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The Governess

Runtime: 57:43 | Added: 06/30/2018 | Featuring: Chad White, Jill Kassidy, Whitney Wright

Categories: Blowjob, Brunettes, Creampie, Cumshot, Homewrecker, Lesbian, Natural, Seduction, Taboo, Tribadism

Video Description:


Jill White has called the Governess agency for a brand new teacher. She carefully selected the highest educated, the most professional governess hoping to find the oldest, the most dowdy, unappealingly strict teacher they could send. Her husband, Chad, had an affair with the last governess and the Whites are seeing a therapist to get past his betrayal. She knows if she chooses the most over-qualified governess, she'd certainly be sharing her home with a grandmother-type and Chad will not be tempted to stray for an elderly woman. *ding-dong* The door bell rings and Jill hurries Chad out the back door, "you've got to go now, she's here!"

Jill opens the door to see the most stunning brunette woman with sparkling blue eyes staring back at her. "Uh.. hi," she extends her hand to greet the governess; searching her mind for a way to end the interview before it starts. Whitney properly introduces herself, she carries a bible and a rosary in her hand. The women sit down for an interview and Jill quickly declines Whitney the job in the most respectful and honest way that she can, "you're not a good fit for us." Whitney believes it must be because of her religion, but isn't the White Family also Catholic? Jill awkwardly confessed the reason Whitney can't be the governess is because she is so beautiful. Whitney tries her best to win Jill with her modesty, her qualifications, and also by telling her that she is a nun, "I'm Sister Wright."

Jill is suspicious, "but you don't wear a habit?"
Whitney, "Not all nuns wear habits, it's 2018."
Jill considers she must be right, after all, she hasn't seen a nun wear a habit since she was in school.
Whitney continues, "My order has sent me and six other women from the agency to be governesses. It's my dream to educate and empower a young life, just as Sisters of Mercy did for me when I was around little Johnny age."
Jill pauses in contemplation for a second, "it's not your fault that you're beautiful. I mean, it sounds so silly. My husband, Chad, had an affair with our last governess. It may sounds a little selfish, but I do hope you were not as beautiful as you are."
Whitney gasps, "That must've been so hard for you, I can't imagine. I'm so sorry."
"It's ok, we're in counseling."
"I can assure you that Chad would not tempt me to sin even if I wasn't a nun."
Jill scrunches your brow, "you've met him?"
Whitney laughs, "no but he is a man. I will confess to you that I had a insatiable and sinful lust for women before God spoke to me and showed me the path."
Jill is shocked, "you were a lesbian?"
Whitney nods and looks down wondering if she had over-shared.
Jill clears her throat, "You know, I was being so selfish and silly before. Of course you can have the job if you want it."
"Oh thank you," she is overcome with excitement, she can barely sit still.
Jill sweetly extends her arms, "can I have a hug?"
Before Whitney can accept, Jill throws her arms around Whitney, "you're family now."
Whitney gushes with gratitude, "thank you."
"I can show you to your room, if you'd like to stay with us?"
Whitney nods, "I would be honored to stay in your beautiful home."


Whitney takes off her disguise, slides on her heels, and waits for her man to come home. She stands in the sun-room in the home she helped design, but it belongs to another woman. How could he? How could he deviate from the plan, break his promise? She shakes the negative thought from her mind, she's confident that as soon as he sees her face, he will fall back in love with her. She hears the front door open and she breathes in and waits confidently.
Chad's heart nearly stops when he sees her. Why is she out of prison? He thought he had at least ten more years to prepare for this day. His suitcase slips out of his hands, "What are you doing here?" he whispers.
Whitney turns around, her blue eyes penetrate him. She a glance that will make a man weak, but he knows that expression behind those eyes well, she's angry. Whitney purrs, "is that how you greet your lover? You never called, never wrote.. why don't you peddle back and try again?
"Where's my son?"
Whitney rolls her eyes, "your mom is bringing him over this afternoon. Think she'll remember me as a brunette?"
Chad shakes his head at the thought of his mom meeting Whitney again, he mutters, "Jesus Christ."
"Watch your mouth, baby. DIdn't your wife tell you? I'm a nun."
Chad furrows his brow, "you spoke to my wife?"
"Of course, doll. I'm the governess."
"You are not.. she would never have hired you.."
Whitney sits down comfortably, as if she has sat on the sofa hundreds of times before, "Well of course.. I put on a little white lie," she remembers the amazing she had with Jill, "..but I promise you, I let her see a glimpse of the real me.. and oh, I think we're going to get along just fine.
"Sister Wright, you mean?"
Chad's legs feel heavy, he sits down next to Whitney, "of course you changed your last name."
Whitney nods, "found a guy who can change yours too on the cheap, if you want to run away from it all.. start brand new with me."
Chad shakes his head no, "you want money? What do you want?"
"I want YOU, stupid!"
"I'm married, Whit! I've moved on!"
Whitney saunters close to Chad, "Oh no babe. I know I've been in your dreams every night, haunting you, my taste still lingers on your tongue. Look me in the eye and tell me you don't think of me all the time. Look me in the eye and tell me you don't think of me when you fuck her."
Watch the story unfold..

AVN Best Actress (Featurette) - Whitney Wright
AVN Best Actor (Featurette) - Chad White
AVN Best Featurette
XBIZ Best Actress (Couples-Themed) - Whitney Wright
XBIZ Best Girl-Girl Sex Scene - Whitney Wright & Jill Kassidy
XBIZ Best Couples-Themed Release

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