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End of the World

Runtime: 38:00 | Added: 08/31/2023 | Featuring: Angel Windell, Derrick Pierce

Categories: Blowjob, Brunettes, Creampie, Homewrecker, Natural, Stepdad, Taboo

Video Description:

Stepfather Derrick Pierce is into conspiracy theories that have turned him into a survivalist, frantically stocking up on supplies to be prepared for some upcoming catastrophe or apocalyptic event. He confides in his stepdaughter (Angel Windell) but gets her to promise to keep his activities a secret from her mom, who doesn't understand his mania.

Angel gives him a shoulder massage as he rests a bit from carrying boxes into their home. "Why don't you just humor your old stepdad for a minute -you said you're not doing anything today", he says. "You look like the kind of guy who could repopulate the earth", she teases. "You know, I'm gonna come home one day and mom's gonna be gone and you're gonna be hunkered down in the basement with some blonde conspiracy bimbo. You two will be playing pretty games", she jokes.

Derrick claims he doesn't like blondes, but concedes: "Maybe under certain circumstances". Continuing the verbal sparring, Angel asserts: "They'd have to be really pretty". "Yeah, of course. You can't repopulate the world with ugly people", stepdad responds, adding "and natural brunette". Angel self-consciously strokes her brown hair and goes on: "They'd have to be young". "Who did you have in mind?", he asks. "She'd have to be smart, and caring, resourceful...exciting", she suggests, posing a bit for daddy. "This is just a game, right -a fantasy?", she asks.

"Yeah, of course. It's not real. Not yet, anyway", he replies. "Well, if I'm in on your little secret, then maybe I'm the perfect woman", she answers, laying her cards on the table. He laughs at that, and she gets more serious: "I can learn, if you teach me -I'm a fast learner", she flirts. "You know, maybe you're a pervert, because you have a dirty mind, don't you?", he mocks. "Hey, I never said I wanted to repopulate the earth", she rejoinders.

Just as he leans forward, about to kiss her, there's a loud noise and the room shakes, as if an earthquake or some disaster is occurring. "It's just a tremor, okay", he says, hugging his daughter. Later, they're in her bedroom, with dad looking out the window, announcing: "Everything's okay", but no sooner than he announces that, the room shakes and a bright flash of light contradicts him. He gets on the bed and hugs her again.

"I guess I'm not cut out for this end of the world stuff", she admits. "I'm really sorry that I told you all those things, and scared you", he apologizes. "I guess I'm just shaken up", she says, quite literally. "I always want to protect you", he notes. "And repopulate the earth", she adds. "Right, repopulating the earth, and who would I like to do that more than with you", he admits.

"Okay, no joking. Would you?", she asks. "I was just kidding, it's only a joke. I don't think your mother would appreciate the humor of it all, so I think we should keep this conversation just between the two of us", he cops out. Angel doesn't give up so easily, asking: "I can't imagine spending the end of the world with anyone else, can you?", kissing daddy on the cheek when he agrees. That leads to a French kiss, but Derrick breaks off, declaring "I should not have done that". "We don't have to wait until the end of the world, you know", she says.

He's about had it, getting up to go, but she asks: "Teach me. All the things, camping, fires, water filtration. I want to make you happy, daddy". "I love taking care of you", he professes. "I like when you take care of me", she says, and suddenly she reaches into her pajama bottoms and begins masturbating. "Daddy please, it aches and throbs...", she murmurs. "Stop!", he insists. Angel removes her pjs and strokes her bare pussy, which is already wet. She sucks on daddy's fingers and places them on her pussy, and he can no longer resist. Watch the taboo scene unfold...

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