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Who's Your Daddy? 2 pt. 3

In previous segments, Sarah (Aubree Valentine) broke up with her boyfriend Freddie (Juan Loco) after one last tryst together in his car, while Ashley (Kylie Rocket) had sex with Ralph (Derrick Pierce), a mechanic friend of her stepdad Joseph (Ryan Driller).

For Part 3, Samantha (Slimthick Vic) takes center stage. She's a good friend of Joseph's. Here's how she sums it up to Joseph: "How long have we been together?". "But we're not in a relationship, are we?", he responds. "We don't want that. We both agreed that relationships are bullshit", she insists. "What we have is fun", Joseph replies. "But we're friends, aren't we? Hell, I know you've told me more fantasies than you've told your own wife", Sam maintains.

Joseph confides in Sam about the two young women (he doesn't name them, but they're his stepdaughter Ashley and Sam's daughter Sarah) he's interested in but he considers both of them off limits. "Nonsense. You deserve to be in love and you can have it, just as long as you make sure you have time for me", Samantha tells him.

"Now close your eyes, and imagine I'm her", Sam says, kissing Joseph. Sitting on his lap and rubbing against him as they continue to smooch it becomes clear that they have far more than a platonic arrangement, no matter what they say. Her kisses continue down his bare chest until she unzips his shorts and begins licking his cock. "I'm going to take it nice and slow with you", she whispers. Watch the romantic scene unfold...

Who's Your Daddy? 2 pt. 3

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Let Them Talk II pt. 1

Penny (Barber) is doing the dishes in her kitchen, ear phones on, when her husband Peter (Dick Chibbles) sneaks up behind her -home early from a convention. She rubs her ass against his hard cock, closes her eyes as she lays her head back on his chest, she coo's "Mmm.. Benny." The man steps back and she's startled when she turns around -uh oh! Hubby's none too pleased with her behavior, he looks at her with new eyes. She's not his innocent and loving wife as she has always seemed, she is a woman who thinks it's perfectly normal to rub her ass into her stepson's raging hard boner.

Peter has suspected that Penny is shamelessly flirting with his son, but now he thinks that it's probable that she is having an affair on him, with his own son! He asks her with a heavy heart, "do you still love me?" Benny (Juan Loco) interrupts their quarrel, and his stepmother and father try to act natural and pleasant. Peter jokes about lending the youngster his prized Ford Mustang, proud of the many sexual conquests he made in its back seat in his youth. It's Peter's secret hope that his little guy will use that car to find someone his own age, leaving his wife to him. That night Penny comes to Benny's bedroom, dressed in sexy red lingerie. She's carrying on an affair with her stepson, but Benny is reluctant to continue. "He knows, mom", he tells her.

"So you found a younger woman to satisfy you?", she accuses. "Stop it. She's your age", he says, talking about his girlfriend Vicky (Slimthick Vic). "So that's it -we're over?", mom asks. Benny nods Yes. "No more, shower sex? No more, late night blowjobs?", she murmurs, rubbing his crotch. "No", Benny says. Penny starts kissing him, and unable to resist, Benny begins undressing his stepmom, revealing her bountiful bosom, all while she continues to stroke his dick through his shorts. Watch the taboo scene unfold...

Let Them Talk II pt. 1

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Who's Your Daddy? 2 pt. 4

For Part 4 of this coming of age saga, the story begins to come full circle. Sara (Aubree Valentine) and Ashley (Kylie Rocket) have been vying for the attention of Ashley's stepdad Joseph (Ryan Driller), while each is having their first sexual experiences with other men. And Joseph is cheating on his wife with his friend Samantha (Slimthick Vic).

Joseph sits down with Ashley on her bed and announces: "I was just thinking how lucky I am to have you, and things between your mom and I are not good. I have a feeling we're going to be filing for divorce. I don't want to lose you". After this revelation, things go on as normal, but Sara returns while Ashley's away and tearfully tells Joseph how she's broken up with her boyfriend (Juan Loco). She hugs him, seeking comfort.

"You've been so supportive. Ashley is so lucky to have you", she tells him. "You know, a lot of the girls talk about how cute you are", she flirts. "Ashley did say you kind of have a crush on me", he admits. "Well, do you have a crush on me?", she asks. Joseph laughs, a bit flustered. "What, you don't like me?", she says as she rubs her ample behind lightly on his crotch. "Um, not here", he says, leading her from the kitchen to a bedroom.

They kiss, but he breaks off, saying "I'm married, Sara. I have a wife, and I'm your best friend's stepdad". "You have nothing to feel guilty for, and I could use a real man", Sara purrs. More kissing wears down his resistance, and Sara climbs atop him on the bed. "Are we moving too fast?", he asks. "Uh, uh, not fast enough", she responds. Sara closes the bedroom door and strips provocatively for him. "Do you think you could eat my pussy?", she whispers. "Yeah, I definitely can do that", he agrees. Watch the story unfold..

