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I Don't Need Anyone
Charlotte Sins, Tommy Pistol
46 min of video
Adam & Eva pt. 2
Charlotte Sins, Haley Reed
32 min of video
She is so beautiful. Give her a feature film with chad white like you did with kenna james. Something like ' who's your daddy'
Would love to see more of Charlotte in the sexy stepdaughter role, and I can’t help feeling she’d be perfect in a story like this. (Late for School) Stepfather/daughter scene. Scene opens to a father waking up his 18/19 year old stepdaughter who forgot to set her alarm for school. With her Mom away on a business conference all week, the sneaky stepdaughter planned to use this opportunity to try and seduce her new stepfather. By “forgetting” to set her alarm she knew that her stepfather would be forced to drive her to school, which is where the real fun would begin. Stepfather finishes loading his SUV with his work stuff in the garage, followed by his scantily clad stepdaughter behind him. A few minutes into the drive to his stepdaughter’s private prep school is when she makes her first move. She lightly squeezes her fathers thigh and asks him if he could turn up the A/C, because she was feeling extra hot this morning. With the A/C on full blast he notices his stepdaughter’s rock hard nipples poking through her school uniform, and immediately feels his cock begin to harden. After noticing the bulge in her stepfather’s pants, she decides that now is the time to strike. She firmly grabs hold of his dick through his pants, startling her stepfather and nearly making him swerve off the road. He parks the car on the side of the road to try and regain control of the situation, but by that point his stepdaughter had already begun deep throating his cock. “Am I doing it the way you like Daddy?” she says as she locks eyes with his, sending her stepfather into convulsions as he blows a load in his stepdaughters mouth. They proceed to climb into the back of the SUV where things intensify, and lines are forever crossed between stepfather and stepdaughter. I think it would be super erotic and taboo if there were several shots of the SUV rocking wildly while the action is taking place, with a classmate of the daughters recognizing the car and going over to investigate. She hears her friends cries of ecstatic pleasure coming from the vehicle, and just as she’s walking away to head to school is when she hears her cry out “Fuck Me Daddy!”
Here’s a Halloween story idea that I’d love to see with Charlotte. (Mistaken Identity) A stepdaughter comes up with a devious plan to fuck her stepfather at their annual Halloween party. Since moving back in with her parents after graduating from college, the stepfather had on several occasions mistook his stepdaughter for his wife. It was uncanny how much the two looked alike now that his stepdaughter was a grown women, and he caught himself on several occasions staring at her with a forbidden lust that he never knew had existed. Every year her parents would throw a Halloween party that most of the neighborhood showed up for, and her mother always went out of her way to find the sexiest costumes to flaunt her amazing body. After discovering that her mother was planning on dressing up as Catwoman, she went out and purchased the exact same costume so that she could trick her stepfather into thinking she was his wife. As the party continued into the evening the tipsy mother began flirting with some of the neighborhood boys her daughter had gone to school with, and it was then that she decided to make her move while her mother was distracted. The costumed stepdaughter, who was indistinguishable from her mother at this point, walked up to her stepfather and whispered in his ear “I’ve got a Halloween treat waiting for you upstairs baby.” As he watched what he thought was his wife strut upstairs to the bedroom, he felt a massive erection forming in his pants that painfully ached to be deep inside her. He casually walks upstairs so as not to draw any attention from the other partygoers, and it was then that he noticed another woman dressed exactly like his wife in a matching Catwoman costume. He soon forgot all about the other woman as he moved with a purpose towards his bedroom, anxious to discover what his wife had in store for him Their sex life had become quite bland as the years had passed, so the stepfather was quite shocked by his wife’s newfound kinkiness that Halloween. He entered to find her lying on all fours atop their bed with her head lying on top of her wrists, looking at him with lust filled eyes as she asked him “I want you to feed me every inch of that beautiful cock baby. Get over here and make Mommy choke on it.” He couldn’t remember the last time she had given him a blowjob, and he struggled to remember if he had ever heard his wife talk so filthy to him before throughout their entire marriage. He quickly tore off his clothes and maneuvered himself in front of the bed as his “wife” sloppily sucked his cock. He found himself doing things to his “wife” that she had never been willing to try before that night, and he was beginning to feel exhausted after having blown his load twice already during their intense fucking. As he fucked her from behind with reckless abandon, he reached forward to grab her gently by the neck and pull her in close but accidentally pulled off her mask in the process. He lost control and pulled out as he blasted cum all over his “wife’s” ass, only to find his stepdaughter looking back at him as she moans for more. “Happy Halloween Daddy.” she says to him as he recoils in horror after realizing what he had just done.
Would love to see Charlotte as the stepdaughter in this scene idea. (College Tours) In an attempt to get closer with their stepchildren two newlyweds decide to take each other’s child on some weekend college tours. At least two parts depicting the taboo encounter that each stepparent has with their stepchild. Stepdad takes his intelligent yet seductively sexy bookworm stepdaughter to tour her dream school, and things get heated after they get turned around on a tour of the university library. Would love it if the two end up in the library stacks alone, sneaking into the basement archives and fucking each other passionately until they almost get caught by the head librarian. Stepdaughter gives a sloppy blowjob/titfuck on her knees as her stepfather pressed her against the bookshelves. They could find a secluded study room in the archives and fuck against/on the table, straddle each other while fucking on a chair before breaking it and falling to the floor. In their excited state they continue to fuck while on the floor, before the stepfather loses all control and bathes his stepdaughter in his hot cum. Stepmother travels with her stepson to visit a D1 school that is offering him a full ride playing soccer, and the two end up getting stuck in the elevator of their hotel after a mechanical failure. The two could exchange flirty banter throughout the day touring campus, and a slight touch from his stepmother on the ride home emboldens her stepson to passionately kiss her in the car before departing for their room. He squeezes his stepmother’s ass as they walk across the hotel lobby, and she was wrapped around her stepson in an erotic embrace as soon as the elevator door closed. The elevator jerked to a halt a few moments later, bringing the two back to their senses momentarily. They were informed shortly after by the hotel staff on the emergency phone that a mechanic had been called and would be there within the hour, but neither of them cared the least how long it took to free them from their situation. A lusty romantic encounter takes place between the two as they wait for help, with the stepson cumming in his stepmother’s mouth as they begin to pry the elevator doors open.