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Nymphomaniac II

Runtime: 46:42 | Added: 11/19/2022 | Featuring: Dakota Tyler, Ricky Spanish

Categories: Blowjob, Brunettes, Creampie, Cum in Mouth, Cumshot, Frottage, Natural, Petite, Solo, Stepsister, Taboo, Voyeur

Video Description:

Ricky (Spanish) is in bed and upon hearing sounds of moaning gets up to investigate. He discovers his stepsister Dakota (Tyler) in her bed masturbating, using a large pink vibrator toy. After staring mesmerized by the sexy sight for a while, he departs, carefully and quietly closing her bedroom door behind him.

When she goes to the living room next morning, he confronts her with a sexy photo of herself she's posted on her Insta page. Ricky gives her plenty of unwanted advice on dating, concerned that Dakota is sleeping around. "I'm your stepbrother. I care about you. If you're looking for a guy, I want to help you find one who has the capacity to love you like I do", he maintains. Fed up with his intrusive interest, she declares: "I meet them, I perform for them, sometimes I'm the wholesome good girl or the dirty little slut. I get them in my bed, and my instincts kick in. You know the feeling of power just kicks in. I undress them and then I fuck them, and brother, I'm on to the next one" she declares facetiously, and leaves the living room, blowing him a kiss. Ricky just sits there, dumbfounded.

That night, he visits her bedroom again. "You scared me half to death!", she complains when he enters. "What, you thought I was your dad or my mom?", he wonders. "You know how it is, we're 19. We're like prisoners in this house", she says. "Well, better get used to being a prisoner. I've decided to tell them your little secret", he states matter-of-factly. "No! RIcky, you wouldn't do that", she exclaims. "I have to. Look how you're dressed, who you are meeting. It doesn't matter -I'm going to tell them" he says.

Desperately she says: "Okay, I'll tell you what I'm up to, but you absolutely can't tell them". "No promises. So tell me", he states. "Okay. I'm addicted to...(she starts to whisper) cum". Speaking louder, she continues: "I crave it. My mouth waters whenever I think about it. I walk around with my panties soaking wet". "No way", he reacts. "I'm going out Ricky and you can't stop me. There's only one way you can stop me", she declares. "Tell me. I'll do anything to help you", he pleads. She leans forward and kisses him on the lips. He pushes her away, yelling: "No, no!".

"Look, if you cared about me, then you'd kiss me, you'd undress me and touch me...", she declares. "I can't do that", he counters. "You don't think I'm pretty?", she asks. "Dakota, of course, you're beautiful", he responds. Taking over, she grabs his crotch and says: "You've got one. Close your eyes". He obeys, and she leans over and kisses him on the lips again, then declaring "You taste good". She begins French kissing him, and Ricky can't resist.

She pushes him flat on her bed. "We can't go all the way", he protests. "You have to help me Ricky", she insists. "What if I came in a cup, or something", he suggests in desperation. She grabs her phone, and says: "I want to dance for you". Undressing down to her yellow bra and panties, she sits on top of his lap and starts grinding back and forth as her phone quietly plays rhythm music. "Tell me brother, am I making you hard?", she asks. "Dakota, I just want a normal relationship with you", he insists. She continues grinding on him, and he admits: "You're so wet. I can feel how wet you are through my pants". "I have an idea. I want to see your cock in my mouth", she says. Dakota removes her bra, and Ricky can no longer resist -he begins kissing her nipples. Watch the taboo seduction unfold...

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