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Always A Good Boy
Calvin Hardy, Codey Steele
45 min of video
I was so pleased to find out that Katie Morgan has made an appearance on Missax, and I hope she reprises her role as the salacious stepmother sooner rather than later.
(Long Lost DVD) I think it’d be interesting if we saw Katie Morgan as a stepmother who has a secret about her past exposed by her stepson. One possible scenario could be that the stepson finds some old DVDs while rummaging around in the attic one day, and takes them downstairs to the family room in the basement to play on their old VHS/DVD player. The labels had been smudged off of most of the dust covered discs, but he found one without any markings that peaked his curiosity so he played it first. What came to life on the screen was something he had imagined since he was a young boy, but never thought he’d ever get the chance to witness. He stared in awe as he watched a younger version of his stepmother get fucked by an older male performer, and his throbbing cock nearly exploded as she screamed “Yes Daddy fuck me harder. Use me Daddy. Make your little girl cum all over your cock!” He quickly turned off the rarely used DVD player as heard his stepmother coming down the basement stairs, and hid in the darkened corner as she made her way to the laundry room. She had looked like she was in her early 20s in the DVD, and he couldn’t help hut admire how she had retained her beautiful appearance into her early 40s as he watched her bend down to place a load of laundry into the washer. Later that night he crept down to the basement and watched the DVD over and over again for hours, eventually falling asleep exhausted on the floor after pleasuring himself repeatedly to his sexy young stepmother. His dreams that night were filled with all of his forbidden desires he had for his stepmother, and he awoke the next morning possessed by the urge to have her for himself. His father played golf on weekend mornings, leaving him alone in the house with his stepmother. She was cooking pancakes in the kitchen when he snuck in behind her, and he hugged his stepmother from behind as he told her “Breakfast smells amazing Mom.” “Thank you baby, but give Mommy some space please. I wouldn’t want you to get burnt by the stove.” she tells him as she feels something firm begin to press into the back of her robe. He backed away from her and went to sit at the kitchen table, where he began undressing his stepmother with his eyes while she finished cooking breakfast. As she placed the last of the food on the table she caught a glimpse of her stepson staring at her with lust as she noticed her robe partially opened, revealing a glimpse of her gorgeous breasts. “You know, I found a really interesting DVD in the attic yesterday Mom. It must be one of Dad’s old porno tapes, but I could have sworn the woman in the tape looked exactly like you Mom.” Her jaw dropped to the floor as she registered what her stepson was saying to her, remembering having made the tape shortly before marring her husband. She had been an adult actress before meeting her husband, and the movie her stepson was referring to was one of her last scenes before leaving the industry. She had portrayed a stepdaughter who seduced her stepfather while her mother was out of town, and just thinking about her stepson watching the scene made her cheeks turn a rosy red from embarrassment. “Listen baby, your father has no idea about the movie that your referring to, and it’s going to stay that way. Give me the DVD now, and we’ll work out some sort of arrangement to keep your mouth shut.” she said to him in an innocent tone. “I can think of something that would buy my silence Mom.” he says to her as he pulls his enormous cock out of his boxer shorts, rendering his stepmother speechless at the shear size of his member. She unconsciously licked her lips as she eyed her stepson’s rock hard dick standing at attention before her, and before long she found herself on the kitchen floor vigorously stroking him while she the dirtiest things to him. Her stepson would go on to ravage her all over the kitchen before feeding her his hot load of cum as she greedily sucked him dry.