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Models / Alexis Fawx

Avg Rating: 4.7

Alexis Fawx Vital Stats:

Alexis Fawx is a petite 5'4 leggy beauty from a small town in Pennsylvania. She's not just one of the most popular MILF actors of all time, she's also a fierce entrepreneur with her own coffee line, and podcast called, "High as Fawx." She's always been a big porn fan and idolized stars like Ginger Lynn and Amber Lynn. She joined the AirForce where her sexuality blossomed, she dated a woman for the very first time at twenty years old. She attended and graduated University, and went on to work as a senior patent and trademark paralegal. She didn't love the work and went to Craigslist to see other job opportunities where she saw an advertisement for extras on a porn shoot. The producers flew her to Los Angeles where she eventually shot her very first blow job scene, and her first hardcore sex scene the following day. She entered the adult industry at 35 years old and in a very short time became one of the most requested actors on MissaX.com and AllHerLuv.com.
Alexis Fawx Updates

Forbidden Desires pt. 2
Alexis Fawx, London River
27 min of video
Forbidden Desires pt. 1
Alexis Fawx, Brad Newman
55 min of video
Neon Moonlight pt. 2
Alex Jett, Alexis Fawx
49 min of video
Neon Moonlight pt. 1
Alex Jett, Alexis Fawx
42 min of video
The Freebie
Alexis Fawx, Tyler Nixon
22 min of video
Let Them Talk ep. 3
Alexis Fawx, Cherie DeVille
29 min of video
Let Them Talk ep. 2
Alexis Fawx, Cherie DeVille
49 min of video
Let Them Talk ep. 1
Alexis Fawx, Cherie DeVille
31 min of video
Young Dumb and Full of Cum III
Alexis Fawx, Cherie DeVille
28 min of video
I Have a Confession
Alexis Fawx, Tyler Nixon
47 min of video
Movie Night with Stepmom
Alexis Fawx, Tyler Nixon
18 min of video
Inside The Lines
Alexis Fawx, Tyler Nixon
23 min of video
I can't believe what depth Alexis has in her acting. Seeing her previously did not prepare me for all she brings to these videos. How wonderful to find. A real gem. She and Tyler seem to bring out the best in each other.
Please please please get Tyler and Alexis to do a follow up to Inside The Lines, maybe where they break the rules whilst Dad is in the other room!? Like the Movie Night but a little more breaking (the rules) that would be great! Awesome videos though! Would love to see Nicole Aniston featuring in some!
The getaway V?
Tyler is peeking on his Mom, Alexis, sunbathing oat the pool. Her tanned body is too much for Tyler to handle, so when she turns over on her stomach, Tyler proceeds to jack off from the balcony above and drops a load on his Mom's back as she is sleeping on the lounge chair. When she awakens and stands up, Tyler's cum drips down from her back all the way to the crack in her ass. While taking a shower, she feels the cum on her back and has no idea what it is or who it possibly could belong to, but she recognizes the taste of cum and gets turned on just thinking where it could have come from. She proceeds to rub it all over her body and orgasms as she rubs the cum over her swelled clit. it happens again the next day, but she thought she was alone so she took her bottoms off. This time Tyler's orgasm lands at the crack of her ass and when she gets up from her snooze, the cum drips down between her legs. She is bewildered where this is coming from, but she is totally turned on by the experience and while masturbating at night under the covers, Tyler sneaks into his Mom's room and jacks off all over her ass. She suddenly wakes up and realizes it has been her son, Tyler, all along. As Tyler watches his Mom rub his cum all over her ass and pussy, Tyler and Mom succumbs to this erotic scene, but Tyler has a bigger surprise for Mom and while on her stomach, he forces Mom into anal sex with him. It didn't take too much force for Mom to give in to a wild sex session between Mom and Son with Tyler finally cumming all over his Mom's face
Saw the previews for Neon Moonlight on Twitter and had to get a subscription. A son getting a lapdance from his exotic dancer mother has always been a favorite fantasy scenario. And Alexis is so damn sexy.
where is truth or dare? more like this movie please
"close your eyes"?