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The Photoshoot Incident
Chad Alva, Sarah Taylor
53 min of video
My Sons Relentless Boner
Ricky Spanish, Sarah Taylor
45 min of video
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Fantastic debut from Sarah IMO and would love to see her as a sexy librarian stepmom. (Cramming for Finals)A stepmother notices how much stress her stepson is under during finals week, and decides to give him a study break that he’ll never forget. His father had remarried while he was away at college, and to his son’s surprise it had been to his high school librarian that he had obsessed over as a younger man. She had always worn such tight clothing that showed off her stunning figure, and by the time he graduated he had amassed quite a portfolio of pictures caught in secret of his soon to be stepmother. Fast forward to a few years later when the stepson moved back in with his parents for his final semester after a nasty break-up. His father was constantly traveling for work, which left plenty of time for his new wife and son to become close in his absence. As hard as he tried to resist the urge, the stepson soon began fantasizing about all of the things he would do to his stepmother if ever given the chance. He had foolishly left his laptop open one morning during finals week, and when his stepmother came in to grab his dirty laundry she noticed a familiar face as his desktop background. It was a picture of her in the library, on her knees reaching for a book that had fallen under one of the bookshelves. Her ample bosom was clearly visible from the angle the picture had been captured from, and she decided to see what other secrets her stepson had hidden on his laptop. She found hundreds of pictures and several dozen videos that he had recorded in secret, and it was then she understood why he had been such a regular in her library through his high school years. Later that night she lay in her bed wondering what sorts of fantasies her stepson had imagined about her, and she began to moan with delight as she pleasured herself to the thought of her stepson ravaging her. She found herself distracted by the overwhelming desire to seduce her stepson the next day, and by the end of the week she could resist no longer. She made a point to wear one of her sluttiest work outfits to tease her stepson, and made her way to his bedroom while he was cramming late before his last final. She rubbed his shoulders to help ease some of the tension that he was feeling with finals, and after noticing the bulge growing in his pants she whispered in his ear “I think it’s time you take a break baby. Let Mommy help you relax.” She grabbed hold of his cock through his pants and started to gently stroke it in her hand, eventually finding herself on her knees with her stepson’s hard cock touching the back of her throat. He pulled out of his stepmother’s warm mouth to begin tittyfucking her until shooting hot cum all over her face and glasses. She was surprised at how quickly she had made him cum, and even more surprised that his cock was still rock hard. She took control over her stepson for the remainder of that night, and drained him of every ounce of cum that he had held for her for so many years. His dream of finally making love to the sexy librarian had come true, and the two began a forbidden affair behind his father’s back.
[Sexy Secretary Stepmom] A stepmother losses her job of 15 years due to corporate downsizing, but as it turned out her stepson had been looking for a new secretary for months. When he heard of his stepmom’s work situation he encouraged her to stop by his office to interview for the position, even though he already planned on hiring her as a way of helping her out in tough times. She had been divorced from his father for over a year and they continued to stay close with each other, but neither one of them could have predicted just how close they would become after they started working together. Her stepson would never forget the memory of watching her enter his office on her first day working for him. She was wearing a tight fitting black skirt that accentuated her curvy hips, and he found himself staring at her ass as it jiggled back and forth while she strutted around the office in her high heels. After a few weeks the stepson became accustomed to his stepmom’s sexy work attire, but he was soon consumed by his lustful thoughts for her and wanted so desperately to act on them. In a true act of depravity he began taking short video recordings of her with his phone when she wasn’t looking, and he would sometimes lock himself in his office and feverishly masturbate to his growing collection of videos of his gorgeous secretary. One day in his haste to bust a nut he forgot to lock his office door, and his stepmother came in and caught him in the act of pleasuring himself. She picked up his phone that he had been holding when she entered and immediately recognized the person in the video he had been watching. It was a recording of her from earlier that morning when she had been filing some paperwork in her stepson’s office, and she began to wonder what other sorts of videos and pictures he could have been hiding on his phone. Rather than get upset at her stepson for his lewd behavior she decided to show just how much she appreciated everything he had done for her by giving her the secretary position. She got down on her knees next to where her stepson was sitting with his head hunched over in his hands and said “I’m so sorry baby. I had no idea I was having such an affect on you. Please let Mommy take care of you sweetie just like you’ve been taking such good care of me lately.” She slowly unzipped his pants and pulled down his boxer briefs to reveal his massive erection, and without another word spoken she began sucking her stepson’s cock. Since she had walked in and surprised him right before he had cum earlier, it only took a few minutes of her slobbering on his dick before he was filling her mouth with his warm cum. His stepmother swallowed his load and rose from the floor, clearing off her stepson’s desk before pushing him backwards and mounting him atop his desk. She began moaning and writhing as she bounced on his cock, screaming for more as she came on his cock. He bent her over his desk and fucked her doggy until the desk almost gave out, at which point they fell to the ground and continued their passionate lovemaking. With his stepmother’s legs wrapped around his neck he thrust into her from above until he was ready to cum, pulling out just in time to finish between his stepmother’s perfect breasts. Scene could end with them both panting on the ground as they hear the night cleaning crew coming into the office….
