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The Devil at My Door
Dante Colle, Silvia Saige
47 min of video
I can’t wait for Silvia’s appearances. She is such a turn on. I looked for her when I initially signed up. Very disappointing but now.....YES!!!! Can’t wait to see her.
Look forward to seeing more of Silvia, absolutely beautiful.
She has a real 80's mom vibe and that's hot. 😍
I can’t get over how sexy Silvia is as the seductive stepmother in “The Devil at My Door.” I think a family RV trip could be a uniquely taboo scene to explore with Silvia as stepmother, and I hope you like this suggestion. (Road Trip) A family embarks upon a RV cross-country summer vacation. Father and son split the driving duties throughout the trip, but stepmother mistakenly sleeps with her stepson one fateful night. The stepmother always liked to watch her shows before bed, but on this particular night she dozes off during her favorite program. She wakes suddenly to the sound of the RV hitting the rumble strips on the side of the highway, and decides to go to sleep for the evening. She crawls into bed naked, as she always did, and begins to stroke what she thinks is her husbands cock. “Someone seems happy to see me” she says as she slips under the covers to begin sucking her husbands cock. As she feels his dick start to swell she stops sucking and places his cock between her tits, knowing exactly what her husband desires most. The covers lift up and it’s only then that she realizes she’s with her stepson just as he busts his load all over her gorgeous breasts. Guilty for the sinful delights she just gave to her stepson, she tries to quietly exit the bedroom before things go any further. Her stepson grabs her by the wrist before she can exit the bedroom and quickly pulls her in before locking the door behind him. “You’re not going anywhere Mom” he whispers to her while he slips his cock against her wet pussy. That night he takes his stepmother in ways he hadn’t known existed until then, and a sordid love affair between stepmother and stepson evolves over the remainder of the trip.
Anything with Silvia is an instant win.
[Sexy Secretary Stepmom] A stepmother losses her job of 15 years due to corporate downsizing, but as it turned out her stepson had been looking for a new secretary for months. When he heard of his stepmom’s work situation he encouraged her to stop by his office to interview for the position, even though he already planned on hiring her as a way of helping her out in tough times. She had been divorced from his father for over a year and they continued to stay close with each other, but neither one of them could have predicted just how close they would become after they started working together. Her stepson would never forget the memory of watching her enter his office on her first day working for him. She was wearing a tight fitting black skirt that accentuated her curvy hips, and he found himself staring at her ass as it jiggled back and forth while she strutted around the office in her high heels. After a few weeks the stepson became accustomed to his stepmom’s sexy work attire, but he was soon consumed by his lustful thoughts for her and wanted so desperately to act on them. In a true act of depravity he began taking short video recordings of her with his phone when she wasn’t looking, and he would sometimes lock himself in his office and feverishly masturbate to his growing collection of videos of his gorgeous secretary. One day in his haste to bust a nut he forgot to lock his office door, and his stepmother came in and caught him in the act of pleasuring himself. She picked up his phone that he had been holding when she entered and immediately recognized the person in the video he had been watching. It was a recording of her from earlier that morning when she had been filing some paperwork in her stepson’s office, and she began to wonder what other sorts of videos and pictures he could have been hiding on his phone. Rather than get upset at her stepson for his lewd behavior she decided to show just how much she appreciated everything he had done for her by giving her the secretary position. She got down on her knees next to where her stepson was sitting with his head hunched over in his hands and said “I’m so sorry baby. I had no idea I was having such an affect on you. Please let Mommy take care of you sweetie just like you’ve been taking such good care of me lately.” She slowly unzipped his pants and pulled down his boxer briefs to reveal his massive erection, and without another word spoken she began sucking her stepson’s cock. Since she had walked in and surprised him right before he had cum earlier, it only took a few minutes of her slobbering on his dick before he was filling her mouth with his warm cum. His stepmother swallowed his load and rose from the floor, clearing off her stepson’s desk before pushing him backwards and mounting him atop his desk. She began moaning and writhing as she bounced on his cock, screaming for more as she came on his cock. He bent her over his desk and fucked her doggy until the desk almost gave out, at which point they fell to the ground and continued their passionate lovemaking. With his stepmother’s legs wrapped around his neck he thrust into her from above until he was ready to cum, pulling out just in time to finish between his stepmother’s perfect breasts. Scene could end with them both panting on the ground as they hear the night cleaning crew coming into the office….
[Spring Break Rendezvous]A group of friends head to Daytona Beach for their final Spring Break as college students, and one of the friends has an unforgettable encounter with a familiar face from his past. They woke early on their first day to head down to the beach with coolers and chairs, wanting to get a prime spot on the beach before it got packed with fellow spring breakers. Later that day they were lounging in the sun after a swim, when they were approached by two beautiful cougars in thong bikinis. They were walking back up to their friends beach house after taking a stroll along the beach, and after some flirtatious small talk decided to invite the young men over to hang out by the pool. After they entered the luxurious beach house the cougars quickly take two of the boys to their bedrooms, leaving one friend to wander the house until he stumbled upon the pool in the backyard. Stretched out naked on a lounge chair was the sexiest woman he had ever seen, and he was unconsciously drawn towards her until he was standing overtop of her. “If you’re going to stand in my sunlight the least you can do is rub some more lotion on my backside.” she said as she held up the lotion without evening looking up at him. He quickly grabbed the bottle from her and without hesitation straddled her as he rubbed the lotion into her shoulders and lower back with a sensuously soft touch. His massive erection pressed firmly against her ass as she began to push back into him, and when she couldn’t take it any longer she flipped over onto her back and pulled his cock out from his swim trunks. She was momentarily blinded by the sun as she stared up at the young man, and the two exchanged looks of shock and disbelief as they recognized each other and the young man uttered aloud “MOM?” His naked stepmother quickly covered herself in a towel and leapt out of her chair, running inside to flee the taboo experience she just had with her stepson. He stood by the pool frozen in place, not believing how close he had just come to having his stepmother suck his cock. As he replayed the scene in his head his erection became even more pronounced, and without realizing how he got there he found himself standing naked in her bedroom doorway. When she noticed her naked stepson in the doorway she gasped at the sheer size of his fully engorged cock, becoming instantly aroused at how naughty she felt as she bit her lower lip and let her towel drop to the floor. He locked her bedroom door behind him and proceeded to fulfill his most forbidden desires with his stepmother, with her screams of ecstatic pleasure reverberating throughout the beach house to be heard by the stepson’s friends.
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