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My Son's Desires pt. 2

Runtime: 38:44 | Added: 02/20/2022 | Featuring: Lilly Bell, Tyler Nixon

Categories: Blondes, Blowjob, Creampie, Cumshot, Natural, Stepsister, Taboo

Video Description:

Alice (Lilly Bell) arrives for a visit and greets Alex (Tyler Nixon): "You must be my new big brother". He tells her that her mother (Rachael Cavalli) is out, and shows her around the house, taking her upstairs to her bedroom.

Alex says: "All right, so you saw pretty much all downstairs and the bedrooms, but we gave you the second largest one". "Where are you?", Alice inquires. "I'm literally just down the hall, yeah, one door down", Alex replies. "Well, I'm tired after my trip -I'm going to take a small nap". Later that night Alex is on the couch in the living room when he hears Alice scream. He rushes upstairs and finds her writhing on the bed, having a nightmare.

"Hey, wake up!", he yells as he grabs her, Alice awakes and he reassures her: "It's just a dream. Relax. You okay?". She tells him: "I'm sorry. I should have warned you I have really bad night terrors". "Don't worry, I'm just happy you're okay", he responds. "You must think I'm a freak", she says. "No, no, not at all. You good?", he asks, concerned. "Is mom home?", Alice asks. "No, I'm sorry, she's out for the night", Alex responds.

"Do you think you could just stay with me a little tonight?", Alice pleads. "Yeah, of course, of course", he replies. "I know it's silly, and they're just dreams, but I just get so scared", she says. "Relax", he says, taking her hands in his. "I will stay here as long as you need me to. Is that good?". "Thanks, big brother", she replies. "You're very welcome. Let's get to bed", Alex says.

They lie atop the covers and Alex reaches for the lamp. "You can leave that on right now", Alice says. "Yeah", he agrees and they snuggle a bit, as she quickly falls asleep. After a while Alex carefully gets up, but she reaches out for him and cries out: "Alex?". Half out the door he turns and says: "Hey". "Are you leaving?", she asks. "Yeah, I couldn't sleep", he responds.

"I'm awake now", Alice says. "Are you sure?", he wonders. "Yeah, you're really sweet", she notes. "Oh come on, nobody calls me sweet", Alex says sheepishly. "And you're cute, too", she adds, flirting with him. He waves her off, claiming "Please, you're just saying that". "No, I mean I've never had a cute brother before -it's exciting", Alice says. "Well, thanks", he says. "Do you think I'm cute?", she asks.

"You know you're cute -you're beautiful", Alex says. "Come back to bed", she pleads. "I would like to, but you fall asleep so easily -you're not the best conversationalist", he jokes. "Yeah, I was pretty tired before, but it felt really good to cuddle a little bit", she admits. He nervously answers: "Yeah, okay, just a little bit more". "Wait, take off your pants", she says boldly.

"What?", Alex replies. "You can't be comfortable lying down in jeans. Don't you want to be comfortable?", Alice asks. He nervously removes his jeans, noting "It's hot in here anyway". Alex gets back on the bed and they resume a spoon position next to each other, his hard-on rubbing her behind. "I'm so sorry", he apologizes. "Don't worry. It's okay, it's natural, it doesn't mean anything", Alice claims. "Of course", Alex agrees, as they cuddle once more.

She keeps rotating her hips, rubbing against Alex's cock. "Alice, what are you doing?", he asks. "I'm just getting more comfortable", she maintains. "Alice, we should not be doing this", he insists. "Doing what?", she asks innocently. "Isn't this what you want, big brother?", she says. "What if mom finds out?". "She won't", Alice insists. "What if she does?", he repeats. "Don't worry -we're family now. This will be our very first little secret", Alice mocks.

"Well, the apple doesn't fall too far from the tree", Alex says, referring to his previous sexual conquest of her mother. "What does that mean?", Alice asks, surprised. Flustered, he responds: "That means absolutely nothing. It's just a stupid saying from a long time ago. I don't even know what it means". "When I first saw you, and felt it against me, I just knew I had to have it", Alice says. "You need to have...", he begins, and she interrupts: "I want your cock". They kiss. Watch the story unfold...

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