that he had his hands all over you", he accuses. Lulu is defensive, but stepdad points out that while dating is okay, sex is a precious gift, and she shouldn't be having sex with anyone unless he is that "very special someone".

"Have you already given this very special gift to this boy?", Ryan asks. "Sort of", she concedes. "He touches me under my clothes sometimes". She describes how things later escalated when they were in the backseat of his car, and she was about to "do it" with him in her bed when mom walked in. Stepdad has to try hard to control his reaction to this revelation and manages to, but then Lulu continues her story. "Megan says that if you have a boyfriend you have to drain him every three days or else, he's going to look somewhere else. I guess she was right", she notes.

"That's ridiculous!", Ryan retorts. "Then how often do you and mom do it? I never even see her kiss you", Lulu contends. Stepdad concludes it's best that she concentrates on her studies and end this obsession with sex. To the contrary, Lulu tells daddy how much she thinks about sex, and suddenly she's started masturbating, rubbing her pussy through the pajamas as she reclines next to Ryan on his bed.

Stepdad concedes that when he was her age his hormones were also raging and that he did a lot of masturbating. But she answers him: she can't get an orgasm when she masturbates, claiming the only way she can cum is with a guy. Ryan points out that she's definitely grounded, but Lulu counters that Megan's dad is attracted to her, and next time she visits Megan she expects that he could service her well. "That's not right and that's not you either. You're a good girl", stepdad insists. "I am a good girl, but I can be a very bad, bad girl when I need to cum", Lulu says calmly. All this talk of "cumming" finally causes Ryan to put his foot down and ask her to stop talking about it. He forbids her to go to Megan's house, but Lulu counters: "Well, you guys can't stop me when I'm with my bio dad, especially since mom hates his guts". Ryan is about to lose his temper and covers Lulu's mouth as he declares: "If you say that word one more time, I'm going to spank you". Lulu smiles and suddenly kisses daddy on the lips. Continuing to kiss him over and over, he stops this, declaring "Hold on, we shouldn't be doing this."

That doesn't deter her, and Ryan finally admits: "You are a bad girl." "You make me a good girl, daddy," she purrs and climbs on top of him, kissing him again. She begins undressing, and daddy makes a last-ditch effort to stem the tide. "We can't! I don't want to do something that you'll regret", he insists. "Feeling your lips on mine is a dream come true. I'm never gonna regret this", she murmurs. "You don't want me to be with boys, daddy. Just make me cum, daddy. All l need to do is cum, daddy, and I'll be a good girl". He gives up, and as she kisses Ryan passionately, Lulu begins grinding away on top of his lap.

"I want us to feel love, daddy. Don't push me away", she whispers, and removes her bra, and daddy begins kissing her nipples. Watch the taboo scene unfold...

Daddy's Bad Girl IV

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Indecent pt. 3

Coming 02/13/2023

Previously, Reagan Johnston (Reagan Foxx) has been exposed to the wonderful world of hotwifing, reluctant at first, but soon enjoying hot sessions with Jacob (Quinton James) and then young Coco Remington (Coco Lovelock), whose husband (Tommy Pistol) made an agreement with Reagan's husband for Reagan, he then then joined in with them for a threesome. This made Reagan's hubby Paul Johnston (Ryan Driller) happy, and Reagan enjoyed sex with Paul too, after Paul enjoyed watching his wife's recording of her tryst with Jacob. Now Paul is up to more of the same tricks. Next morning, he asks Reagan how things went with the Remingons. She's perturbed with the way Paul is treating her and informs him she won't be seeing them again. Her husband is okay with that but he has a surprise for Reagan, telling her: "I have a gift for you. It's more of a reunion with an old friend".

They go downstairs and there waiting for them is -Jacob! "I got his number from your phone", Paul explains to his wife, adding "I hope you don't mind that I called him". Reagan had bumped into Jacob while out jogging some time after their "hotwife" affair, and they had innocently had a couple of smoothies in a coffee shop together, but despite his having arranged for their get-together in the first place, Paul is not the kind of man to never get jealous.

The situation is getting quite awkward for Reagan, who had developed feelings, bordering on lust, for Jacob, but remained loyal and submissive to her spouse. She's not prepared when he puts on the pressure. "Jacob told me he really enjoyed your night together, and since he enjoyed you so well, I told him he could have you one last time. You'll be deleting his contact and you'll never be seeing each other again", Paul calmly states.

Going one step further, Paul says to his wife: "I bet he didn't tell you he was married?" Paul senses he might lose his wife, and he wants to let Reagan know that Jacob is not an option. Both Reagan and Jacob are embarrassed, but Paul's in complete control of the situation, leading them upstairs to the bedroom. He gives them instructions on what to do, and they obey meekly. "Touch her. Show me how you kissed her nipples that night", he orders Jacob. At first the lovers are tentative and nervous, but things really heat up when Paul stops just watching and joins in for a threesome, his plan all along. Watch the kinky scene unfold...

