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The Wrong Way pt. 2

Runtime: 25:48 | Added: 08/18/2018 | Featuring: Chad White, Jill Kassidy, Whitney Wright

Categories: Brunettes, Lesbian, Natural, Seduction, Stepdad, Taboo, Tribadism

Video Description:

I pace in my livingroom furiously willing an plan to come to mind, some sequence of words that will make him fall in love with me. I know it's wrong to think about my step-father in this light, but I'm tired of letting other people's ideas of right and wrong dictate my happiness-- oh God knows this is the only man who will make me happy. I hear a knock at the door. I scrunch my brow in confusion, did he forget his house key?
I open the door and see Jill smiling at me, "Whitney!" She throws her arms around my head, and then backs up coughing, "way too much perfume, babe."
"You think so, it's new? You don't like it?" A part of me believes she's jealous. Jill's been my best friend since forever, and I know her tendency to be jealous if I find a trend before her.
Jill rolls her eyes sarcastically, "if you want to smell like a frosted cupcake, it's awesome."
I stiffen my back. It can't be true. It's part of my grand plan to woo my step-father, but is it too much? Do I have time to wash some of it off? Damn, I should have spritzed the air and walked through it, instead of dousing the back of my neck. Do I have time? I glance at my watch. Jill has to leave, I have to wash my neck, "It's called daddy's princess," and I declare, "it's very high end." I look towards the door, hoping she'll get the hint. She walks forward, and I notice how perky her butt looks in her jean shorts. She sits on the sofa, cutting short my new admiration of her ass, she looks at me with a stern eye, "we've got to talk."
I scoff, that expression is all too familiar, "Did you come here to lecture me about morals?"
Jill slides in close, "I came here to beg you to try something else before you make this mistake."
"You're so certain it's a mistake?"
Jill nods, "If he gets skeeved out by you coming onto him, do you think he'll want to be your daddy? Especially since he's not your real dad and especially since you're 18 now?"
"Or how about I kiss him, we have wild, passionate sex, and later down the road, we end up husband and wife?"
Jill, "you have NO experience with having a boyfriend or a girlfriend for that matter and you're already marrying your stepdad in your head?"
"Ok.. maybe I went too far, too fast, but the mad passionate sex is something that I think WILL go down.. I hope."
Jill leans forward and whispers, "do you masturbate?"
I scoot back, "what does that have to do with anything?" Jill has something on her mind. She has a scheme of her own planned. I'm starting to feel trapped, like a mouse in a trap. Jill looks at me with hungry eyes. I like it. What's wrong with me?

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