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Nothing Left to Say

Runtime: 43:43 | Added: 02/07/2023 | Featuring: Liz Jordan, Ricky Spanish

Categories: Blowjob, Brunettes, Cumshot, Frottage, Homewrecker, Natural, Stepsister, Taboo, Tease

Video Description:

Ricky (Spanish) is despondent because his girlfriend Angel has broken up with him, and even had sex with his trusted friend Toby. His lovely stepsister Liz (Jordan) wants to cheer him up, after all she feels responsible -having introduced Angel to him in the first place, thinking they would make a perfect match.

Liz is a bit mystified as to why Ricky never made love to Angel, the reason why she threw him over to take up with Toby instead. He confesses the truth: out of nervousness, every time he was about to have sex with Angel his dick would go limp. Liz can't help herself from laughing at this embarrassing revelation, and Ricky is none too pleased at her making fun of him -he informs sis that he's more than able to satisfy a woman without using his dick.

Liz has an idea to help get Angel back, declaring: "All we have to do is show her you're not the sad sack she thinks you are. You're going to post on social media and show the entire world that you are over her, and already have a new chick". Sounds good on paper, but how is Ricky going to find a new girl before being humiliated at school tomorrow morning? "I'm going to be that girl", Liz proudly announces.

Ricky naturally objects, but she points out: "We're not going to show my face. No one will know who I am. Let's get started!". The two of them lie down on his bed and Liz takes their photo via her phone and immediately posts it with the hashtag: #true love. Within moments, congratulations come in for Ricky, and Liz declares: "Let's give them something else". She removes her jeans and orders him to lay down. "We're going to make you look like a fucking stud". Liz sits on to of him and snaps a suggestive photo showing her panties, but of course not her face.

Ricky admits that his stepsister looks hot in the photo, but reactions become skeptical, and people want him to prove she's real, and not just a love doll. Angel begins to post and jokes that if the girl in the photos is real, she won't last long because of Ricky's "noodle dick". Ricky's despondent, but Liz builds his confidence, noting she felt how hard his dick was when she straddled him. Reaching out and touching his groin, she declares: "See, you're still hard!". For the next photo, she instructs him: "Pretend I'm Angel, and close your eyes", as she unbuttons his pants and start stroking his cock and snapping another sexy photo to post.

Guys dig it, calling him "The man", but Angel is flippant, posting "The moment it touches lips, it'll go limp". That doesn't deter Ricky from still wanting to get back together with Angel, and Liz has another bright idea: they won't post an explicit photo but just send it directly to Angel to make her jealous. Liz removes Ricky's pants entirely and starts sucking his cock. Watch the taboo scene unfold...

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