[Spring Break Rendezvous]A group of friends head to Daytona Beach for their final Spring Break as college students, and one of the friends has an unforgettable encounter with a familiar face from his past. They woke early on their first day to head down to the beach with coolers and chairs, wanting to get a prime spot on the beach before it got packed with fellow spring breakers. Later that day they were lounging in the sun after a swim, when they were approached by two beautiful cougars in thong bikinis. They were walking back up to their friends beach house after taking a stroll along the beach, and after some flirtatious small talk decided to invite the young men over to hang out by the pool. After they entered the luxurious beach house the cougars quickly take two of the boys to their bedrooms, leaving one friend to wander the house until he stumbled upon the pool in the backyard. Stretched out naked on a lounge chair was the sexiest woman he had ever seen, and he was unconsciously drawn towards her until he was standing overtop of her. “If you’re going to stand in my sunlight the least you can do is rub some more lotion on my backside.” she said as she held up the lotion without evening looking up at him. He quickly grabbed the bottle from her and without hesitation straddled her as he rubbed the lotion into her shoulders and lower back with a sensuously soft touch. His massive erection pressed firmly against her ass as she began to push back into him, and when she couldn’t take it any longer she flipped over onto her back and pulled his cock out from his swim trunks. She was momentarily blinded by the sun as she stared up at the young man, and the two exchanged looks of shock and disbelief as they recognized each other and the young man uttered aloud “MOM?” His naked stepmother quickly covered herself in a towel and leapt out of her chair, running inside to flee the taboo experience she just had with her stepson. He stood by the pool frozen in place, not believing how close he had just come to having his stepmother suck his cock. As he replayed the scene in his head his erection became even more pronounced, and without realizing how he got there he found himself standing naked in her bedroom doorway. When she noticed her naked stepson in the doorway she gasped at the sheer size of his fully engorged cock, becoming instantly aroused at how naughty she felt as she bit her lower lip and let her towel drop to the floor. He locked her bedroom door behind him and proceeded to fulfill his most forbidden desires with his stepmother, with her screams of ecstatic pleasure reverberating throughout the beach house to be heard by the stepson’s friends.
(Mother’s Day) While his father was away on business his son planned a surprise visit for his stepmother on Mother’s Day, and the sexually neglected housewife decided to show her appreciation for her stepson’s thoughtfulness in ways he had only dreamt of in his most forbidden sexual fantasies. The stepmother awoke on Mother’s Day to the smell of coffee and bacon wafting through the air, and she made her way downstairs in her sexy nightgown wondering how her husband had made it home early from his important business trip. She was shocked to find her stepson hard at work in the kitchen making breakfast, and he turned as he heard her entering the kitchen and said “Happy Mother’s Day Mom! I was trying to have this done before you woke up so I could surprise you with breakfast in bed.” She lit up with a smile and made her way over to her stepson that she hadn’t seen in months, embracing him with a hug and a kiss that lingered slightly longer than normal. Having his barely dressed stepmother pressed against him in a warm embrace made his penis tremble with excitement, and as she made her way to the table to sit down to have breakfast she shot him a seductive glance out of the corner of her eye. “Had she felt my half chub pressed against her” he thought to himself nervously as he sat down next to her, but she quickly changed the subject by asking him about how his first year at college had been. As he told her about his freshman year away from home she began to rub her foot against his thigh under the table, which made him hard as granite and quickly excuse himself from the table to begin cleaning up the the mess he had made making his gorgeous stepmother breakfast. Afterwards he offered to help her outside as she tended to her garden, showing off his young physique as he carried bags of mulch to the various spots she needed it placed. On several occasions he would catch her staring at him from across the yard, quickly looking away before making it too obvious that she found her stepson attractive. Afterwards he grabbed a quick shower inside before heading into town to grab lunch from his stepmother’s favorite spot, kissing her goodbye on the cheek as he deftly squeezed her ass before heading out. She ran up to her room to grab a quick shower before her stepson returned but the shower in her bedroom wouldn’t produce any hot water, so she decided to try the shower in her stepson’s bathroom instead. Her stepson arrived back home with lunch as his stepmother was soaking in his hot shower, and thinking that his stepmom must have gone upstairs to take a nap he headed to his room to jerk off to the mental image he had saved of her in her nightgown from earlier that morning. As she dried off in his bathroom she heard a slapping sound coming from the bedroom, and as she pressed her ear to the door she realized that her stepson was masturbating. She opened the bathroom door enough to peek out to see him feverishly pleasuring himself, and just as he was about to cum was when she heard him utter aloud “That’s it Mom take all of my cum.” as she covered her mouth to stifle her gasp. She was both shocked and incredibly turned on after discovering her stepson’s true feelings towards her, and decided in that moment that she would give her stepson a surprise of his own. She quietly opened his bathroom door and stepped out wearing a towel which clung tightly to her body, hugging her curvaceous hips and barely large enough to contain her ample bosom. His jaw had dropped to the floor while watching his sexy stepmother saunter over to his bedside, with her towel falling to the floor as she dropped to her knees and spread