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Models / Kit Mercer

Avg Rating: 4.7

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Slide pt.1 & pt.2
Aila Donovan, Brad Newman
63 min of video
Slide pt.3
Aila Donovan, Brad Newman
32 min of video
Mommy's Secret Past pt. 2
Kit Mercer, Ricky Spanish
43 min of video
Mommy's Secret Past pt. 1
Kit Mercer, Nathan Bronson
37 min of video
love this milf love to see more of this beauty
Kit is the only adult film actor or woman for that matter, I can ever recall writing a comment about. I was stopped dead in my tracks. Kit, you are one of the most beautiful women I have ever seen and I’ felt compelled to say something. I had to show my wife one of Kit’s scenes and she agreed with me and went so far as to refer to her as an Elf. Lol. We then fucked with Kit on screen. ‘‘Twas a great evening. Kit you are stunning.
Need more!!!
Kit Mercer’s picture should accompany the definition of coquettish in the dictionary IMO. She brings a seductive coyness to her performances that leave me endlessly wanting more, and I really hope there’s future stories that utilize her talent in the near future. With Halloween right around the corner please treat us to something along these lines….
(A Halloween to Remember) Halloween was the stepmother’s favorite holiday of the year, and she always prided herself on her ability to find the sexiest costume to surprise her husband with each year. She was crushed when she discovered that her husband would be away on business the week of Halloween that year, and after hearing the news decided she wasn’t going shopping this year for her next sexy costume. Little did she know that her stepson had been praying for this day to come for years. He still lived at home and attended the local community college, but the real reason he hadn’t moved out was because of his carnal desires for his stepmother. “So what costume did you go with this year Mom?” the son says to his stepmother on Halloween morning. “This year I decided to take a break from the sexy costumes with your Father being gone” she says to him. She was shocked when she heard her stepson reply “You’ve never needed a costume Mom you’re sexy everyday of the year. To me it’s like Halloween year round.” With her husbands absence and upon realizing that her stepson saw her as more than just his stepmother, she decided to give her stepson a Halloween he would never forget. While giving out candy later that evening she notices a bulge in her stepson’s pants, and makes a point to rub and grind up against him while she bends over to hand out candy. By the time they run out of candy and turn out the lights, they’re both so turned on that she starts deep throating and titty fucking her stepson’s cock in the entry foyer. They make their way to the stepson’s bedroom where he ravages her until early morning, until finally cumming deep inside his stepmother. Scene ends with the father arriving home early from his business trip to walk in on the two of them as they climax.
(The Blizzard)A stepmother and son arrive the day before the rest of their family for their annual winter ski trip, but an unexpected blizzard rolls through and traps them together in their mountainside ski chalet. As the snow began to fall the stepson worked diligently to bring in firewood to keep them warm in the event the power were to go out, and the stepmother admired her stepson’s strength as he hefted load after load of wood into the house. She hadn’t seen her stepson since he had went away to college earlier that year, but she found herself fantasizing about what it would feel like to have him thrusting inside of her while holding her aloft by her hips and ass. As he dropped the last load of firewood by the fireplace he caught his stepmother staring at him, but thought nothing of it as he lit a fire and took off his snowsuit to dry. Her eyes were transfixed on her stepson in his boxer briefs, and she couldn’t resist the temptation of silently following behind him while he entered the bathroom to grab a hot shower. As her stepson soaked under the shower, she began playing with herself in the hallway to the sight of her stepson’s enormous cock. Later that evening after dinner the blizzard worsened, causing a power outage. They decided it best if they gathered all the blankets throughout the house and sleep next to the fireplace, where the roaring fire was sure to keep them warm until daybreak. They slept comfortably under the covers next to each other until the fire smoldered into embers, with their bodies moving unconsciously closer together in their sleep to retain warmth. She awoke first to the cold, slowly grinding against her stepson while biting her lower lip. He awoke suddenly to the feeling of his cock pressed against his stepmother’s ass, and quickly turned to his side before she awoke to see his erection. Noticing the fire had gone out he got up to add more wood to the fire, and before he could turn around to lie back down his stepmother had already wrapped her hands around his waist from behind him. She pulled his cock out from his pajama bottoms and began stroking it, eventually throwing him down onto the pile of blankets and sucking/tittyfucking her stepson’s cock until he almost exploded. He forced her onto all fours and buried his face into her pussy, sometimes stopping briefly to tongue her asshole. She was begging for her stepson’s cock shortly after, and he fucked her from behind until he suddenly picked her up and began impaling her with his cock. Her fantasy had come to life before her very eyes, and she shuttered as orgasm after orgasm coursed through her body while he ravaged her body as the sun began to rise. The power was restored later the next morning, and they were overjoyed to hear that the rest of the family decided to stay at home due to the blizzard. That meant they had the rest of the weekend to explore their newfound sexual desires for each other, and they left later that weekend knowing they had started down a path they could never return from…