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My Sister, The Pervert
Aubree Valentine, Ricky Spanish
51 min of video
Winner Takes All
Aubree Valentine, Jason Pierce
69 min of video
Who's Your Daddy? 2 pt. 4
Aubree Valentine, Ryan Driller
43 min of video
Who's Your Daddy? 2 pt. 1
Aubree Valentine, Juan Loco
34 min of video
Daddy's Bad Girl III
Aubree Valentine, Clarke Kent
38 min of video
I can’t stop thinking of future stories that I’d love to see Aubree in, and you’ve inspired me with a story idea I wanted to share. Thank you Missax for all the amazing content through the years! Daddy’s Cart Girl Fantasies Cum True Single stepfather, who manages the food and beverage operation at the local golf course, is struggling with his feelings towards his beautiful stepdaughter. She had worked the past few summers for him as the beverage cart girl while on break from college, and their relationship steadily grew closer over the years. She often worried that her stepdad was lonely since her mother’s passing when she was younger, but he always assured her that he was happy and he just wasn’t ready to date again. With them spending so much time together during the summers she develops a crush on her stepfather, and she decides to act on her feelings before heading back to college. He always heard the lewd comments golfers made in the snack bar about his beautiful, young stepdaughter, and he found himself beginning to fantasize about doing the most obscene things to her. He ached for his stepdaughter’s body, but couldn’t bring himself to act upon his taboo desires. Imagine his delight when later that afternoon his stepdaughter surprises him in his office with a fantasy come to life. Later that day stepdaughter knocks on his office door to see if she’s allowed to leave for the day, and it swings open enough for her to peak inside. Her stepfather is hunched over his desk mumbling to himself, when she realizes he’s jerking off under his desk saying “Oh please baby let Daddy feed you his cum.” He hears the office door close bringing him back to his senses, at which point he freezes in horror as he sees his stepdaughter standing in front of him. “I can explain everything baby, it’s not how it looks.” With a sultry grin she turns and locks the office door behind her. “Why did you lock the door baby?” he says to her. “I didn’t think you would want anyone walking in on us while we fuck Daddy, or are you so naughty that you want to get caught fucking your stepdaughter?” (Would love to see stepdaughter fucked bent over desk and fucked against the office wall, letting some of her shrieks of ecstasy be heard by staff and golfers alike. Climax could be cumming in her mouth or cream pie just as the general manager of the course walks in after unlocking the door to determine the source of the all the commotion.)
she is stunning
(Daddy’s Surprise Visit) Her stepfather had always spoiled her since he had married her mother, but she was shocked when he stopped by for a surprise visit a few days before her college classes started back. He had been in town on business, and thought it would be a nice gesture to treat his lovely stepdaughter to a shopping spree before she headed back for her senior year. They spent the rest of the morning and most of that afternoon shopping all over town, and when it was all said and done her stepfather’s SUV was overflowing in bags and boxes as they traveled back to her house. She insisted on cooking her stepfather dinner when they got back as a small way of showing her appreciation for his generosity, and while she was cooking her stepfather brought in everything she had bought earlier in the day. As he was placing one of the last bags on her bed, his eyes were drawn to the lacy thong panties that were spilling out of the bag. His cock involuntarily twitched as his mind began wondering what they would look like on his attractive young stepdaughter, but he quickly came to his senses and placed the panties back inside the bag. “Daddy dinner’s ready. Come to the table before it gets cold.” she yells to her stepfather from the kitchen as he leaves her room and heads for the kitchen. He sat down at the table and started thumbing through work emails on his phone, when his stepdaughter exited the kitchen with a handful of dishes. She had changed into yoga pants and a sports bra after they had returned from shopping, and as she bent over to place the dishes on the table her stepfather could make out the outline of her pussy lips through her skintight pants. Instead of a twitch his cock began to harden against his thigh, and to make matters worse his stepdaughter plopped down onto his lap with a giggle. “Do you remember when I used to sit on your lap Daddy?” she asks him in a seductively innocent tone, causing her stepfather’s cock to become rock hard and pressed firmly against her ass. She feels him getting harder the longer she stays on his lap, but she can’t resist her body’s urge to begin grinding harder against her stepfather as he starts to tremble beneath her. Without warning she quickly rises and saunters down the hallway to her bedroom, slowly turning to her stepfather as she strips naked in the hallway. “Do you think you could come here Daddy? There’s something in my room I wanted to show you.” she says to him as she bends over taking off her yoga pants. He enters her room to find her sprawled out on her bed with a vibrator humming against her pussy, and he almost cums in his pants at the sight of his naughty stepdaughter writhing atop the covers in pure ecstasy. He shuts and locks the door behind him, then turns to behold his most forbidden fantasy becoming reality before his eyes. As with some of the other ideas I’ve posted previously, it would be an added thrill to have the two of them get caught in the act. I was thinking that the stepdaughter’s roommate could come back to school earlier than the stepdaughter had expected, walking into the house to the sounds of her friend yelling “Yes Daddy fuck me harder!”. Or maybe the roommate enters the next morning to walk in on them in the kitchen as the stepdaughter chokes on her stepfather’s cum.
