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My Sister, The Pervert

Runtime: 51:34 | Added: 03/09/2023 | Featuring: Aubree Valentine, Ricky Spanish

Categories: Blowjob, Brunettes, Creampie, Handjob, Natural, Stepsister, Taboo

Video Description:

Aubree (Valentine) is the beautiful stepsister of Ricky (Spanish), who's annoyed at him pestering her as she sits on the living room couch, working on a lengthy paper for her English Lit class, due on Monday. She informs him that she'll be meeting Edward at a cafe in an hour, a potential boyfriend, and sends him outside to shoot hoops with his pals.

When Ricky returns, tired and sweaty, he heads for the bathroom, where Aubree is standing nude, fresh out of the shower. Ricky stops and stares, his jaw hanging open in amazement at her perfect body dripping wet, Aubree explodes in anger at him, quite embarrassed. That night he visits her bedroom to apologize, but she's having none of it, declaring: "The first man to see me naked was supposed to be my husband, and now you've seen everything".

Ricky wants to make amends and get over this major faux pas, but Aubree won't just forgive him, but insists that first: "We're going to have to be back on level terms. You see me in my most vulnerable state, completely naked; I think we should level the field. Maybe you could start with taking your shirt off". He begrudgingly goes along with her commands, and she laughs when he shows her his bare butt. He balks at going further, explaining that he's hard, but she talks him into it.

Sis is not laughing when Ricky exposes his long, stiff dick, pointing skyward. She's duly impressed and insists that he jerk off in front of her, if he wants to earn her forgiveness. As he complies, Aubree continues to escalate, moving across her bed to get close to him, asking: "Maybe I could help make it harder, if that's okay?". She begins stroking his cock, murmuring gleefully: "It's like throbbing in my hand". Ricky begins to enjoy it, and gives her instructions.

Impulsively, Aubree bends over to gently lick the tip of the penis, curious as to what the mysterious liquid (pre-cum) tastes like, and notes with a big smile: "I kinda really like it". He whispers: "Do you wanna...", but she refuses, and he abruptly pulls up his pants and starts to leave the bedroom, when she stops him and says "Don't go. You haven't seen the inside of me, and I think it only might be fair, since I got to see your penis and touch it".

She strips off her jeans, and spreads her legs before him, displaying her virgin pussy, asking him:"Is it okay?". "It's perfect", Ricky responds. "I want you to rub yours on it", she suggests. "We're not having sex, we're just helping each other out", she insists. Aubree can barely control herself as her brother rubs his dick up and down against her labia. Then she lets him kiss and lick her pussy, nearly driving her crazy..

Ricky kisses her and feels her naked breasts, and then returns to rubbing his dick against her pussy, until she pleads for him to enter her. When he gently inserts his cock, her excitement mounts, and Aubree declares: "It hurts a little bit, but it kinda feels really good, too". Watch the seductive taboo scene unfold...

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