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Heat Wave II

Runtime: 47:55 | Added: 02/10/2022 | Featuring: Reagan Foxx, Robby Apples

Categories: Blowjob, Brunettes, Busty, Creampie, Cumshot, MILF, Taboo

Video Description:

Reagan Foxx lies on a living room couch in her bikini, fanning herself with her hands as she sweats through a sweltering heat wave. Stepson Robby Echo joins her, and she says" "The power's out. There's no AC". "What do you mean, shouldn't we call someone?", he asks. "I guess your father forgot to pay the bill", she responds.

Later Robby tells her he called the power company and they said power could be restored in a couple of hours or couple of days. "A couple of days. I can't survive that long", mom complains. "Man, dad really put us in the mess. He could be so spiteful", he says. "Did you have the chance to talk to him?", she asks. "Yeah". "So he told you?", she wonders. "You know even if dad leaves you, you'll still be a mom to me", Robby says. "Dad's such a dick", he complains.

"Did he happen to mention why?", she inquires. "He found someone else", the boy reports. "Hanging in past my expiration point, time to trade me in for a younger, hotter model", Reagan says ruefully. "Well, what do you want to do in the meantime while the power company turns the power back on?", Robby asks. "What can we do?", she asks helplessly. "I have an idea", he announces. "Tell me". "We can have a sleepover, right here in the living room. Come on, get some pillows!", he exclaims. They get up to leave the room, and he declares: "Let's make some good memories". "I would love that", Reagan says.

They return to the living room with pillows, bed clothes and Robby's guitar, which he idly strums as they lie on two couches, lit by candle light. He hits a wrong note and they both laugh. "I love this. This reminds me of sleepovers when I was in high school", stepmom notes. "I wasn't allowed to have sleepovers. Dad hated having people around. What was your home like growing up?", he asks her.

"My home, it was always like this gathering place. We'd have people come and go whenever they wanted. I had some girlfriends who would spend the night for months at a time", Reagan reports. She goes on to explain various jobs she had, like modeling, before her marriage. "Why did you stop?", Robby asks. "He's traditional. The thought of me working outside the house just wasn't his thing", she recalls. "You know, I don't get it. He saw the light in you and he tried so hard to dim it. What was he afraid of?", Robby wonders about his dad. "He told me it was the way I dress, that's why he left me for that girl", Reagan notes.

Robby recalls: "By the time I started standing up for myself he sent me off to military school. He wanted them to destroy me". "So tell me more about these sleepovers. Were boys allowed?". "Oh no, no way! My mother would kill me if I had boys over", Reagan declares. "You ever get, extra comfy with any of the other girls?", Robby inquires mischievously. "You little perv!", she responds.

"Well, now you're avoiding the question, so that's leading me to believe that you did some heavy petting with some hot cheerleader", he jokes. "All right, yes, some of my girlfriends and I practiced kissing each other, you know it was innocent, just some teenage girl stuff", she confesses. "Did you all jump around in booty shorts and hit each other with pillows?", he asks mockingly. "Is that really what guys think girls do?", Reagan responds. "Deep down we probably know you don't but we like to keep the dream alive", Robby jokes. "You know honestly I wish I had been luckier at love, and maybe have got somebody like you", she says wistfully. "Like me?". "Yeah, you're kind and funny and responsible. Let's be honest -if it wasn't for you I'd be sitting alone here in the dark", Reagan notes.

"I just have this thought, and I don't know if I should say it to you because you're my stepmom", Robby thinks out loud. "I guess my feelings are just really complicated right now", he continues. "Honey, do you have a crush on me? Oh my gosh, this is so cute!", she declares. "I was worried you'd say that", Robby replies. "Honey, when I was about your age I also had a little crush on my daddy. You know it was innocent and nothing happened, but it took me a while to get over it, just as it will for you, and one day we're going to have a really good laugh over this", Reagan says.

"But what if I don't ever see you again, and dad comes home and kicks you out", he wonders. "I promise, that's not going to happen", she claims. "Okay, maybe we should sleep a little bit", Robby suggests. "Okay, sure". Reagan gets up, and he says, "No, you can sleep here next to me". "No, that's probably not appropriate", she says. "Please, like I don't know when we'll be able to do this again", he pleads. "Okay, just for a little bit", she agrees, lying on the floor next to him.

They kiss passionately, but she breaks off, whispering "This isn't right". "Don't worry, it's not like your mom's gonna find out you brought a boy home", Robby jokes. "Stop teasing, you know this is never going to happen", Reagan replies. "We're both adults", Robby responds. "It doesn't make it right", she counters.

"Says who?", Robby mocks. "What if your father found out?". "Who cares what he thinks?", stepson says. "He would kill us both!", Reagan exclaims. "I'm not going to let him hurt you, never again", Robby says with conviction. "You're sweet", stepmom whispers, and they kiss again. "We can't do this", Reagan murmurs, and Robby says: "Just stop thinking and enjoy". Watch the sweaty romance unfold...

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