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Let Mommy Kiss It

Runtime: 45:38 | Added: 04/11/2022 | Featuring: Nathan Bronson, Shay Sights

Categories: Blowjob, Brunettes, Busty, Creampie, Cuckold, Cumshot, MILF, Taboo

Video Description:

Stepson (Nathan Bronson) enters the pitch-dark living room at night, and stepmom (Shay Sights) greets him with: "Sh! Your father's sleeping". He bumps his knee noisily on the furniture, shouting out in pain. He hops on one leg to the couch to sit, and stepmom covers her mouth laughing.

"You said we should be quiet", he exclaims. "If that doesn't wake him up, nothing will", she says. "Are you okay?", she asks. "God that hurts", he says, rubbing his leg. "Let me see it", she says. "No, it's okay", he replies. "Don't be a baby", she admonishes him. "I think you're going to have to take those off", she says. "It's fine, really". "Sweetie, you're wearing underwear, aren't you?", she says. "Yeah, but, um...", he stammers. "Just take them off. I'm not gonna look", she says.

Stepson removes his jeans. "Can you bend it?", she asks. "Oh fuck, that hurts", he yells. "It's not broken or anything. I'm going to get you some ice", stepmom says. "I'm really fine" he insists. "Don't be ridiculous. I'll be back", she says, and goes off to the kitchen. Opening the freezer compartment of the fridge she finds an empty ice tray. "No ice", she says, and returns to the living room, announcing to him: "No ice". "That's okay. It doesn't hurt that bad", he claims. She turn on a lamp and sits on the couch near him.

"You're up late", she says. "Yeah, I couldn't sleep", he replies. "Yeah, I'm a bit of a night owl myself -it's different now that I'm married", she says. "What do you mean -'different'?", he asks. "Well, I used to have ways to fall back to sleep, and I just can't do that with your father sleeping beside me", she asserts. "Like what?", he wonders. "Oh, something like reading or other things", she says. "Like what?", he repeats. "Well, it's a little intimate, like I touch myself, and I can't really do that with him sleeping there", she confesses.

"I'm sorry, was that too much", stepmom asks. "Uh, you know my dad can sleep through anything so...", he begins. "It's a gift, I mean he says I don't bother him when I turn the reading light on but I always feel bad", she notes. "You shouldn't feel bad, he can literally sleep through anything", he says. "I remember this time when I was a kid and the fire alarm went off, and I had to drag him out of his bed", he continues. She laughs and says "He's lucky he didn't get hurt".

"It scares me, but I think that's one of the reasons I never left home -just didn't know what he was going to do if I left him here by himself", stepson says. "Oh, you're a good son", she says. "He's the only family I have", he says. "I'm really happy I'm part of your family now", she enthuses. "Me too. I just didn't think I got to know this whole dynamic yet", he says. "Yeah, I lived alone my whole life -actually never thought I'd get married", she says. "Really, you didn't?", he asks.

"Yeah, it's really weird, right? All little girls dream of getting married", stepmom says. "I always dreamed of getting married", he says with a smile. "Well, you're going to make an amazing husband some day", she asserts. "I hope so -I haven't gone on many dates" he says. "Why not?". "Life gets in the way and I was really taking care of my dad and going to school and to work, and honestly at this point I think it's a little too late for me", he claims. "Oh don't be ridiculous -you're still so young", she retorts. "Yeah, but all my friends are getting married and having kids", he insists.

"You're gonna make a great husband, sweetie", she reassures him. "You're my stepmom -you have to say that", he responds. "Well, I mean I'll be happy if you stick around. I like these late night talks we have and you're really easy to talk to" she says. "You are too", he agrees. "We don't have to make this awkward", she says. "I'll just feel a lot more comfortable if I put 'em on", he smiles, starting to get back in his jeans. "You've really made a mess of that", she laughs, and helps him with the jeans. "Yeah, I should go to bed", stepson announces. "If you want me to stay up and talk a little longer", stepmom offers. "Oh, it's kinda late", he replies. "All right, I get it if you're tired", she says. "Maybe just a little longer", he says. "Come here and sit beside me", she asks. "So dad's still sleeping, huh", he says. "Why don't you tell me about young girl troubles -maybe I can help", she offers, putting her hand on his knee.

"You need to have a girl to have girl troubles", he points out. "Well, you've been with a woman, right?", she asks. "Yeah, of course!", he exclaims. "Right, I mean sexually", she explains. "Well, I had a girlfriend in high school -we dated for a couple months", he cites. "Was that the last time?", she asks. "Is that weird?", he wonders. "No, I mean I'm totally a late bloomer too -I can relate", she says. "You were?", he asks. "Yeah, is that so hard to believe?", she says. "I mean you're so beautiful", he says. "Aw, you're so handsome", she replies.

"I had other things to worry about -I can relate", she notes. "So how did you start?", he asks. "Well, I guess I felt a little bit behind, but you know the right person's not going to care", she says. "Well, it feels like it's been so long, like what if I forgot or just wasn't any good at it", he says."Oh my God, it's like riding a bike", she smiles. "What if I'm just bad?", he exclaims. "Well, there's a lot of guys who fuck all the time -they're just awful and more isn't better", she claims. "That doesn't make me feel better", he reacts.

"What I meant is a lot of guys don't care how a woman feels and you're a sensitive guy -you're already ahead of the curve. You care about how a woman feels, right?", she asks, "Yeah, of course", he says. "Well, you'll figure it out", she says. "I just get a little overwhelmed on where to start", he says. "Just start by being yourself". "No, I mean physically", he explains. "Well, just start with a kiss", she suggests. "Oh yeah, I know that", he replies.

"It's just that a lot of guys underestimate a kiss -it's important", she insists. "Well then, that's a good kiss?", he wonders. "Oh I don't know, I never had to describe it. I guess less is more", she says. "Right", he agrees. "Okay, a totally crazy idea -maybe we should try it", she says. "What do you mean?", he asks. "Maybe we should kiss", she says. "But you're my stepmother", he protests. "I told you it was a crazy idea", she says. "It feels wrong", he says. "It's just a little kiss", she says, moving closer to him, and stroking his arm.

"What about dad?", stepson asks. "Dad's asleep. What he doesn't know won't hurt him", stepmom says suggestively. "This feels weird", he says. "Why don't we just try it and if it's weird we can stop", she suggests. "Okay", he agrees. She leans over and kisses him on the lips, then says: "That was good, but try it a little bit firmer this time", she says. They kiss repeatedly, and he asks: "How was that?". "Amazing. I think we should take another look at your knee", she suggests. "I don't `know, are we going a little fast?", he wonders.

She undoes his fly and he pulls down his jeans, revealing a boner in his underpants. Stepmom strokes his knee. "Ah, that feels good", he says. She fondles his cock with her other hand. "You know there's nothing like a mother's touch", she whispers. "This is going a little too fast", he reiterates. "We can slow down if you want", she says. "This is bad", he claims. "It doesn't feel bad", she notes.

"Isn't it wrong?", he wonders. "You worried about dad?", she asks. "I'm worried that I won't be able to please you", he states. "Just let me guide you", mom says, kissing him sensuously on the lips. He starts to stroke her crotch, and she says: "Sweetie, I think you're actually learning already. You're making mommy so happy. Feel how wet I'm getting? You can just use mommy's pussy for practice". Watch the taboo romance unfold...

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