his legs apart. She firmly grasped her stepson’s cock as she stared up at him, licking and blowing his shaft as she told him “I heard you while I was in the bathroom baby. What other dirty things do you want to do to your Mother?” Without waiting for his reply she gagged down on her stepson’s cock and proceeded to give him the best blowjob of his life, with him losing all control shortly afterward and shooting his hot load into her mouth. “Oh fuck Mom that was incredible!” he told her as she stared up at him, swallowing down all of his cum before rising from the floor and pushing her stepson back onto his bed. Seconds later she was bouncing up and down on her stepson’s enormous cock, screaming aloud on several occasions as he vigorously thrust upwards into her tight pussy. As she came on his cock the stepson pulled her in for a passionate embrace, kissing her deeply before rolling her onto her back to continue pounding his stepmother with her legs resting atop his shoulders. “Don’t you dare fucking stop young man. Your cock feels so fucking good in Mommy’s pussy baby!” she shrieked as he pulled out of her momentarily to reposition her with her ass bent over the side of his bed, spanking her ass as he began to fuck his stepmother doggy. “That’s it, spank your Mother’s ass! Don’t hold back baby be rough with Mommy” she said as he spanked her again and again before grabbing her by the neck and lightly choking her as he fucked her from behind. It was at that exact moment that the father entered his house to hear the commotion coming from his son’s bedroom, walking downstairs to investigate the situation as he heard his wife’s voice echoing throughout the house. Nothing could have prepared him for what he was about to see, awestruck as he stood in the doorway and watched as his son ravaged his wife before pulling out and busting a nut all over his stepmother’s ass. The scene could end with the two kissing each other with the stepson pulling out and slapping his cock against her ass, only to notice the silhouette of his father in the doorway before he slams the door shut in anger and disgust…..
Sarah has one of the best body's in the industry.
Birthday Surprise A sex-crazed stepmother begins to take notice of her attractive young stepson over summer break, developing a forbidden desire to fuck him before he returned to college at the end of the summer. She made a point to wear sexy robes around the house that revealed her perfect breasts, and ones that barely came down to her thighs so that when she bent over he could glimpse her beautiful ass. Once she knew she had his full attention she started playing with herself while he was in the house, leaving her bedroom door ajar so that he could watch if he ever worked up the nerve. One night while she was having sex with his father she noticed him watching from the hallway, smiling at him and blowing him a kiss while he stroked his cock watching her take it from behind. “Fuck me harder baby! That’s the spot. I’ve been such a bad Mommy baby, I need you to punish me!” she said while watching her stepson ejaculate, with his father having a confused look by the dirty talk coming from his wife. They both pretended like nothing ever happened after that night, but the stepmother couldn’t get over how much bigger her stepson’s cock was compared to his father’s. She secretly recorded herself fucking her husband the night before his birthday, and her plan was to leave it for her stepson’s to find the next morning. She would make up some story that allowed her stepson to think he had the house to himself, only to hopefully walk in on him while he watched the video she had made especially for him. Her plan worked perfectly as she quietly entered her house to hear the video playing in her stepson’s room, so she changed into the white lace lingerie and robe that she had picked up just for him and made her way towards his room. When she opened his door she saw that he was watching her take it from behind again, and she startled him when he heard his bedroom door close behind him. He turned around still stroking his cock to find his sexy stepmother standing with her back to the door, motioning him over with her finger as she rubbed her clit. “I see you found Mommy’s birthday gift she made for you. Your dirty Mother has one last surprise for you to unwrap.” she said as she tied a bow in her robe’s belt and licked the juices from her fingers. They exchanged a series of passionate kisses with their hands groping all over each other, and he picked her up by the ass and carried her over to his bed before placing her gently at the end. He ate her pussy and gently nibbled at her clit as she writhed atop his bed, and after cumming on his face she hopped off the bed onto the floor and sucked him off as he sat watching her head bob back and forth. Pushing her back against the bed, he spit between her breasts and started fucking her perfect tits before throwing her back onto the bed. She straddled her stepson before slowly guiding his cock into her pussy, and he took a firm grip of her robe as he pounded her from below. “You like getting fucked by your son, don’t you Mom?” he stammered as he shot his load deep into her pussy, and she kissed him deeply before bending over on all fours to have him fuck her from behind. “I know this is wrong baby, but Mommy needs you to give her more of that big, fat cock.” she said to him as he tied her hands together with her robe. She screamed so loud at one point he thought the neighbors may have heard her, but he proceeded to spank her ass harder as she begged him for more. As he felt himself getting close to cumming again, he flipped her over onto her back and bared down on her with everything he had left in him. She gasped for air as he choked her between thrusts, pulling out and straddling her chest to blow his load into her mouth. Afterwards she saunters over naked to his dresser and retrieves her phone that she had concealed to record the entire affair. “ I thought you might like a going away present before you head back to college…” she whispered to him as she slowly stroked his cock back to hardness. “Now go hop in the shower and get cleaned up for dinner. If you’re a good boy, maybe Mommy will come tuck you in later tonight…..” she said as she casually walked out of his room.