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A Missa Xmas pt. 2
Aiden Ashley, Madi Collins
58 min of video
Under the Veil - Act Two
Aiden Ashley, Anny Aurora
73 min of video
Under the Veil - Act One
Aiden Ashley, Ashley Lane
73 min of video
Blue Moon Rising pt. 3
Aiden Ashley, Brooklyn Gray
51 min of video
Blue Moon Rising pt. 2
Aiden Ashley, Brad Newman
68 min of video
Blue Moon Rising pt. 1
Aiden Ashley, Brooklyn Gray
37 min of video
He'll Never Know
Aiden Ashley, Judy Jolie
60 min of video
Excuse Me, Sir. I Love You.
Aiden Ashley, Tommy Pistol
67 min of video
A Killer On The Loose pt. 4
Aiden Ashley, Dante Colle
35 min of video
A Killer On The Loose pt. 3
Aiden Ashley, Dante Colle
44 min of video
A Killer On The Loose pt. 2
Aiden Ashley, Kenzie Taylor
45 min of video
A Killer On The Loose pt. 1
Aiden Ashley, Codey Steele
41 min of video
Please give us more Aiden Ashley! If you can find it in your heart to cast her as a young stepmother in a future release, you won’t hear any complaints from this fan.
(After the Concert) A stepson invites his stepmother to see her favorite band in concert, and afterwards she thanks him in a way he never expected. He had bought tickets to surprise his girlfriend on their one year anniversary, but the day before the concert he had broken up with her after he walked in on her with his best friend. As he walked into the house later that evening his stepmother could sense something was the matter with her stepson, and asked him to sit with her and tell her everything. After hearing his story the stepmother can’t help but feel sorry for her boy, and she pulls him in for a loving embrace in her arms. “Why can’t I find a woman like you Mom.” he says to her while staring deeply into her eyes. They exchange a brief yet passionate kiss before heading off to bed for the night. The next morning they were both having breakfast together in the kitchen, when the stepmother asks her stepson “So who are you going to take to the concert tonight baby?” “I think I’m just going to sell the tickets to a friend of mine and just stay in tonight Mom.” he tells her in a dejected tone. “You know they’re my favorite band right? I’d love to go with you honey, that is if you can stand to be seen in public with your stepmother.” she says to him in a flirty tone as she hugs him from behind and kisses him on the neck. The venue was several hours away so they had to get on the road before lunch to make it on time. The stepmother entered the garage wearing a tight pair of cut off jean shorts and a tight fitting tee of the band they were getting ready to see, when she asks her stepson “Do you like Mommy’s outfit baby?” Speechless from the beautiful creature standing in front of him, he took several moments to regain his composure before telling her she looked amazing. His friends had always made remarks about how hot his young, single stepmother was, but it wasn’t until that moment that he finally saw his stepmother as more than just his stepmother. She was a woman with sexual desires that were being unfulfilled since she left his father, and as the day progressed he started to feel like she was attempting to seduce him with her flirtatious remarks and sultry stares. They had great seats at the concert, and the two of them proceeded to have a wonderful evening dancing and laughing together. He had never seen that side of his stepmother before that evening, and things go from playful flirtation to something more on the car ride home. She starts by caressing her stepson’s thigh slowly at first, progressively speeding up when she notices his cock getting harder. After several moments it begins to become too much for her stepson to handle, and he gently grabs her by the wrist to stop her before he cums in his pants. “What’s the matter sweetie do you not like how Mommy jerks your cock?” she says in a sweet yet seductive tone to her stepson. His mind was a blank after what just transpired between him and his stepmother, and as he stumbles for his words his stepmother starts giving him road head. Either by sheer luck or an act of fate, the stepson quickly swerves off the road into the parking lot of a Motel 6. As he slows the car to a stop he bathes his mother’s face with his semen. She rolled over and stared up at her stepson with her head in his lap as she licked the cum from the corners of her lips. Pulling his pants back on over his still hardened cock was no easy task, but afterwards he exited the vehicle without a word and briskly walked to the front office of the motel. After several minutes inside he returns to the car and makes his way to his stepmother’s side of the vehicle. Again without saying a word, he picks her up into his arms and proceeds to carry her into the motel room that he had just bought for the evening. He gently places her onto the king size bed, then turns to place the Do Not Disturb on the doorknob before locking the deadbolt. The remainder of the evening was filled with her shrieks of ecstasy as her stepson takes her for his own.
