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Indecent pt. 2

Runtime: 56:44 | Added: 12/24/2022 | Featuring: Coco Lovelock, Reagan Foxx, Tommy Pistol

Categories: Blondes, Blowjob, Brunettes, Busty, Cumshot, Hotwife, Lesbian, Lingerie, MILF, Petite, Threesome

Video Description:

The married couple Paul Johnston (Ryan Driller) and Reagan Johnston (Reagan Foxx) successfully experimented with hotwifing, as Reagan had sex with Jacob (Quinton James) and then dutifully showed her husband the proof she had photographed with her cell phone, resulting in hot sex by the aroused spouses.

In Part 2, it's the next morning, and the couple is discussing money troubles at work that necessitated layoffs. Reagan's dad financed Paul's company, and had been paid back, but Reagan resents the implication that Paul wants to ask his father-in-law for more money. This leads to a far worse idea -Paul tells her that a Mr. Remington she met once at the race track has offered a million bucks (shades of Robert Redford in "Indecent Proposal") for one night with Reagan!

Reagan exclaims: "You're hilarious. You think you can sell me? Mr. Remington thinks he can buy me? I'm not a piece of meat. I never wanted to be with another man. I did it for you". "Oh come on! You enjoyed yourself with Jacob", Paul counters. "I chose him. I agreed to sleep with another man so long as I chose him", Reagan insists. "So how about I choose this time?", Ryan replies.

"I'm sure his wife is not going to be fine with this", Reagan points out. "Actually, Mr. Remington wants you for her. Honey, you've always fantasized about being with a girl. Remember, you didn't want to sleep with another man but that worked out splendidly", Paul declares. Reagan looks at him in disgust, then turns away, closing her eyes. "Tell me you'll do it", he asks. "I'll do it", she responds reluctantly, her eyes wide open.

Reagan arrives at the Remingtons' home, with Morris the butler (Clarke Kent) admitting her and sending her up to the bedroom. Petite Coco Remington (Coco Lovelock) rushes to take Reagan by the hand, declaring: "Daddy, please don't make her stay in the cage tonight, she seems special, I want to cuddle". "Coco-angel, Reagan can't stay with us. She's only with us for one night", Remington (Tommy Pistol) responds. Reagan sits down on the bed and Coco joins her. "I'm so happy that you're mine. I've been begging daddy for us to use you as our pet", Coco gushes. "Daddy?", Reagan wonders. "My lovely wife likes to call me daddy", Remington explains. "You have to call him daddy too", Coco insists.

"Mr. Remington is fine", he concedes. "Have you ever seen such a beautiful woman as my little Coco?", he asks. "Yes, beautiful", Reagan replies nervously. "You're beautiful too -let's make out", Coco exclaims. "I would prefer a little conversation, and maybe some seduction before we make love", Reagan suggests. "When was the last time you've been with a woman, Reagan?", Remington asks. "Well, I...", Reagan stammers a bit. Coco interrupts: "Oh, I get to take your girl virginity?". "We really appreciate you for spending the evening with us", Remington changes the subject.

He pulls out his phone and plays some music. "Can I dance for you?", Coco asks Reagan. The petite girl begins a striptease, and gives the older woman a provocative lap dance. As Remington watches, Reagan warms up a bit and Coco licks and kisses her on the neck, moving to her lips with a French kiss. Coco remains in charge, directing Reagan what to do. As Reagan kisses her breasts, Coco murmurs: "She's so nice daddy, she makes me so wet". Coco helps her undress and kisses Reagan's breasts, then opens her legs. "Look how wet she is, daddy. I think she likes it". Coco begins rubbing up and down on Reagan's slit, still covered by her panties. "Do you want to feel his big cock sliding up and down your slit, just like this?", Coco asks.

Reagan looks around apprehensively. "I can share my daddy if you want me to", Coco suggests. The women kiss and Coco removes Reagan's shoes. Coco motions for her husband to come forward. He lies on the bed next to them and Coco requests: "Daddy, why don't you stroke your cock please?". "No darling, only if Reagan asks me", he answers. Reagan nervously gathers up her dress, whispering: "I'm leaving. This is a bad idea". "No, come on, it's okay. Relax", Coco says, kissing her. Coco tosses the dress away and starts rubbing Reagan's pussy again as they kiss. At Coco's urging, Reagan says: "Mr. Remington. Take out your cock and stroke it for us".

Remington obliges, still watching the women intently. Then Coco moves over to her husband and gives him a blow job, instructing Reagan to join in. Watch the unusual threesome unfold...

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