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Good Girl From Now On

Runtime: 43:14 | Added: 08/21/2023 | Featuring: Derrick Pierce, Madi Collins

Categories: Blowjob, Creampie, Cumshot, Frottage, Homewrecker, Natural, Petite, Redhead, Stepdad, Taboo

Video Description:

Redhead stepdaughter Madi (Collins) greets her dad Derrick Pierce with affection, but a phone call to him from her mom puts her in hot water: she had a boy in her room yesterday without permission.

Just as Derrick is about to read her the riot act, a car horn sounds and Madi rushes off with her boyfriend Joey, escaping the impending lecture. But when she returns, Madi is distraught: Joey was mean to her. Surprisingly, stepdad takes her side: he's glad she's dating, after all he was dating at even a younger age, but he wants to back up her mother as his wife, in charge of her own kid.

"In my day, we at least had the decency to sneak around behind our parents' back, we didn't do everything right beneath their nose in the middle of broad daylight", Derrick admits. "I'm just trying to give you some advice to make your life easier, and to make mine easier, too", he points out, noting that mom won't come home until Madi apologizes. Of course, Madi refuses.

That night, Madi's in her pajamas, busily texting when stepdad visits her bedroom. She reports that Joey is breaking up with her -"He doesn't want a girlfriend he can't even see, do you blame him?", she complains. Madi notes that she's never had sex with him, prompting Derrick to ask: "So you're a virgin?". "No, I broke my hymen with a cucumber", she replies, with a big smile. "You know, I don't want to be a virgin, none of my friends are", she offers. "Princess, there'll be plenty of time to find the one", Derrick responds, but he gets mad when she insists she's going to sneak a boy into the house at night, in defiance of her mom.

"I want dick in my mouth tonight -I'm at least going to lose my oral virginity!", she declares, almost gleefully. She claims peer pressure from all her friends is intense, discussing their sexual exploits. Derrick gives up, he doesn't know what to say to dissuade her. "Go back to your room", she says, adding: "unless... I can suck yours".

Exasperated, stepdad points his finger at Madi, and she remarks: "You want me to suck your finger?". "I will tell you how to do it, and then you can use that when you want to do it on a real one, that's the compromise", he claims. Madi enthusiastically starts sucking on his finger, and Derrick quietly gives her instructions on what to do next. But after much of this oral foreplay, Madi is frustrated and pleads with daddy for more, noting as she feels his crotch, "you're ready".

She convinces him to show her his cock. and then she begins to stroke it and lightly lick it. Following his instructions, she sucks his balls, and soon is giving him a full-fledged blow job. Suddenly, she declares: "Daddy, I have an idea", and she quickly pulls off her pajama bottoms, and pointing to her bare pussy says: "You should come here!". He tries to resist, but begins to finger her. Removing his clothes, he just rubs his cock back and forth on her pussy, finally agreeing to penetrate her, "just a little bit". Watch the taboo scene unfold...

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