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Models / Melody Marks

Avg Rating: 4.8

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Use Your Words
Melody Marks, Ricky Spanish
52 min of video
Melody marks in missax- hell yeah! Shes great!!
Shes great!!
we need more of this goddess asap love her all natural body, she has fantastic sexual energy, a great actress, she is the perfect model a 10 out of 10 for sure
Melody Marks has such an exquisite natural beauty, and hope we get to see more of her talent in future releases. I would love to see her play a seductive stepdaughter Missax, and had an idea for her after watching “Use Your Words”.
(After Practice) Melody Marks’ stepfather is her college volleyball coach, and the two have their first sexual encounter after practice one afternoon in his office. She had made several attempts at seducing him over the past few months, but he always stopped things before they went too far. On this particular afternoon she decided she wasn’t going to take no for an answer, and corners him in his office after practice. She quickly showers after practice and slips into one of her sexiest outfits before making her way to her stepfather’s office. Her plan was to hide herself underneath his desk, and once he sat down at his desk she would grab hold of his cock and start stroking it. “I know you said we couldn’t do this with each other Daddy, but I’ve been a bad little girl who needs to be punished.” she says as she looks up at him from beneath the desk. It was at that point that he lost all of his willpower, and begins ravaging his stepdaughter all over his office. To add to the taboo nature of the scene, they could be interrupted by one of her teammates as he fills his stepdaughter’s mouth with his load while she quietly hides under his desk.