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If The Eyes Didn't See, The Hands Wouldnt Take

Runtime: 48:19 | Added: 07/11/2017 | Featuring: Jessa Rhodes, Johnny Sins, Kissa Sins

Categories: Blondes, Brunettes, Creampie, Fetish, Seduction, Stepdad, Taboo

Video Description:

Includes: Kissa Sins, Jessa Rhodes role-play sex, two creampies

Jessica listens to her husband lament about how his morning meeting was canceled, "the client will probably postpone until 6 or 7 in the afternoon," he explains. She reminds him that their anniversary was tonight. John apologizes, they've both been working overtime since Kissa will be starting college soon.

Kissa skips down the stairs and into the kitchen, she flings open the refrigerator and sticks out her tush. John glances over and sees Kissa in the most inappropriate shorts, if they were any shorter they'd be showing off his little girl's ass. "Nu-uh," he tells her as he wags his index finger at her. Kissa pleads with her mother to tell him about modern fashion, and let her wear her outfit to the music festival. Jessica calmly explains to John that she's going to a music festival, she's meeting a boy there, "please let the girl wear what she wants." John fumes and asserts his power as her stepfather, "as long as you're under my roof, you will abide by my rules." Kissa storms off and texts her boyfriend.

Jessica calms her husband, "you remember what it was like to be her age?" John smiles warmly at her. The two have a beautiful relationship where they always agree on how to raise Kissa, even though Jessica tends to bend to Kissa's youthful temper tantrums. Jessica goes into her purse and grabs an Anniversary gift. John opens it and sees a blindfold and a key. He looks at his wife, she shows him the key playfully hanging around her necklace. Jessa purrs, "your meeting is canceled, why don't you put these on, and nothing else," her eyebrow raises at John. Her panties are wet with the idea of her masculine husband bound and powerless in her bed. John kisses her and goes into the bedroom.

Kissa texts her boyfriend "my stepdad is such an asshole!" He tries to tell her to "sneak out," but she can't, her bedroom is on the second floor, and they'd surely see her. She remembers how he climbed the trellis of her bedroom window, "can you come to my bedroom?" His response is slow, she watches the blinking dots on the phone as he types the message, she knows he's trying to back out. Why wouldn't he respond, "yes," right away? She quickly snaps a couple dirty selfies and sends them to him for incentive. He stops typing, there is a silence, she snaps a suggestive photo of her best sex face. He replies, "can I see your pussy?" Kissa closes her eyes, that's her most intimate place, she's never taken a photo of her pussy, and to send it to her boyfriend? She's desperate, she pulls down her shorts and starts massaging her pussy, she wants it to look as wet, as inviting, as pretty puffy pink as it can look.

Jessa enters the bedroom to see her husband on the bed. She peels off her robe and she purrs in a Russian accent, "I am Svetlana, you're going to be my docile pussy cat, stay still while I use you for my pleasure." She teases and taunts his skin before she gives him her soft, wet mouth, he begs for her to fuck him, "Oh Jessica." She slaps him playfully against the cheek, "it's Svetlana."

Kissa musters up all her courage and masturbates for her boyfriend, she sends him explicit photos. She waits for his response confidently, she knows he'll be at her bedroom window in no time. "Hot babe, but I can't.. it's my only chance to see Agent Zero," he texts to her. She text back, "please.. I've never been this turned on in my entire life." She watches the screen uncertain about her feminine persuasion, horny, angry, frustrated. He declines her and her heart drops. She contemplates telling him that she "never wants to see him again," but erases the text. "I need a cold shower," she thinks to herself.

Jessa pumps her pussy up and down John's throbbing hard cock. The wetness of her pussy makes his cock shiny, she feels so erotic, so naughty, she's never played with John this way. He thrusts in and out of her pussy until he feels the tightening spasms of her orgasm. She collapses on his chest, her breasts moist with her own sweat as she feels his hot cum seeping out of her swollen pussy. She looks at his blindfolded face, "I'm going to take a shower," she purrs, "stay here for round 2."

Kissa opens the bathroom door to hear her mother using the shower, she shuts the door and rolls her eyes, it figures that she can't even have the pleasure of a shower on a day where everything is going wrong. She catches a glimpse of her stepfather's face, blindfolded!

Watch the story unfold..


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