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Anya Olsen, Ricky Spanish
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My first exposure to Anya Olsen was through her work with Ashley Fires, but I can’t thank you enough for finally showcasing her talent on your site Missax. I’m sure I’m not the only one that is chomping at the bit for her next scene to debut in the not so distant future, and I can only hope you have her lined up to play the sexy stepdaughter that she plays to perfection.
I had a dream last night about Anya, and it went something like this. (The Ride Home) Anya Olsen gets picked up by her stepfather at the airport after returning home from college. By the time they reach their house the sexual tension between the stepfather and his stepdaughter is palpable, and he goes on to fuck her intensely in their garage while her mother sleeps inside. As he sat at Arrivals with his hazard lights blinking, he recalled the last time he had seen his stepdaughter. She had moved away for college and hadn’t been back home in several years, but her parents were pleased to hear she would be staying with them that summer while she looked for a job and her own apartment. As she exited the airport and looked around for his car, the stepfather hardly recognized the gorgeous young woman that stood before him. She had always looked like a younger version of her mother, but in the years since they last saw each other she had transformed from his innocent stepdaughter into a stunningly beautiful young woman. He exited the car to greet her and help with her luggage, but she surprised him by jumping into his arms and wrapping her legs around his waist while lovingly embracing him. “Did you miss your little girl Daddy?” she whispers in his ear as she gently kisses him on the neck, causing his cock to twitch with excitement. As they made their way home the stepfather found it increasingly difficult to keep his eyes off of his stepdaughter. His cock was so hard that it was beginning to hurt, and he could have sworn he caught a glimpse of her biting her lower lip wantonly as she noticed the bulge in his pants growing. As he pulled into the garage and placed the car in park, his stepdaughter began to gently rub his thigh back and forth, slowly tracing the outline of his cock through his pants. “What are you doing baby?” he stammers as she starts stroking his cock faster. “I’m about to fuck you Daddy, but first I want to taste you.” she replies as she exits the car and walks to the driver side of the car. She opens his door and the stepfather feeds her his cock while she stares up at him from the garage floor with her beautiful eyes. He loses all control and blows his load in his stepdaughter’s mouth while she purrs with delight, but this was just the beginning. He pushes his stepdaughter against the trunk of his car and continues to feed her every inch of his cock, with her screaming for more. “Fuck me Daddy, be rough with me! Fill me up with your cum Daddy I’ve been a bad girl.” His stepdaughter had such a filthy mouth but he loved it, and he felt her body begin to convulse in orgasmic ecstasy as they came together on the cold garage floor. Scene could end with the next door neighbor peering in from outside the garage with a look of shock at what they had just witnessed….
Daddy’s Bachelor Party A stepfather has a surprise encounter from his stepdaughter during his bachelor party. His friends had all chipped in and paid for a private room at the Elegant Lady for his bachelor party, instead telling their fiancés/wives they were having a poker night. The stepfather was completely shocked when he recognized his stepdaughter as one of the dancers while he and his friends enjoyed themselves that evening, but he found himself uncovering latent, forbidden desires for his stepdaughter as she mesmerized them all with her exquisite dancing ability. What made things worse was the fact that she never took her eyes off her stepfather as she entertained them, fueling his lustful thoughts to a place he never knew existed and causing his cock to become fully engorged. His friends decided to make their way to the rest of the club so he could enjoy a private session with a dancer of his choosing. The stepfather excused all of the dancers except for his stepdaughter, and watched as she strutted to the doors to lock them shut. He had always thought of his stepdaughter as being a bookworm, because he had always seen her spending most of her time bent over a textbook with those sexy glasses of hers studying for her college courses. He was in utter disbelief as she turned to face him from the doorway removing what was left of her clothing to reveal her supple young body, before changing into a naughty schoolgirl outfit she knew would send him over the edge. Would love to see the stepdaughter fucked while lying on a couch/positioned off the couch with her head lying on the ground as her stepfather plows down into her/stepfather holding her aloft while he thrusts upwards into her. One of the friends could enter in towards the end of the scene looking for his phone, only to recognize his friends stepdaughter as she writhes with delight as her stepfather pulls out and cums all over her ass….
(Breaking Down)While on spring break at their lake house in the mountains, a stepfather and daughter break down on a secluded country road on their way home from the movies. The movie had finished around 11pm, and as they made their way back home the check engine light began blinking as the engine began to overheat. The stepfather got out of the truck and popped the hood to see if he could find the source of their problem, and he instructed his stepdaughter to call AAA for a roadside pick-up. When she finally got in touch with an AAA operator they indicated that it could be up to two hours before someone could make it to their location. That night there was no moon in the sky and the night sky looked remarkable, so the stepdaughter suggested they stargaze in the back of the truck while they waited. The stepfather pulled out some blankets from the backseat of his truck, and spread them out over the truck bed to make it more comfortable for them while they watched and waited for roadside assistance. The temperature began to drop as the night wore on, and both stepfather and stepdaughter cuddled against each other for warmth under the blankets. She had had a crush on her stepfather for years, but until that night she had never acted on her desires. She started by slowly caressing his chest with her hand, eventually making her way down to his waistline before plunging her hand into her stepfather’s pants. The most shocking thing to her was that her stepfather didn’t recoil from her advances, but instead lay motionless next to her staring directly into her gorgeous eyes as she started to stroke his cock. He unbuckled his belt while she unzipped his pants with her mouth, when his erection whipped out of his pants and slapped her against the cheek. She looked up at her stepfather as she gagged down on his hard cock, and he watched in awe as she proceeded to swallow down his load after sucking him to completion. He immediately picked her up by the waist and tore her pants off of her, placing her gently down on his face where he licked and played with her pussy as she squealed in delight. After cumming on her stepfather’s face, she rolled off of him and laid on her stomach with her ass sticking up in the air. “Please fuck me Daddy” she moaned as she played with her clit. Jumping on top of her without a seconds hesitation, the stepfather thrust deeper and harder into his stepdaughter’s pussy as she cried out for more. “Daddy will you fuck me in the ass?” she whispered to him as he panted against the back of her neck, and without uttering a reply he gently pushed his cock into her ass. “That’s it Daddy pound your little girl’s ass. Don’t you dare stop Daddy. Make me scream Daddy please!” she yelled as she pushed back against her stepfather and he groaned with each successive thrust. It was just as he was unloading his cum into her tight little ass that the stepfather noticed headlights approaching from down the road, and they quickly scrambled to get dressed before being seen by the tow truck driver. She bounced up and down on her father’s lap on the ride home to their house, and he was fully hard again by the time they arrived back home to his stepdaughter’s delight. He went to bed that night beside his wife with his cock still stiff from the ride home, and silently jerked off under the blankets thinking of the amazing experience he had just shared with his stepdaughter. The next morning he woke up earlier than usual and headed to the kitchen to grab a cup of coffee, where he ran into his sexy stepdaughter who seemed to be waiting for him. She proceeded to suck him off in the kitchen, almost getting caught by her Mother who was awoken by the strange gagging noises coming from downstairs. Her stepfather shot a hot load down her throat while she lay crouched behind the kitchen island, just as his wife made her way to the kitchen. Crawling on hands and knees the stepdaughter quietly exited the kitchen before being caught in the act by her mother.