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Risqué Business pt. 1

Runtime: 35:45 | Added: 08/01/2023 | Featuring: Chad White, Layla Jenner

Categories: Blowjob, Brunettes, Creampie, Cumshot, Lingerie, Natural

Video Description:

Attorney, Mike (Ryan Driller), sits on his bed, having a drink, as he stares at the framed photo of his wife (Jessica Ryan). He picks up his cell phone and leaves a message: "I may not be here when you get back. Love you", he says and leans back on the bed.

Flashing back two weeks earlier, young and gorgeous Layla Jenner is sunbathing out on her patio, as she exchanges words with Dean (Chad White), who takes umbrage at her for treating him like hired help -he works for her husband but doesn't have to put up with that. But she invites him to see her later after hubby has left. She winks at Dean, her secret lover, and Dean smiles at her with anticipation.

Meanwhile back at Mike's home, Jessica rolls her suitcase into the kitchen to say goodbye to him, as she'll be away for a whole month. They kiss and things start to get hot and heavy, when they're interrupted by a car horn honking, and she rushes off to catch her ride to the airport. Mike prepares some lunch, and gets a phone call and leaves. He arrives at a house where the front door is standing ajar, open. He's greeted by Layla, wearing a fetching red gown with a fur coat hanging from her shoulders, and he tells her he's looking for Dean. "Are you the lawyer?", she inquires. He is, and she identifies herself as "the wife", and immediately makes a pass at him.

She directs him to the patio, where Dean is standing, gazing at the valley below. Dean reports to Mike that Layla has been unfaithful to her husband Mr. Jones, and hands a file to divorce lawyer Mike. He informs Mike that Mr. Jones needs to know if he should cut his wife off as a result of her suspected infidelity. Mike balks at being assigned an investigator's role, but Dean insists that's what Jones has ordered. He reluctantly agrees, and Dean leans confidentially toward him, saying: "A piece of advice: stay away from Layla, she's trouble". "Not a problem -I'm married", Mike retorts. "That didn't stop her", Dean replies.

As Mike leaves, he's cornered suddenly by Layla, who kisses the stunned lawyer on the lips, adding "To remember me by". Later, Layla is lying on her bed, wearing striking blue lingerie, when Dean knocks on the bedroom door. Layla isn't happy that Dean didn't tell her about the lawyer hired by her husband, but he assures her not to worry. "Does he suspect you, stupid", she says, belittling him as before. "You gotta stop calling me stupid, okay? He doesn't suspect anything. I am his loyal confidante", Dean insists. After they kiss, she says: "You know I want to be with you, Dean. Just sayin', he's an old man -he can die at any time". "It sounds like you're insinuating I should speed that up", Dean replies. They argue about whether she would inherit everything, after all the old man has kids, but Layla is confident: "I've done more for him than they ever have. I deserve this". She wonders if she should talk to the lawyer, noting "I can be very persuasive". "That's what worries me", Dean retorts.

Enough schmoozing, it's time for the lovers to get down. Watch the illicit affair unfold...

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