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Siren pt. 2
Kyler Quinn, Lexi Luna
60 min of video
Lexi is such an amazing performer and I can’t believe she’s finally made her way to Missax! I would absolutely love to see Lexi as the innocent stepmother being ravaged by her stepson in a future release. Keep up the amazing work Missax!
I’ve always thought that “Inside the Lines” was one of the hottest stepmother/stepson scenes I’ve seen from Missax, but always wished for a part two with penetration. Lexi would be an absolute dream come true in something like this IMO. (Showering with Mom) A divorced stepmother and her stepson share an erotic shower together after things go further than expected after lounging by the pool. The sexual tension between stepmother and stepson had been building over summer break. With her strong stepson taking over as man of the house, she couldn’t help but notice how his body had filled out the previous year at college. When he first got back home he hardly recognized his stepmother, who had undergone a complete makeover from the woman he had seen earlier that year. Instead of seeing the homely housewife that he remembered, he was in the presence of the most stunningly attractive woman that he had ever seen. Her clothes clung tightly to her body, revealing the body of an older stepmother that looked closer to some of girls he saw in college. They had spent most of that summer hanging out by the pool and enjoying each other’s company, but on that fateful afternoon things got hot and heavy. After spending most of the morning in the pool they both decided to head in to grab some lunch. The stepson excuses himself to go take a shower while the stepmother makes some sandwiches, but for reasons she still couldn’t understand the stepmother decided to go and sneak a peek of her naked stepson while showering. She had seen the outline of his cock through his sweatpants on several occasions, and she had been fantasizing all summer about what it actually looked like in the flesh. As she silently opens his bathroom door to catch a glimpse of his manhood, she can’t believe what she sees. Through the glass shower door she can see her stepson stroking his cock, which makes her mouth drop open in awe as she witnesses his fully engorged cock. Blinded with lustful desire she quietly strips and approaches the shower door. “Would you mind if Mommy joins you baby?” she tells her stepson as he jumps at the sound of her voice. When he turns to see his naked stepmother standing at the shower door, his willpower to resist his urges evaporates into thin air, and he pulls her in tight for a passionate kiss. After a passionate embrace the mother steps into the water and asks if he would wash her back. As he lathers her with soap she begins to grind her ass against her stepson’s cock that was pressing firmly against her ass. The stepson places his cock between his stepmother’s thighs and starts thrusting harder and faster, until he’s almost at the point of bursting. She pulls away suddenly just as she thinks he’s about to cum, and drops to her knees to finish him off with her mouth. Within seconds of feeling the warmth of his stepmother’s mouth wrapped around his cock, he shoots hot jets of cum into the back of her throat. She hadn’t expected him to cum so quickly, but before she could swallow the last of his load he had already picked her up by the hips and positioned her against the shower wall. “You have no idea how long I’ve wanted this Mom” he whispers in her ear as he pushes his cock between her wet pussy lips. “Please don’t stop baby, Mommy needs your cock so badly” she screams as he thrusts deeper into his stepmother. They exit the shower after her stepson cums deep inside his stepmother, but as she attempts to dry off her still rock hard stepson proceeds to bend her over the bathroom counter and fucks her again. He pulls out just in time to tittyfuck his stepmother until he cums all over her gorgeous breasts.