Valentine’s Day with Mom His father had unexpectedly been pulled away on business the day before Valentine’s Day, so his son goes out of his way to make sure his stepmother has the most memorable Valentine’s Day of her life. Little did he know the plans his son had already been scheming in secret in the event a situation like this one were ever to occur, and he grinned as he told his Dad she’d be well taken care of while he was away. The stepson had made many friends during his years in college, so he called in a favor from a friend who worked at an expensive spa in town he remembered her talking about weeks before. He was able to book his stepmother a day at the spa in exchange for some concert tickets he had bought earlier in the year. He had been looking forward to the concert all year, but decided to instead treat his beautiful stepmother to a day of pampering to show her how much he loved her. He surprised her the next morning with breakfast in bed, and as he left to go clean up in the kitchen he turned to her and said “I’ve got something special planned for you this morning Mom, so eat up and be ready to leave by nine.” His assertive tone reminded her of her husband, and she ate her breakfast wondering what her stepson had up his sleeve. As he pulled into the spa it dawned on her where he was taking her, and she couldn’t fathom how he was able to arrange such a luxurious day for her on such short notice. He exited the car and went to open the door for his stepmother, and as they embraced he pulled her in for a kiss. “Enjoy your spa day Mom. I’ll be running a few errands in town before dinner tonight, so text me when you’re ready for me to pick you up.” Her stepson had certainly spared no expense on the lavished treatment she received that morning, or so she thought, and she couldn’t help but wonder what else he might have planned for her for the rest of the day. She texted him afterwards, and as they drove back to their house she rested her hand on her stepson’s thigh. “That was so sweet of you to treat Mommy to a spa day baby.” she said to him as she gently caressed his leg, feeling the beginnings of an erection stirring in his pants. He opened her car door as they arrived back home, and as they made their way to the front door she pulled him in for another kiss. They held each other for a brief moment outside the house, and she felt her stepson’s cock pressing into her belly as he kissed her neck. He opened the door for her and she entered the house to find a bouquet of dozens of roses and a card awaiting her. She opened the card to find her stepson’s handwritten note; “To the most beautiful Mother in the world. ❤️Happy Valentine’s Day Mom.” She couldn’t believe how thoughtful her stepson had been in planning out the events of her entire day, and she left him after being instructed to go upstairs to her room for her next surprise. As he watched her ascend the stairs to her bedroom he felt his cock pressing firmly against the zipper of his pants, and he wondered what his stepmother’s reaction would be as she saw her next surprise waiting for her on her bed. She walked into her bedroom to find rose petals strewn across the floor forming a path to her bed, and a sexy black nightgown draped over the edge of the bed with another note. “Put me on and come downstairs to my room.” was all that the note read, and she couldn’t resist how naughty she felt knowing her stepson had bought the nightgown for her. He had taken the liberty of rummaging through her closet to make sure he got her size correct, and she had never felt more wanted as she stared at herself in the mirror wearing the naughty gift from her stepson. She went to his room but at first glance it appeared empty, until she is startled by his bedroom door shutting and locking behind her. He had been standing behind the door as she entered, and he stood before her naked with an erection that was much larger than his father’s. “You look so sexy in that nightgown Mom, but I hope you didn’t think that was the final surprise.” he says to her while stroking his cock in front of her. After the events of the day she falls to her knees and takes her stepson into her warm mouth, and continues to suck him off until he cums deep down her throat. They spent the rest of that weekend exploring each other’s bodies and fucking all over the house until the husband arrives back in town. The stepmother could be blowing her stepson in the kitchen as her husband walked into the house, and the two narrowly avoid being caught in the act…
College Tours In an attempt to get closer with their stepchildren two newlyweds decide to take each other’s child on some weekend college tours. At least two parts depicting the taboo encounter that each stepparent has with their stepchild. Stepdad takes his intelligent yet seductively sexy bookworm stepdaughter to tour her dream school, and things get heated after they get turned around on a tour of the university library. Would love it if the two end up in the library stacks alone, sneaking into the basement archives and fucking each other passionately until they almost get caught by the head librarian. Stepdaughter gives a sloppy blowjob/titfuck on her knees as her stepfather pressed her against the bookshelves. They could find a secluded study room in the archives and fuck against/on the table, straddle each other while fucking on a chair before breaking it and falling to the floor. In their excited state they continue to fuck while on the floor, before the stepfather loses all control and bathes his stepdaughter in his hot cum. Stepmother travels with her stepson to visit a D1 school that is offering him a full ride playing soccer, and the two end up getting stuck in the elevator of their hotel after a mechanical failure. The two could exchange flirty banter throughout the day touring campus, and a slight touch from his stepmother on the ride home emboldens her stepson to passionately kiss her in the car before departing for their room. He squeezes his stepmother’s ass as they walk across the hotel lobby, and she was wrapped around her stepson in an erotic embrace as soon as the elevator door closed. The elevator jerked to a halt a few moments later, bringing the two back to their senses momentarily. They were informed shortly after by the hotel staff on the emergency phone that a mechanic had been called and would be there within the hour, but neither of them cared the least how long it took to free them from their situation. A lusty romantic encounter takes place between the two as they wait for help, with the stepson cumming in his stepmother’s mouth as they begin to pry the elevator doors open.