This idea was originally thought of as a stepmother/stepson scene, but I think Aubree as the stepdaughter and Chad White as the stepfather would be amazing Missax. (The Blizzard)A stepfather and stepdaughter arrive the day before the rest of their family for their annual winter ski trip, but an unexpected blizzard rolls through and traps them together in their mountainside ski chalet. As the snow began to fall the stepfather worked diligently to bring in firewood to keep them warm in the event the power were to go out, and the stepdaughter admired her stepfather’s strength as he hefted load after load of wood into the house. She hadn’t seen her stepfather since she had went away to college earlier that year, but she found herself fantasizing about what it would feel like to have him thrusting inside of her while holding her aloft by her hips and ass. As he dropped the last load of firewood by the fireplace he caught his stepdaughter staring at him, but thought nothing of it as he lit a fire and took off his snowsuit to dry. Her eyes were transfixed on her stepfather in his boxer briefs, and she couldn’t resist the temptation of silently following behind him while he entered the bathroom to grab a hot shower. As her stepfather soaked under the shower, she began playing with herself in the hallway to the sight of her stepfather’s enormous cock. Later that evening after dinner the blizzard worsened, causing a power outage. They decided it best if they gathered all the blankets throughout the house and sleep next to the fireplace, where the roaring fire was sure to keep them warm until daybreak. They slept comfortably under the covers next to each other until the fire smoldered into embers, with their bodies moving unconsciously closer together in their sleep to retain warmth. She awoke first to the cold, slowly grinding against her stepfather while biting her lower lip. He awoke suddenly to the feeling of his cock pressed against his stepdaughter’s ass, and quickly turned to his side before she awoke to see his erection. Noticing the fire had gone out he got up to add more wood to the fire, and before he could turn around to lie back down his stepdaughter had already wrapped her hands around his waist from behind him. She pulled his cock out from his pajama bottoms and began stroking it, eventually throwing him down onto the pile of blankets and sucking/tittyfucking her stepfather’s cock until he almost exploded. He forced her onto all fours and buried his face into her pussy, sometimes stopping briefly to tongue her asshole. She was begging for her stepfather’s cock shortly after, and he fucked her from behind until he suddenly picked her up and began impaling her with his cock. Her fantasy had come to life before her very eyes, and she shuttered as orgasm after orgasm coursed through her body while he ragged her body as the sun began to rise. The power was restored later the next morning, and they were overjoyed to hear that the rest of the family decided to stay at home due to the blizzard. That meant they had the rest of the weekend to explore their newfound sexual desires for each other, and they left later that weekend knowing they had started down a path they could never return from…
I loved everything about this--the writing, the directing, and the performances. And Aubree's coquettish attitude, her dirty talk, and the very sound of her voice took this to a new level.
My previous post on this page was meant for one of her films. But since I started talking about Aubree, I might as well do it right. Aubree Valentine is an absolute gem! She's not only beautiful with a fabulous body, she's incredibly skilled as an actor, coming across as genuine in every scene she does. And her dirty talk is completely natural. Add to that the look in her eyes and the way she giggles, and I get weak in the knees. Every time!
2 days ago i had no idea who Aubree Valentine was and now i cant get enough. Definity my new favorite. This is my first and possibly my last time commenting on a adult content site, its something i never expected to do. Just had to say Aubree has that natural sex appeal, she can play innocent while being the seductress (the way she smiles/lights up is a charged with sexual energy as well as the giggling) and it makes for great build up in each of her scenes.
How I do flag her as favorite?