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Sharing My Son-in-Law
Joshua Lewis, Reagan Foxx
45 min of video
Come Home pt. 2
Codey Steele, Laney Grey
92 min of video
Come Home pt. 1
Codey Steele, Jason Pierce
39 min of video
Heat Wave II
Reagan Foxx, Robby Echo
47 min of video
Mommy's Free Pass ep. 2
Madi Meadows, Nathan Bronson
49 min of video
Mommy's Free Pass ep. 1
Chad White, Reagan Foxx
52 min of video
A Mother's Test pt.3
Codey Steele, Reagan Foxx
36 min of video
A Mother's Test pt.2
Codey Steele, Reagan Foxx
32 min of video
A Mother's Test pt.1
Codey Steele, Reagan Foxx
41 min of video
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WOW would be how I would describe Reagan Foxx in one word. Such an amazingly talented performer in the industry, and I relish every new scene that features her on Missax. Keep up the fantastic work Missax,and fingers crossed for continued Reagan Foxx content.
(Ground Rules) An arrangement between stepmother and stepson evolves while on holiday in Hawaii. After his father had passed away several years before, it had become a tradition to take several weeks off in the summer and go on vacation with his stepmother. They had booked a villa at a secluded beach resort they had found on AirBnB, and one afternoon things got intense after a long day at the beach. He had always been mesmerized by his stepmother’s amazing breasts, and she had chosen some of the sexiest bikinis for the trip that accentuated her body to perfection. There was hardly anyone booked at the resort during their stay, so the two essentially had a private beach all to themselves. She had started sunbathing topless during the day when no one was around, and that was when she noticed all of her stepson’s trips to the villa. She couldn’t help but notice how her stepson had filled out through his later college years, and she would lay on the sand daydreaming about what it must be like to be fucked by him. One afternoon she quietly followed her stepson back to the villa after noticing a huge bulge in his swim trunks, and quietly spied on him from his bedroom door as he pleasures himself. As she watches him nearing climax she begins to play with herself through her bikini bottoms, eventually drawing his attention from her moans of delight. “Oh my God Mom I’m so sorry. I should have locked the door, but I couldn’t hold back any longer and I lost control.” he says to her without making eye contact. “It’s fine sweetie don’t worry about a thing. What you were doing was perfectly natural and I feel partly responsible for your current condition.” she says to him as she closes his door behind her. “I think we should lay down some ground rules for the rest of the trip honey, and we should help each other fulfill our deepest fantasies whenever our urges become too much. We’re both adults that deserve to feel good baby, and Mommy needs to make help her boy feel good.” He could hardly believe the words his stepmother was saying to him, but his cock was throbbing so badly that he could barely think. He quickly rose from his bed and passionately kissed his stepmother while he coaxed her to her knees. She then sloppily sucked her stepson’s cock until it was covered in her saliva and proceeded to beg him to fuck her breasts. She had always caught him staring at her tits through the years, and she knew this was probably one of his ultimate fantasies. She grinned as she received her stepson’s cum after his last urgent thrusts between her perfect breasts, and she licked it lustily as he proceeded to throw his stepmother on his bed and go down on her. She came several times from her stepson’s skillful tongue, and grabs him from between her legs to kiss him deeply. To his surprise after several moments she pulls away suddenly and slaps him across the face, getting up from the bed and bending herself over against the couch on the far side of the room. “Sometimes I like it a little rough in the bedroom sweetie. Do you think you’ll be able to handle Mommy?” she asks in an innocent but sexy tone. Without uttering a sound her stepson dashes to the couch and begins making sweet, passionate love to his stepmother, thrusting faster and faster as she screams for more. “Spank Mommy baby! Fuck me harder. Pull Mommy’s hair. Just like that sweetie, Mommy’s about to cum!” she cries out at the top of her lungs. They both cum together and lay panting on the floor after multiple positions all over his room, and it could end with a cliffhanger ending where she tells her stepson to get some rest because she would need his assistance again later that evening after dinner…