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Crushing on Daddy

Runtime: 55:30 | Added: 04/01/2022 | Featuring: Kyler Quinn, Ryan Mclane

Categories: Blondes, Blowjob, Cumshot, Handjob, Homewrecker, Natural, Stepdad, Taboo

Video Description:

Stepdaughter (Kyler Quinn) is gardening with her flowers, when she sees stepdaddy (Ryan McLane) through the glass sliding doors nude inside the house. Her eyes widen. He's clothed, his chest still bare, having coffee in the kitchen when she enters. "Were you up already?", he asks. "Yeah, just checking on my flowers", she replies. "Beautiful flowers for my beautiful stepdaughter", he declares.

"Do you want some coffee?", he asks, as she admires his muscular physique. She briefly fantasizes him fucking her, then replies: "Yeah, of course". "You know I really enjoy these little morning conversations that we have while your mom's gone", he says. "Yeah, I do too". "I just always wanted a daughter", he says. "Yeah, I'm not used to having a man in the house", she says. "Did your mother not bring boyfriends home?", he inquires. "No. And my dad left when I was seven", he replies.

"Sorry, I know he was your dad, but I can't imagine him abandoning a family, not in a million years", he says. "Well, you must be a good guy, or my mom wouldn't have married you", she argues. "I just, I don't want to let you down", stepdad says. "You won't. Have you ever been married before?", she asks. "Yeah, I was married once, a long time ago, probably before you were born actually". "You're not that old", she laughs. "How old are you?", he asks. "I'm 18", she answers. "See, when I was your age, I was in a not very good marriage", he admits. "Well, you don't have to worry about that with me", she notes. "Why?". "I'm just not good with the guys. Not popular", she responds. "Well that's okay. It just takes time", he says. "I just feel like a loser", she opines. "Listen, you are not a loser. Okay, just a little awkward phase. Till that phase is over, you're just daddy's little girl", he reassures her, touching her gently under her chin. "Daddy's little girl? I like that", she muses, as he leaves the kitchen.

"Daddy's little girl" she whispers, as she begins masturbating, fully clothed, on her bed. "Daddy's perfect little girl", she says. Suddenly she stops, aware that daddy is watching her from the foot of her bed. "Oh my God! Why didn't you knock?", she exclaims. "I did", he claims."It's not what you think", she says. "It's okay if it was", he says. "I thought I was alone" she says. "Don't worry about it. I just interrupted you at a bad time", he says. "It's okay. I was done", she says sheepishly. He laughs and says: "You were almost done".

"What do you mean?", she asks innocently. "You know what. We're not going to have this conversation. We'll just pretend this never happened", he asserts. "I just want to know what you mean", she insists. "Well, you were really close to, uh, orgasm", he explains. "I was?", she reacts. He laughs nervously, saying: "We can't be having this -your mother would kill me, so"..."Please don't leave", she pleads. "I mean, you know what I'm talking about. You can't be this naive, can you?", he asks, incredulous. She looks at stepdad blankly.

"Fuck", he mutters. "Did I do something wrong?", she asks. "No, you didn't do anything wrong, no", he says. "Then, what?", she asks. "I just figured a girl your age would know by now...", he begins. "Know? I don't know", she says. "The internet, school, I figured someone like you already would have come", he says. "I mean, I don't know", she insists. "Trust me, you would know", he asserts. "Is that bad?", she wonders. "No it's not bad. We shouldn't -just ask you mother. Also, don't mention we had this conversation", he says. "Please don't be mad", she pleads, taking stepdad's hand.

"I'm not mad", he says. "Am I still daddy's little girl?", she asks. "Of course", he responds, gently touching her neck. "And please stay -nobody has to know", she says. "Okay, questions only", he insists. "Okay, so how does it work?", she asks awkwardly."It?", he asks. "Orgasming", she says. "Well, for every person it's different. Usually there's -it feels like an explosion of pleasure", he says. "And men orgasm too?", she asks. "Yeah, with men it's a little more literal", he says. "Right, I know that", she laughs. "How?". "The internet", she admits. "Of course", he says.

"But with women, it's different?", she asks. "With women it's usually about the same thing, only explosions more inside", he says. "Okay, can you show me?", she asks. "Questions only, just talking", he reminds her. "I just want to understand", she says. "It seemed like you understood pretty well -looked like you knew what you were doing -just keep doing that, but don't stop", he advises. "Okay, so when you watched me...", she begins. "I wasn't watching you", he interrupts. "When you watched me, how did you feel?", she asks. "You are my stepdaughter", he states. "Just imagine I wasn't", she requests.

"I can't. This conversation's over", he says, getting up to leave. She grabs his hand and says: "Please don't be mad. I just want to know what it's like. You can show me?", she asks. "It's not that I can't show you. It's...", he begins. "Please", she implores, holding his hand. "Please show me", she implores. "You are my stepdaughter", he repeats. She places his hand on her breast, and says: "You don't like them?", as he pulls his hand away. "They're perfect, they're perfect", he admits. She removes her top, revealing her full breasts inside her bra. He turns away, and she says: "Please, look at me".

He turns and looks, as she removes her bra. "Fuck", he whispers. "Do you like them?", she asks. "Yeah, they're perfect", he replies. "You can touch them", she suggests. He gently feels her nipple. "It tickles", she says. "I'll stop", he declares. "Please don't!", she insists. "We've already gone too far", he maintains. "I need this", she pleads. "Just find a boy your own age", he says. "I want you, I only trust you", she contends. She kisses stepdaddy on the lips. Watch the taboo scene slowly unfold...

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