Who's Your Daddy? 2 pt. 4

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Let Them Talk II pt. 2

In Part 1, stepmom Penny (Barber) made love to her son Benny (Juan Loco), perhaps for the final time, since Juan was ashamed of betraying his dad (Dick Chibbles).

Benny revealed that he was dating an older woman, and it's Vicky (Slimthick Vic), who next morning sneaks in through the patio door to the teen's bedroom to surprise him. He's upset because his parents are home and he doesn't agree with her that it's time for her to meet them. Mom knocks on his door, and flustered Benny has Vicky hide in his closet.

Vicky is shocked to witness mommy kissing Benny, and implying what happened between her and Benny last night. He shoos mom out of his bedroom and has to face an angry girlfriend who declares: "Does your mother just kiss you on the lips? And that's why you couldn't hang out with me last night, because you were busy with your mom?". Benny is defensive, but pledges "I love you and I'm marrying you". Vicky looks down at the engagement ring on her finger and hears the boy out.

"Please don't tell me this is our first fight", he pleads. "I guess it is", she replies. He kisses Vicky, and says: "You feel that? It's my love for you". "I feel like doing something really, really naughty", Vicky purrs. Undressing, she asks him: "Have you ever fucked a girl in your bedroom? Let's see how many times you can make me cum before stepmommy comes back", she says. Watch the scene unfold with Benny about to perform under pressure...

Let Them Talk II pt. 2

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A Trick & A Treat 2

Jacob (Dick Chibbles) and his wife Julia (Rachael Cavalli) are getting ready to go to his office Halloween party, with Jacob dressed as The Grim Reaper. Julia balks at wearing such a skimpy and revealing Wonder Woman costume, but he insists on having her model it for her stepson Andy (Juan Loco). Little does dad know how turned on the kid is at the sight.

Angry at being bossed around by her husband, who wants her to turn on his boss in order to help secure a raise, Julia rebels: "You can pimp yourself out, because I'm gonna stay home with our stepson and pass out candy tonight". She storms off, and Jacob starts working on Andy to convince his stepmom to attend the party and flirt with the boss, indicating the hoped-for raise is essential to family finances and specifically continued paying for Andy's college tuition. He ends up forcing Andy to prevail on mom to meet dad at the party "or else".

When Rachael gets home from the party, she mistakes Andy for her husband, as he's wearing a matching Grim Reaper costume for handing out goodies to the trick-or-treaters, his face not showing beneath the black robe and hood. Rachael notes how mysterious he looks in costume -"It makes you look like a stranger", she says. Julia admits: "You were right -all those eyes on me at the party made me feel like a dirty exhibitionist", whispering to Andy as Reaper while grabbing his crotch.

"And you were totally wrong, but you could be forgiven, if you devote the rest of the night to making me come over and over again". Andy is about to object, but stepmom declares: "No, no, no, don't talk. I don't want you to say another word. I don't want you to kill the fantasy. She pushes the boy down on the bed, declaring: "I want your hands all over me". As Andy fondles her she reaches down to his crotch and murmurs: "So hard. You haven't been this hard for me in years."

She reveals her breasts and they continue to fondle each other, when she asks: "I want you to kiss me" and he pulls up his hood. "Andy!" she exclaims, when she sees her stepson's face. "I tried to tell you but you wouldn't listen", he declares. After arguing about whether she really knew who was under the hood or not, Andy insists: "I want to kiss you mom" and gives her a peck on the lips. Still looking shocked, Julia responds with a sensual deep kiss, and sits back on the bed, rubbing her groin and saying: "I want you to kiss me here". Watch the taboo scene unfold...

A Trick & A Treat 2

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Who's Your Daddy? 2 pt. 5

Following various sexual dalliances, the saga concludes when stepdaddy Joseph (Ryan Driller) visits his daughter Ashley's bedroom one day when she won't get up. Ashley (Kylie Rocket) is still angry and depressed, after she saw him making love to her best friend Sara (Aubree Valentine).

"I just want to be left alone", she tells him. Later, Joseph phones Sara and asks her: "You don't think that she saw us, do you?". "Who cares?", is Sara's callous reply. "She hasn't gotten out of bed all week", Joseph explains. Sara wants to come over but Joseph declares: "Sara, I think we made a mistake", but she's hung up the phone on him already. She shows up all smiles and as he tries to discourage her Ashley appears, out of bed at last.

"Sara was just leaving", Joseph declares. "That's okay, she can stay", Ashley says. "I have a date. I'm done here, you see, you're dad's a fucking loser", Sara says vindictively, adding: "You already know that, right?", before exiting stage right from the kitchen.

Stepdad tries to apologize, but Ashley rebuffs him: "I know you never loved me, and Sara always gets what she wants. Look, you're all I had. Mom never took care of me, my dad was never around, and then mom went and married you and well, I guess I'm just good for leaving". Joseph embraces her and they kiss, with Ashley leading him up to her bedroom. They talk about whether Ashley will ever reconcile with her best friend, and kiss again. She climbs on top of him to continue kissing more passionately. Watch the taboo romance unfold...

Who's Your Daddy? 2 pt. 5

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