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Models / Cory Chase

Avg Rating: 4.8

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Sinfully Sweet Mommy III
Cory Chase, Joshua Lewis
44 min of video
The Bully Meets My Mom pt. 2
Cory Chase, Will Pounder
32 min of video
The Bully Meets My Mom pt. 1
Cory Chase, Laney Grey
44 min of video
If he would have cum Inside her while she was bent over on the counter I would say top 3 scenes of all time.
Do you only have a video of Cory Chase ??? DISAPPOINTMENT...
Big fan of Cory Chase and hope to see more scenes with her in the future. Had an idea similar to Mother’s Bad Date that I think she would be perfect for. (Waiting up for Mom) Stepmom is getting back into the dating scene after her husband left her, and she’s getting home late after the most recent blind date. She quietly enters the house so as not to wake her stepson, but little does she know that he’s still awake waiting for her to get home. He keeps telling himself it’s to make sure that she gets home safe and to talk with her about her night, but it’s really because of his latent desires to fuck his stepmother. Mom heads to her room to get ready for bed, and just as she finishes changing into her sexy nightie she hears a strange noise coming from her stepson’s room. She goes downstairs to check on him, only to find her son pleasuring himself to pictures he had taken of her last summer on their vacation to the beach, unbeknownst to her. She’s frozen in disbelief at what she is witnessing, but at the same time she can’t take her eyes off her stepson’s massive cock. It doesn’t take long before her stepson notices her watching from the doorway, at which point he starts talking dirty to her while continuing to stroke his cock. She knows that what they’re both doing is so wrong, but the things that her stepson is saying to her are starting to make her ache with lust. She coyly walks into his room and proceeds to tease him and undress, eventually dropping to all fours to give her stepson a hardcore blowjob. After exploding in his stepmom’s mouth he begs her to let him fuck her so that she can cum too, and at this point she’s more than willing to oblige. What follows is the most intense night of lovemaking this newly single stepmother has ever experienced, and a night the two of them will not soon forget…
Sinfully Sweet Mommy 3 is now one of my favorite recently released scenes Missax, and I would love to see Cory Chase in a scene along these lines….(Swiping Right on Stepson) After discovering that her husband was having an affair with their babysitter, a stepmother devises a plan to seduce her stepson over Tinder. She had followed her husband after he offered to drive their youngest son’s babysitter home after dinner one evening, and was shocked to see him pull into a roadside motel with the young girl and spend several hours there with her before returning home. He had lied to her after returning home later on saying that he had been called into the office on an emergency call, but she had already made up her mind on how she would get back at her cheating husband. Not only had he cheated on her with a younger woman, he had fucked his eldest son’s girlfriend without even realizing it. She didn’t have the heart to admit the truth to her stepson after realizing the two had broken up shortly after her husband’s act of infidelity, but she had the feeling her plan would most definitely turn her stepson’s frown upside down. Her stepson had always been obsessed with her best friend/college roommate that was always around the house while he was growing up, so the stepmother created a Tinder profile with the help of her friend that she was certain would attract her sad and lonely stepson’s attention. Her friend posed for some sexy selfies that she uploaded to her profile, and she wasted no time in finding her stepson’s Tinder profile and swiping right. Later that afternoon she received the match notification from her stepson, and she immediately DM’d him an address to meet her at later that night for the sexual rendezvous she had so carefully planned for him. She had chosen the same motel room where her husband had fucked the babysitter, and she waited in the darkened room for her stepson to arrive. In their college years the stepmother and her friend were often mistaken for sisters, and she hoped that she would be able to deceive her stepson into thinking he was with her friend until she was ready to surprise him. After some initial foreplay on the bed she reached out and turned on the bedside lamp as her stepson thrusted down into her from behind, startling him when she said “Oh fuck baby that’s it. Please baby, pull Mommy’s hair while you fuck her!” For the briefest of moments he was frozen in disbelief at what he had done, but he was soon blinded by lustful passion as he watched his stepmother play with herself on the bed, begging for her stepson’s cock. He lasted as long as he could while his stepmother screamed for him to fuck her over and over again, but he eventually came in her mouth as she stared up at him from the floor on her knees. As they laid in each other’s arms after the encounter, the stepson confessed to his stepmother the reason why he was always obsessed with her friend. She had always reminded him of his sexy stepmother who he thought would always be off limits, but after that night they continued on with their forbidden affair behind his father’s back.