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Spare The Rod
Joanna Angel, Sarah Vandella
34 min of video
Neon Moonlight pt. 2
Alex Jett, Alexis Fawx
49 min of video
Neon Moonlight pt. 1
Alex Jett, Alexis Fawx
42 min of video
Would it be possible to see this luscious woman return to Missax in a future release? I would love to see Sarah as the alluring stepmother in any upcoming scenes, because she has delivered such believable performances as the seductive stepmother in some of her other releases from the past.
(Valentine’s Day with Mom) His father had unexpectedly been pulled away on business the day before Valentine’s Day, so his son goes out of his way to make sure his stepmother has the most memorable Valentine’s Day of her life. Little did he know the plans his son had already been scheming in secret in the event a situation like this one were ever to occur, and he grinned as he told his Dad she’d be well taken care of while he was away. The stepson had made many friends during his years in college, so he called in a favor from a friend who worked at an expensive spa in town he remembered her talking about weeks before. He was able to book his stepmother a day at the spa in exchange for some concert tickets he had bought earlier in the year. He had been looking forward to the concert all year, but decided to instead treat his beautiful stepmother to a day of pampering to show her how much he loved her. He surprised her the next morning with breakfast in bed, and as he left to go clean up in the kitchen he turned to her and said “I’ve got something special planned for you this morning Mom, so eat up and be ready to leave by nine.” His assertive tone reminded her of her husband, and she ate her breakfast wondering what her stepson had up his sleeve. As he pulled into the spa it dawned on her where he was taking her, and she couldn’t fathom how he was able to arrange such a luxurious day for her on such short notice. He exited the car and went to open the door for his stepmother, and as they embraced he pulled her in for a kiss. “Enjoy your spa day Mom. I’ll be running a few errands in town before dinner tonight, so text me when you’re ready for me to pick you up.” Her stepson had certainly spared no expense on the lavished treatment she received that morning, or so she thought, and she couldn’t help but wonder what else he might have planned for her for the rest of the day. She texted him afterwards, and as they drove back to their house she rested her hand on her stepson’s thigh. “That was so sweet of you to treat Mommy to a spa day baby.” she said to him as she gently caressed his leg, feeling the beginnings of an erection stirring in his pants. He opened her car door as they arrived back home, and as they made their way to the front door she pulled him in for another kiss. They held each other for a brief moment outside the house, and she felt her stepson’s cock pressing into her belly as he kissed her neck. He opened the door for her and she entered the house to find a bouquet of dozens of roses and a card awaiting her. She opened the card to find her stepson’s handwritten note; “To the most beautiful Mother in the world. ❤️Happy Valentine’s Day Mom.” She couldn’t believe how thoughtful her stepson had been in planning out the events of her entire day, and she left him after being instructed to go upstairs to her room for her next surprise. As he watched her ascend the stairs to her bedroom he felt his cock pressing firmly against the zipper of his pants, and he wondered what his stepmother’s reaction would be as she saw her next surprise waiting for her on her bed. She walked into her bedroom to find rose petals strewn across the floor forming a path to her bed, and a sexy black nightgown draped over the edge of the bed with another note. “Put me on and come downstairs to my room.” was all that the note read, and she couldn’t resist how naughty she felt knowing her stepson had bought the nightgown for her. He had taken the liberty of rummaging through her closet to make sure he got her size correct, and she had never felt more wanted as she stared at herself in the mirror wearing the naughty gift from her stepson. She went to his room but at first glance it appeared empty, until she is startled by his bedroom door shutting and locking behind her. He had been standing behind the door as she entered, and he stood before her naked with an erection that was much larger than his father’s. “You look so sexy in that nightgown Mom, but I hope you didn’t think that was the final surprise.” he says to her while stroking his cock in front of her. After the events of the day a he falls to her knees and takes her stepson into her warm mouth, and continues to suck him off until he cums deep down her throat. They spent the rest of that weekend exploring each other’s bodies and fucking all over the house until the husband arrives back in town. The stepmother could be blowing her stepson in the kitchen as her husband walked into the house, and the two narrowly avoid being caught in the act…
Why has all Sarah’s scenes been removed? Same with Blair Williams... these two stunning ladies were the main reason I joined this site? Will those scenes ever make their way back to the site?