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My Son's Breakup
Kayla Paige, Will Pounder
43 min of video
Your images do not do her beauty justice. Please consider giving her a photoshoot that captures what she looks like in the movie "My Son's Breakup." She is a natural, especially for a brand new actress.
I loved Kayla in “My Son’s Breakup” and think she’s so sexy playing the seductive stepmom. I can’t stop thinking of more story ideas that I’d love to see from Missax in the future, and feel she’d be perfect in one along these lines. (Morning Wood) When a stepmother walks into her stepson’s room to wake him up before he’s late for his first day of college classes, she is shocked to see her stepson’s morning wood pitching a tent under his comforter. She delicately grabs the blanket and pulls it off his sleeping body, when his rock hard cock comes into clear view. She had never seen a bigger cock in her entire life, and before she knew what was happening she found herself laying between his legs stroking his manhood. The stepson wakes up moments later to find his stepmother eagerly slobbering all over his cock. “Oh my god Mom what’s gotten into you?”he cried out as she stared up at him from the foot of the bed. “Do you want Mommy to stop?” she asks him with a seductive grin. Clearly he didn’t because he grabbed her by the hair and proceeded to shove his cock down her throat before cumming all over her pretty face and mouth. The stepmother gets out of her stepson’s bed and walks over to the desk at the far side of the room. While bent over the desk she arches her back and turns to look at her stepson and says “Are you going to make Mommy beg for it baby?”. In a flash the stepson launches himself out of bed and feverishly begins fucking his stepmother against the desk, with her begging for more with every stroke. “Fuck me, fuck me, fuck me baby!” she screams out as her stepson nears climax. If it hadn’t been for the soundproofing his father had installed when his son started playing the drums, the stepmother’s ecstatic shrieks of pleasure would have surely woken the entire neighborhood. The scene ends with both stepmother and stepson falling to the floor exhausted after he blows his load all over her ass. “You better get in the shower honey or you’re going to be late to class today.” she says to him while she softly strokes his cock. “Today’s Sunday Mom, classes don’t start until tomorrow.”
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