(Christmas Eve) A stepson pretends to be his father on Christmas Eve, and enjoys an erotic evening with his stepmother under the Christmas tree. When he was in his early high school years the stepson had come downstairs on Christmas Eve after hearing strange noises coming from the living room, only to accidentally walk in on his parents fucking under the Christmas Tree. His father had just gotten remarried to his busty young stepmother earlier that year, and she was writhing on top of him in pleasure as he lay beneath her in his Santa Claus costume. Christmas had always been his father’s favorite holiday, and he had donned his Santa suit to place gifts under the tree ever since his son was a small child. After seeing his stepmother getting fucked that fateful night, the stepson began to formulate a plan in which he could take his father’s place on Christmas Eve. After returning home for Christmas during his senior year in college, the stepson finally decided to put his plan into action after years of forethought. His father had always enjoyed relaxing around the house as a family on Christmas Eve day, and it wasn’t uncommon for him to enjoy a mug or three of egg nog through the course of the day. His son made sure to make that year’s batch of egg nog stronger than usual, even topping off his father’s mug with a splash of rum on every refill to make certain he wouldn’t be awake later that evening. As his father nodded off at the dinner table later that evening, the stepson knew that he would never get a better opportunity than that night to have his stepmother for himself. He stared at his ceiling as midnight approached, waiting to hear the sounds of his stepmother going downstairs to place the gifts under the Christmas Tree. At 12:30 he heard her pass by his bedroom, and he rose from his bed and walked to his closet to retrieve his father’s Santa costume that he had hid there earlier that day. He found himself staring at his stepmother bent under the Christmas tree as he made it to the living room. Ever since that night all those years ago he had been dreaming of this exact night, and now that it was finally here he ached to finally have the chance to fuck his stepmother. He startled her as he unfastened the strap on her robe while pressed against her from behind, and gently tied her wrists together behind her back. “Santa’s kinkier than usual this Christmas.” she says to him as she turns around to look her husband in the eyes. She felt her husbands cock pressed firmly into her belly, but she could have sworn he was several inches bigger than she remembered. She knelt down and took him in her mouth, and sloppily sucked him off until he picked her up and forced her onto the couch. He untied her wrists and flipped her over onto her back, taking the robe’s strap and using it as a blindfold as he spread her legs and began licking her pussy. She had never received such pleasuring from her husband before, and she couldn’t resist but give into her wildest urges as they frantically began fucking. As her entire body shuttered with multiple orgasms from her “husband’s” wild fucking, she pulled him in for a kiss by his Santa beard, only to have it fall off and reveal her stepson panting above her as he shot his load all over her stomach.
Cramming for Finals A stepmother notices how much stress her stepson is under during finals week, and decides to give him a study break that he’ll never forget. His father had remarried while he was away at college, and to his son’s surprise it had been to his high school librarian that he had obsessed over as a younger man. She had always worn such tight clothing that showed off her stunning figure, and by the time he graduated he had amassed quite a portfolio of pictures caught in secret of his soon to be stepmother. Fast forward to a few years later when the stepson moved back in with his parents for his final semester after a nasty break-up. His father was constantly traveling for work, which left plenty of time for his new wife and son to become close in his absence. As hard as he tried to resist the urge, the stepson soon began fantasizing about all of the things he would do to his stepmother if ever given the chance. He had foolishly left his laptop open one morning during finals week, and when his stepmother came in to grab his dirty laundry she noticed a familiar face as his desktop background. It was a picture of her in the library, on her knees reaching for a book that had fallen under one of the bookshelves. Her ample bosom was clearly visible from the angle the picture had been captured from, and she decided to see what other secrets her stepson had hidden on his laptop. She found hundreds of pictures and several dozen videos that he had recorded in secret, and it was then she understood why he had been such a regular in her library through his high school years. Later that night she lay in her bed wondering what sorts of fantasies her stepson had imagined about her, and she began to moan with delight as she pleasured herself to the thought of her stepson ravaging her. She found herself distracted by the overwhelming desire to seduce her stepson the next day, and by the end of the week she could resist no longer. She made a point to wear one of her sluttiest work outfits to tease her stepson, and made her way to his bedroom while he was cramming late before his last final. She rubbed his shoulders to help ease some of the tension that he was feeling with finals, and after noticing the bulge growing in his pants she whispered in his ear “I think it’s time you take a break baby. Let Mommy help you relax.” She grabbed hold of his cock through his pants and started to gently stroke it in her hand, eventually finding herself on her knees with her stepson’s hard cock touching the back of her throat. He pulled out of his stepmother’s warm mouth to begin tittyfucking her until shooting hot cum all over her face and glasses. She was surprised at how quickly she had made him cum, and even more surprised that his cock was still rock hard. She took control over her stepson for the remainder of that night, and drained him of every ounce of cum that he had held for her for so many years. His dream of finally making love to the sexy librarian had come true, and the two began a forbidden affair behind his father’s back.