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Meant To Be

Runtime: 46:20 | Added: 04/06/2022 | Featuring: Chad Alva, Madi Collins

Categories: Blowjob, Creampie, Homewrecker, Natural, Petite, Redhead, Seduction

Video Description:

Alice (Candice Dare) is on her bed in a yoga position, her legs up in the air revealing her big butt and bare pussy, as her husband Mike (Chad Alva) enters the bedroom. "I read on a forum that this position encourages pregnancy", Alice announces.

The couple talk about their difficulty in having a baby, and Alice goes to the bathroom to do a pregnancy test. She returns and with her hand covering her eyes gives the test stick to Mike, saying: "I can't look". The test reads Not pregnant, and the despondent couple discuss adoption, with Alice feeling guilty about her failure to conceive. Mike reassures her, but it's obvious how much a strain this puts on their marriage.

In his office at school, professor Mike goes over a paper about biological attraction submitted by lovely redhead student Holly (Madi Collins). "You are the image of youth and fertility", he tells her. "I had a question, professor", she says. "Please call me Mike", he says. "Okay, Mike, I understand mate selection among humans, that men and women have different qualities that they search for in a perfect mate, but I just don't understand how or why somebody would sleep with a total stranger", she states. "Well, please don't consider me a chauvinist for sharing this perspective, but this is precisely why men are more likely to have sex with a total stranger than women are", he argues. "It's just that ever since I started your class I've been thinking about the biology of how young women my age could go to a club and pick up a total stranger", she explains.

"Well, there are a lot of factors at play", he responds. "You look at me and I have the markers of youthfulness and attractiveness, you know, big eyes, small waist and clear skin, but those markers fade over time, and as for women, we look for a low voice, which doesn't necessarily mean they're dependable, or big arms, but that doesn't necessarily mean they're strong. It's like a false promise", she contends. "Holly, that's a very intelligent observation", he responds.

"I'm just thinking out loud. There was something else I wanted to ask you about -chastity. One of the traits men look for in women is chastity. But what if the woman wants to sleep with other people, you know, try different things?", she asks. "Well, men do tend to categorize women in two different ways. One is women who are ideal for long-term coupling, and the other is women who are ideal for a quick fuck", he says, bringing a smile to her face. "Well, isn't it kind of shameful to be a quick fuck?", she asks. "Well, we can't all be slaves to our biological impulses", he opines. "So you don't think it's a bad thing for women to like sex?", she wonders. Mike takes her hand and says: "Not at all. I fact I think it's hot".

"Good to know", she responds. "So I've got a little question for you, Holly. How would you measure a man like me in regards to biological desirability?", he asks. "Well, I'll have to get a little closer", Holly replies, moving closer to Mike. "You're attractive, obviously, big hands, a deep voice, and you're tall -you have good teeth too. And you have a good job, paying well. You're respectable", she says. "How would you know that?", he asks her. "Guys my age can't really hold a job", she contends. "Okay, fair enough", he replies. "Well, now that we're on a first-name basis, a bit more intimate...", she begins, moving closer to him, they're interrupted by his cell phone ringing.

He picks up his phone, and she gathers up her books, getting up off the couch, saying "I probably should go". "No, please stay", he says, taking her arm. He continues: "This was my mistake. I don't want you to think you did anything wrong". "You're married, Mike". she points out. "It's true, but honestly we haven't been on good terms lately", he avers. "Well, maybe that's because you don't answer the phone", Holly says, as she sits back down on the couch. "We're trying to have a baby", he confesses. "Oh", she replies. "It's not going well", he says. "I really should go", she reiterates. "Please, I'm asking you to stay. I don't want this to end on a bad note", he pleads. "Well, do you love her?", she asks. "Yes, with all my heart", he responds.

"Then why risk it?", she asks. "I don't know. To punish myself maybe. For not giving her what she wants", he admits. "That's depressing", Holly says. "Well, you're young still. You don't understand", he says. "I understand you have a wife, and you shouldn't be doing this", she says. Taking her hand in his he says: "Look, this isn't just about sex to me. I really like you". "But you love your wife", she emphasizes. "Both things can be true", he asserts. "It doesn't mean we should act on it though", she says. Mike strokes her knee, saying: "No one's gonna know". "But I'll know, and I know that this is nothing but a distraction", she responds. "No, really, you're a bright, beautiful young woman", he says. "All the markers of biological attractiveness, from your words", she notes. "It's a happy coincidence. You're not mad, are you?", he asks. "No, fortunately I find you very attractive", she says. They lean forward to kiss, but again the phone rings, interrupting them. Holly kneels down and gives Mike a blow job as he speaks to his wife on the phone. Watch the scene continue to unfold, leading to a surprise ending.

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