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Models / Ivy Wolfe

Avg Rating: 4.8

Ivy Wolfe Vital Stats:

It's very rare that an actor as talented as Ivy comes into the adult industry, her talent rivals those on the silver screen, but yet Wolfe generously gifts audiences her talent along with her passion and talent for lovemaking. Ivy Wolfe's eyes draw you in the moment you see them through your screen. Wolfe has a slender body with a bubble butt and her sex performances have been known to be some of the all-time most passionate scenes on MissaX.com. Ivy has been quoted many times about her incredible performances, she says, "When I perform, when I’m in front of the camera, it’s the deepest part of me that finally gets to come out. I’m no longer “too intense” I’m celebrated for it, for my animalistic sexuality. Me and the camera are best friends." Ivy Wolfe is a singer and songwriter, a free spirit, and a self-described "hippie." She loves animals, the beach, and is proud to be a sex worker, "I'm not ashamed, not one bit. I don't want other women to be. A lot of times it's very hush-hush, 'Don't tell the family,' don't tell people what you do. I get that, that's how society works. I'm hell-bent on breaking that."

AVN 2019 Nominee - Best Actress (Featurette) - "Sugar"
AVN 2019 Nominee - Best B/G Sex Scene - "Deja Vu"
XBIZ 2019 Nominee - Best B/G Sex - Couples-theme - "The Wolfe Next Door"
AVN 2020 WINNER - Best Actress (Featurette) - "If It Feels Right"
AVN 2020 Nominee - Best B/G Sex Scene - "If It Feels Right"
XBIZ 2020 Nominee - Best Actress - Erotic-theme - "If It Feels Right"
XBIZ 2020 Nominee - Best G/G Sex Scene - "Honeymoon"
XBIZ 2020 WINNER - Best Sex - Taboo-Theme - "The Rules"
XBIZ 2020 Nominee - Best B/G - Erotic-theme - "The Rules"
XBIZ 2020 WINNER - Best Actress - Comedy - "The Rules"

Ivy Wolfe Updates

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Prove It To Me
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If It Feels Right pt.1
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Give Me Shelter
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Unbelievable actress. In Love with Ivy!
Nick Taylor
Please , more Ivy
A beautiful woman, amazing sexual skills, and great acting chops. She's one of the best performers in years.
Ivy, you'll probably never read this comment. I will leave it nonetheless. I am continually drawn to your work because you are an artist, a true actress. Yes, you are beautiful, sexy, and captivating, but what sets you apart is I believe you.
Just watched "The Rules". Great performances from both Tyler Nixon and Bridgette B. These two are truly special with their mother/son scenes. Love'em, and Ivy Wolfe, WOW, what can a person say. She really is virtually impossible to put into words. One of the greatest actresses you have on this site (and you have many who are very talented). She is such a captivating combination of charm, intelligence, wit, great comedic timing, and a sultry persona that is scorching hot to witness. Many actresses that are normally favorites of mine, became favorites because of their beautiful voluptuous bodies(really a breast and ass man usually)and Ivy may not be what most would consider voluptuous, but she has that quality that comes along once in a generation that surpasses other beauty queens and raises her to the level of goddess. Please give us more of this beauty in the future, I can't wait to see her again.
I never thought I'd find myself so attracted to a flat chested woman, but those nipples could poke an eye out! And her eyes, her lips, her whole body are so seductive! Not to mention her whole demeanor and acting ability! Absolutely irresistible!