Indecent pt. 3

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Watching Porn with Spencer

Coming 02/18/2023

Josh (Rivers) is all a twitter, frantically searching his bedroom for his missing laptop. Supposing that his stepsister Spencer (Bradley) has taken it, he goes to her bedroom for a further search, and finds her in her adjoining bathroom, wearing headphones, masturbating standing up as she watches porn on her laptop. She's fingering her hairy pussy and eventually spots him, his eyes glued to the sight of her, as he stands peering in through the doorway, and she scrambles to cover herself, embarrassed.

"Why are you still standing here? Close the door! Go!", she exclaims, and Josh hastily beats a retreat. Later, he's in his bed under the covers, hoping to lose that persistent boner the sight of sis naked caused. She knocks and joins him on the bed, returning his missing laptop. She claims his mom authorized that she could use it, but Josh is adamant that she shouldn't have taken it without his permission. She complains that her dad took everything away from her, phone, laptop and everything, and even removed the lock on her door, after he caught her with a boy in her room. "My dad walked in on me and Wesley making out on my bed and he freaked out on both of us", she confesses. Josh notes that he's planning to move out to a place of his own soon, and suggests she do the same.

He's unsympathetic to her misery with her situation, prompting Spencer to ask: "Can't we just be normal brother and sister again?". He can't resist a parting wisecrack, asking her as she leaves: "Hey, did you clean the keyboard?". Spencer goes back to her bedroom and shrieks awhile, burying her head in a pillow in despair. He follows her with a short-lived apology, but soon they're picking on each other again. "I'm pissed because you stole my laptop and were jerking off in the bathroom with it. I don't jerk off, I have the ladies to help me with that", he boasts. Spencer laughs uproariously, throwing her pillow at him, mocking him: "I have never seen you with a girl". Finally, Josh softens and offers to lend her his laptop for her to watch porn to her heart's content. Spencer brightens up with a wide smile and says somewhat suggestively: "Well thanks, bro". I appreciate it". He turns to leave and she asks for his password. He balks at letting her have access to all his personal files, so she pushes the laptop toward him and orders: "Key in your password -I won't look. Please?"

Josh complies, and she asks him: "Why don't you pick out something good? You've seen them all, I figured you'd have some of your favorites earmarked". He obliges and is about to leave her bedroom, when Spencer asks: " What about if I need your code again? I need you to sit here and watch it because what if I open one and can't access it". He reluctantly agrees and sits down on the bed. The porn on screen shows a big dick rubbing against a girl's pussy. He's ready to leave but Spencer wants him to stay and watch with her. "It's sister-brother roleplay sex", he says. "You're the one who put it on", she points out.

They watch a bit of the show, depicting Liz Jordan sucking a very big cock, which she comments on. "That's a typical porn penis. Real penises don't look like that", Josh claims. "Wesley and I never had sex. I've actually never seen a penis", Spencer admits. He's astonished, but then she corrects herself, saying: "I've seen yours. You were in the bathroom -you left the door open, and I kinda sorta saw it". Josh counters: "My flaccid penis is not my dick. I'm not a porn star but hey, I've been told my penis is a good size". "Let me see it -prove it", she demands, in a sultry voice.

He comes up with excuses, but ultimately agrees: "Okay, I'm gonna watch this chick get banged, and you can see it through my underwear". Spencer flashes a wide Cheshire Cat smile and says "Okay". He puts a pillow on his lap and starts beating off watching the video. Removing the pillow, he announces: "Ready". As she reaches out toward him, he bats away her hand, yelling: "I didn't say you could touch my dick!". "How am I supposed to see under all that?", she complains. "It's getting soft now -you lost your chance", he says.

Spencer sits up and boldly removes her top, exposing her delicious breasts, and places his hand on them. "What are you doing?", Josh exclaims. "Feel my boobs and watch the movie. It'll help you get hard", she murmurs. As she gives him masturbation instructions, he says: "It's already hard". "Get it out, before it gets soft again", she urges. He complies and she says "Go ahead, stroke it". "Can't we just go back to watching the porn?", Josh begs meekly. She takes off her panties, announcing: "Watch me do it. Maybe it'll help you". They begin masturbating together. Watch the taboo scene progress...

Watching Porn with Spencer

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Dropping in on Stepmom

Coming 02/23/2023

Stepmother Lilly (James) fancies herself as one hot mama, so she's pleased when her kid Juan (Loco) shows up unannounced at her door with a suitcase, planning to stay for a while. Daddy's gone for the weekend...

She invites him to put on swim trunks and join her at the pool -she's already wearing her suit under her robe. They settle down to sunbathing by the pool and Juan's protective side comes out -when Lilly says hi to a passing neighbor Mr. Peterson, Juan reacts: "This guy looked at you and had a full erection -what's with him -walking back and forth just to get a look at you?".

She shrugs this off, claiming that men didn't used to look at her that way. She confides that when they were in college, his dad dated her friend, "Sexy" Samantha, not her. But just recently, after she lost 30 pounds, men are looking at her differently, and she's enjoying it. Standing up to pose for Juan, she asks: "What do you think? A little sculpting here, a little definition here. I could lose five more pounds, or gain five more pounds in muscle". "I think you should join me and have a great big banana split tonight", he jokes.

