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You Deserve Me

Runtime: 42:44 | Added: 05/23/2023 | Featuring: Octavia Red, Ryan Driller

Categories: Blowjob, Busty, Creampie, Cumshot, Homewrecker, Lingerie, Natural, Titjob

Video Description:

Ryan (Driller) is in a pensive mood, when he notices lovely Octavia (Red) through his window. He thought he married the love of his life, but why is marriage so much work? If one is in love, should you have to work so hard for simple peace and happiness? He looks at the beautiful redhead struggling to carry boxes in her house. What luck to have such a gorgeous neighbor! He goes outside to help her with the large boxes as she moves into the house next door. There's an immediate mutual attraction, as Ryan identifies himself as married while Octavia is recently divorced.

He jokingly pegs her as a "California hippie", after she remarks that they've met before, only spiritually. Is she flirting with him? It's been so long since he's felt attractive, especially in the eyes of a beautiful young woman. He invites her to his home for a break to relax from carrying the heavy boxes, but noises upstairs remind him that his wife is upstairs. He lowers his voice when he tells Octavia that his wife has become difficult and extremely possessive, but he feels loyal and doesn't want to leave her. He's rather cryptic about what's wrong between them, but Octavia sympathizes with his situation.

She takes his hand, declaring "You're a good man", her silky words soothe him, and the way she looks deep into his eyes feels more erotic than comforting. Ryan has her leave even though he'd love for her to stay, as his wife is getting up soon, ready to have lunch. Later, Ryan visits his new neighbor, ostensibly to see if she still needs any help moving in. She invites him in, and gives him a welcoming hug. Octavia convinces him to stay awhile, and then hesitantly asks him a personal question: "Do you and your wife still make love?". Caught off-guard, Ryan mumbles his way through a non-answer, and Octavia apologizes for asking. "At the end of my marriage I felt so unloved and untouched that I thought I would just jump at the first guy that I met, but I still haven't", she vouches. Ryan can relate with how she feels, although he is still with his wife, he feels as if they are already divorced.

Explaining, she says: "I want to feel loved, and meeting some guy online or some drunk guy at the bar doesn't really scratch the itch". Their conversation is interrupted by Ryan's phone ringing: it's his wife, complaining that he left the house without telling her where he's going. As he listens to her shrewish remarks and complaints, Octavia is snuggling with him, kissing his neck and rubbing his chest. As she grabs his crotch he abruptly ends the call, and asks her to stop, nervously announcing: "I can't do this". Both of them apologize again, and she gives Ryan another hug. This time they kiss passionately, and make a date to get back together as soon as Ryan completes an errand just requested by his wife. But they can't control themselves, and start undressing each other. Octavia starts sucking his cock and his balls, and Ryan leans backward in ecstasy. Watch the romantic scene unfold...

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