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Models / Lily Larimar

Avg Rating: 4.9

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Warming Up to Daddy
Lily Larimar, Ryan Mclane
53 min of video
Bad Roommate
Chad Alva, Lily Larimar
49 min of video
Goodbye, Brother
Lily Larimar, Nathan Bronson
41 min of video
Overprotective Daddy
Brad Newman, Lily Larimar
51 min of video
Daddy Made a Mistake
Lily Larimar, Ryan Mclane
38 min of video
Sister's Bad Date
Lily Larimar, Nathan Bronson
57 min of video
Watching Porn with Lily
Codey Steele, Lily Larimar
50 min of video
Lily is such a sweetheart, her expression are amazing and I think she needs a big guy to take care of her. Someone like John Strong or Dick Chibbles in a stepdad role will be amazing.
Lily in the sinful stepdaughter role is nothing short of spectacular, because brings a believability to her performance that I don’t always find from other performers. Any future stories in the works for this talented young woman?
I think she’d be perfect in a story like this…. (Family Cruise) Two scenes in one between stepfather and daugheter/stepmom and son. A family cruise takes a turn towards the taboo when sparks ignite at sea. Brother and stepsister share an adjoining room with their parents but don’t get along with each other. The young stepmother is excited to take in all the cruise has to offer, but her husband is only interested in hanging by the pool and working on his tan. At lunch she suggests that they go see a comedy show later on that afternoon, but he says that he already promised his new stepdaughter that he would take her on an island excursion later that day. With her feelings hurt, she decides to instead see if her new stepson would like to join her as a way of breaking the ice and getting to know each other better. He reluctantly accepts so as not to seem rude to his new stepmom, but little does he know the night that awaits him. Father and stepdaughter have been close since before he married her mom, but there’s always been a sexual tension between the two of them that neither has acted on. They decide to go on a secluded day hike while on island, but shortly into the hike the daughter twists her ankle and can’t continue. Her stepfather carries her back to the boat to avoid further injury, and on the return trip she can’t help but notice his strong muscular physique. By the time they get back on board it’s late and they’re both exhausted from the day, and she asks him if he will stay with her until she falls asleep in case she needs help with anything. He agrees and both fall fast asleep, but a few hours later the stepfather awakes to find his stepdaughter’s lips wrapped around his hard cock and her sinfully sweet voice saying “Please Daddy I need your cock so badly.” Just before this is about to take place in the adjoining room, stepmom and son are on their way back to her room after a day to remember. The way that her stepson went out of his way to make sure she was having a great time really made an impression on the new stepmom, and she decided that she had to do something to show her appreciation. Having been a masseuse before getting married to her husband, she offers to give him a full body massage before they turn in for the evening. He graciously accepts and lays down on her bed while she gets ready. Moments later she returns to the room in some lacy lingerie and begins rubbing her sons body in a way that makes it impossible for him not to get hard as a rock. “Is that for me Baby?” she says while she begins stroking and sucking his cock. Left speechless, all her stepson can do is nod his head and stare in amazement at the scene unfolding before his eyes. He can’t get enough of his new stepmom, and they make love late into the evening before falling asleep in each other’s arms. Scene could end with daddy and stepdaughter having sex into the early hours of the morning. It’s so loud that it even wakes up the sleeping stepmother and son in the next room, at which point she goes to her daughters room to check on her. Daddy is blowing his load into his stepdaughter just as his wife enters the daughters room and the scene cuts to black…
love your face, boobs and talent....grow some hair down there!