They hug, and Juan exclaims: "It feels so good to hold you in my arms again, mom", and gently kisses mom's forehead. That night, Juan visits her bedroom, thoughtfully bringing her a glass of water. He kisses her forehead again and wishes her good night. "Wait -come get cozy. I want to talk", she says pulling down the bedsheets to have him lie down next to her.

"I just realized we were talking all day till the sun went down, and you never told why you're not staying with your fiancee Anna". He explains that they've been having trouble lately and she thought he was cheating. "Maybe there is something wrong with me. I love her so much mom, but I'm so attracted to women that are similar...to you", Juan confesses. Mom says she was only tempted to cheat on his dad, just that one night Juan kissed her, and she's regretted it ever since. Juan takes the blame, but both are ambivalent. Should she have given in and made love to her stepson?

Lilly admits: "It was the most exhilarating night of my life". They both lean over to kiss, but stepmom pulls away at the last second, ashamed. "Maybe I should go", Juan declares, but she reaches out to him: "Stay, I want you to hold me until I fall asleep". He relents, and they relax next to each other under the covers, peacefully. He's pressed against her, in a spooning position, and she asks if he's comfortable, adding rather matter-of-factly: "Why don't you pull it out and place it between mommy's thighs?". Juan hesitates, and she assures him: "I promise I won't touch".

He takes out his dick and starts pumping it back and forth against her panties from behind. "I want to take my panties off so I can feel you", she murmurs. That's fine with Juan. Lilly purrs with pleasure as the frottage accelerates and pleads: "I want to make you come, sweetheart. I want you to come between mommy's thighs -imagine you're with Anna". After a while she declares: "I want to get on top of you", and she changes position, sliding back and forth, rubbing the length of his big cock. She smiles broadly, eager to make him cum. Suddenly Juan takes charge, declaring: "I want to fuck you", and he places mommy on her back and mounts her, still rubbing his dick back and forth against her bald pussy. "Tell me you want it", he whispers. "Fuck me, son", she commands. Juan inserts his dick -watch the taboo scene unfold...

Dropping in on Stepmom

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Bro's Big Problem

Coming 02/28/2023

Katie (Scarlett Sage) is in her blue gown getting ready to go to her school graduation ceremony, putting on lip gloss, then calling out to her stepbrother Johnny (Joshua Lewis), afraid they'll be late for the big event. With no answer she searches for the boy, finding he's hiding in the bathroom.

She finally coaxes him to open the door and let her in, Johnny reveals his secret: his cock is standing up pointing skyward in his underpants, looking like a tent pole. Katie finds his predicament a riot, her laughter only adding to his humiliation. Making matters worse, he's class valedictorian, but ashamed to appear in public in this embarrassing condition. And when he confesses that the sustained boner was caused by his having taken some of her daddy's potency pills, the situation sounds even worse.

"Can't you just tuck that thing under your belt buckle, or take care of it or something?", she suggests. After Johnny keeps complaining how he's tried and tried to fix things, she finally asks: "What if I helped you?". She starts out with some simple role-playing -pretending to be his girlfriend Ellie Peterson and showing her panties to get him off. Reluctantly, he sits on the toilet and starts stroking his cock under his gown, insisting that she not look at him, after all it isn't right -she's his stepsister!

That doesn't seem to work, so she turns to show him her rear-end, still inside the panties, and she's proud of her look, having been working out lately. Jonny shrugs -no go, Asking her to shut up for a minute, he requests that she play with herself, and Katie obliges, pulling her panties to one side, exposing her bald pussy, and then coming over to the sibling and giving him an impromptu lapdance.

Next, he unzips her dress, revealing her bra underneath, She enjoys posing a bit for him, and then returns to rubbing her ass against his stiff cock, both of them still clothed. She lowers her bra to reveal her tiny breasts, and both youngsters begin to get aroused, when she innocently suggests they go to the bedroom and lock the door, claiming: "I'm just going to give you a lapdance".

On the bed, she rubs her satin panties up and down on his bare cock, and her true feelings emerge, as she criticizes their classmate Ellie, clearly jealous. Then her voice becomes sultry, as she strips completely and begins stroking his cock, using her panties placed around it to increase the sensation. "Good idea. I don't know how you think of such things", Johnny says, enjoying the feeling. "I'm not a valedictorian, but I know a thing or two", she remarks. She agrees to spit on his cock, but draws the line when he timidly requests a blow job.

Just then they're interrupted by a knock on the door -it's his mom, wondering why it's locked. "We're just practicing his speech", Katie lamely cries out. They promise to be downstairs in 15 to 30 minutes, and mom's all right with that, but a sense of urgency has been introduced. "I'm going to have to suck your problem off", Katie tells him. "You're the best sister ever", Johnny remarks. Watch the taboo scene escalate to its logical conclusion...

Bro's Big Problem

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