(Swiping Right on Stepson) After discovering that her husband was having an affair with their babysitter, a stepmother devises a plan to seduce her stepson over Tinder. She had followed her husband after he offered to drive their youngest son’s babysitter home after dinner one evening, and was shocked to see him pull into a roadside motel with the young girl and spend several hours there with her before returning home. He had lied to her after returning home later on saying that he had been called into the office on an emergency call, but she had already made up her mind on how she would get back at her cheating husband. Not only had he cheated on her with a younger woman, he had fucked his eldest son’s girlfriend without even realizing it. She didn’t have the heart to admit the truth to her stepson after realizing the two had broken up shortly after her husband’s act of infidelity, but she had the feeling her plan would most definitely turn her stepson’s frown upside down. Her stepson had always been obsessed with her best friend/college roommate that was always around the house while he was growing up, so the stepmother created a Tinder profile with the help of her friend that she was certain would attract her sad and lonely stepson’s attention. Her friend posed for some sexy selfies that she uploaded to her profile, and she wasted no time in finding her stepson’s Tinder profile and swiping right. Later that afternoon she received the match notification from her stepson, and she immediately DM’d him an address to meet her at later that night for the sexual rendezvous she had so carefully planned for him. She had chosen the same motel room where her husband had fucked the babysitter, and she waited in the darkened room for her stepson to arrive. In their college years the stepmother and her friend were often mistaken for sisters, and she hoped that she would be able to deceive her stepson into thinking he was with her friend until she was ready to surprise him. After some initial foreplay on the bed she reached out and turned on the bedside lamp as her stepson thrusted down into her from behind, startling him when she said “Oh fuck baby that’s it. Please baby, pull Mommy’s hair while you fuck her!” For the briefest of moments he was frozen in disbelief at what he had done, but he was soon blinded by lustful passion as he watched his stepmother play with herself on the bed, begging for her stepson’s cock. He lasted as long as he could while his stepmother screamed for him to fuck her over and over again, but he eventually came in her mouth as she stared up at him from the floor on her knees. As they laid in each other’s arms after the encounter, the stepson confessed to his stepmother the reason why he was always obsessed with her friend. She had always reminded him of his sexy stepmother who he thought would always be off limits, but after that night they continued on with their forbidden affair behind his father’s back.
(It’s All In the Hips)I’ve been thinking of an idea for a future Missax series that would take place at a country club with some forbidden encounters between family members, and think a scene along these lines would be smoking hot to kick things off. I’m an avid golfer and would love to see a scene where a stepson gives a golf lesson to his stepmother that turns into a passionate encounter in the country club locker room. The stepson could be a young assistant golf professional at the local country club in need of teaching hours to complete his degree, and his stepmother had expressed interest in learning the game to be able to spend more time with his father. She really didn’t have any plans of playing golf with her husband, she just used it as an excuse to be alone with her stepson that she had crushed on for months. After several introductory lessons of teaching her the basics of the golf swing he decided to take her out on the course late one Monday evening before sunset to test all the skills she had learned (some country clubs are closed on Mondays and less crowded for golf). On their first hole he helped her get set-up to the ball by standing behind her and lightly holding her by the hips as he maneuvered her body into the correct address position, and he was intoxicated by the smell of her perfume and the tightness of his stepmother’s body as he pressed up against her. He helped her get started like this on each and every shot until it became too much to handle, his steadily hardening erection beginning to press into her gorgeous ass as she wiggled her hips while getting ready to swing. As they drove their golf cart back to the clubhouse the stepmother gave her stepson a quick peck on the cheek before innocently placing her hand on his thigh, which was when she noticed the giant bulge in her stepson’s pants. She quickly pulled her hand off of his leg after realizing what she had touched, but she began to daydream about what it must feel like to be fucked by such an enormous cock. After getting back to the clubhouse the stepmother excused herself to the Ladies locker room to grab a hot shower while the stepson headed back to the Pro Shop to lock up and get ready to head home. She texted him shortly after telling him the locker room was out of clean towels and asking if he could bring one to her, unable to resist wondering how beautiful his stepmother must look naked as he made his way to her. He couldn’t believe his eyes when he walked into the locker room bathroom, catching a glimpse of his naked stepmother as she stepped into the shower. He placed the towel on the shower door and turned to leave but was frozen in his tracks as he heard his stepmother ask “Baby, would you mind washing Mommy’s back for me?” “I really don’t think Dad would be very happy if he knew we showered together Mom” he said to her as his cock immediately began to harden, and she looked at him from over her shoulder and seductively whispered “It’ll be our little secret sweetie.” She made the first move and quickly grabbed for her stepson’s belt, pulling him in closer to her as she quickly pulled down his pants and dropped to her knees to begin stroking and sucking his rock hard cock. It all happened so fast that the stepson wouldn’t have been able to stop her even if he wanted to, and he groaned with pleasure as she deepthroated his cock. He picked her up off the shower floor and placed her on the bench seat of the shower, proceeding to finger and lick her pussy until she was begging him to bury his cock inside of her. A passionate scene unfolded, and as he had her pressed against the shower wall thrusting into her from behind she screamed for more and pleaded for her stepson to cum in her mouth. Blinded by lust he quickly pulled out and his stepmother dropped to her knees to eagerly choke down his cock, with him shooting a hot load of cum into her mouth while she moaned and sucked him dry. Scene could end with his stepsister entering into the locker room to the ecstatic screams of her mother, watching as her stepbrother filled her mother’s mouth with his hot load….